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    Your loss!

    Hey, how comes that nobody has mentioned that the teleporter TVs feature the Game Gear logo? =P
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    So it's like a fan game, but official, with a budget provides by the publisher and IP owner, kind of like not a fan game at all really.

    Go on then.

    To not look like a total bitch, the hype is because, this is filling the hole that previously had to be taken up by fans.
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    How is it my loss?

    and it has been mentioned already


    So I ask you is Rockman X StreetFighter a fan game or a official game?

    and Sonic 2 HD and sonic Overture speak for themselves
    Objectivity speaking they are virtually on the same production level a Mania. so.... aside from official backing what makes them different?

    PS: I am in the works of doing so "myself"
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    I meant in this topic, by those people who are mentioning easter eggs.
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    This signifies a huge shift in Sonic Team / SOJ's attitude about who can handle Sonic, and what Sonic should and or could be. The game is also being handled by a bevy of incredibly talented people, making something that goes beyond "fangame" quality in my eyes. We've experienced their quality work in both fan and official capacities so we know they can deliver a sterling product, which is something to get excited about after entries in the series like Sonic 4 Ep 1. And all that said, as someone who's played 2 acts from Mania and got a good feel for them, those 2 acts were much more "official" feeling, and better, than most fangames I've played.

    That said, since any of us can make a game like just like Mania, I look forward to your attempt.

    EDIT: I checked out Neo Genesis, I like what you all are going for with it. I just think that "fangame community getting a greenlight from SEGA" should be an incredibly exciting and inspiring thing, instead of something that draws no excitement.
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    That's basically saying anyone can hypothetically do anything so why do it. That's not a good rationalization.

    Also, this game was coded from scratch by Taxman which few fan game makers can claim to do, all new art which very few gamers have the resources to do, and a blessing from Sega which means they get compensated for all of that extremely hard work they are passionately doing.

    Also, claiming you could just play a fangame for free instead is grossly entitled. That's a terrible mindset to have.

    I'm just happy to have a title that feels like a true progression to the classics rather than a regression.
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    Reasons to be hyped:
    Taxman and Stealth have proven themselves to deliver exceptional quality
    It's being co-developed by Sonic Team, so it's not really a fan game (and from what we know from previous co-development projects, Sonic Team tend to be hands on during the design phase).
    The trailer has everything fans have wanted to see for such a long time (e.g. large play spaces with multiple routes, the return of Tails & Knuckles, devices that make good use of Sonic's speed).

    It's like some parallel reality where Sonic Team made another game after Sonic & Knuckles instead of moving on to NiGHTS.

    Plus, how many companies would have the guts to say "We don't know what to do, so were are going to collaborate with the most talented fans".
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    IIRC the reason Sonic Mania is low definition is to do with Taxman saying the engine was designed to only work at low resolution. I think he also said that higher resolution is possible but would require alot of work to do so. I'm not sure if I'm right, Taxman would be the person to confirm that.
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    I do think this is basically a fangame, at least when it comes to the people making it to even the way the game is designed like the way the HUD looks. Am gonna have to disagree with that meaning it's not worth paying for though. If anything it makes it more worth buying to me, because it means that it's made by people who loved the original games. And in this case it's made by people who know exactly what made those games so good and how to make a new one of those.
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    There are a few fangames that come close to the level of Mania but they are not the norm in the slightest. You're taking some of the best fangames out there and saying that Mania is no different from a normal fangame. The number of fangames that are at or near the quality of Mania is very small (and very few, if any, of those are even completed). Sonic Mania is basically a fangame, but it's one of the best ones out there.
    And besides that, since this is made by Sega, if the game sells well than it means we will most probably be seeing more classic style games like it in the future. People aren't just hyped for the game on it's own, but what the game means for the Sonic franchise.
  11. I get what Pulse0 is saying BUT big smile sums it up beautifully.

    Sonic Mania made my jaw drop, It was pure luck I was watching that bit of the stream at work. (3 or 4 am in the morning) Now I've seen it again and the only thing I can say I don't like, is that the Sonic sprite looks too similar to the Sonic 2 one. Thats it. I'll take that.
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    Could you honestly have sounded like a bigger cunt? The reason why pretty much all of us are excited isn't only because Mania looks, sounds, and most importantly plays amazingly, it's also because Sega allowed these extremely talented and passionate fans like Taxman, Stealth, and Pagoda West Games to develop a brand new original 2D Classic Sonic game in the first place. I'm certain a lot of us, including myself never expected Sega to allow this team to use their skills for anything other than remastered versions of old Sonic games, which don't get me wrong, I think they're fantastic, but not anything too new. As Mykonos mentioned, this shows a major change in attitude within Sega, which can only result in good things for the Sonic series.

    And as for your little comment? I'll hold that over your head if your project either: gets cancelled, turns out to be garbage, or not as good as Sonic Mania. I won't let you forget it.
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    The production values are what set this apart from being a fan game to me. All of the frames, the custom artwork everywhere, the overall polish, the amount of creativity put into a single level. You don't see that much all together in a fan game production. You may see bits of each, but not so much chock-loaded into one game.

    To add, the circumstances that led to this games existence, and the talent fueling it is more than enough to support paying for this game.
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    I'd say most of the few things I'm not too happy with are related to some stuff that was cut from the Mega Drive prototypes, like the Sonic 2 prototype walking animation (lacks energy, jumps awkwardly), the leg swirl while running fast (figure-8 4 lyfe) and the prototype Labyrinth ceiling lights (they look a bit... solid in the Green Hill cave)...

    After all, well, they were scrapped for a reason (which may be that they didn't look too good).
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    So if a developer makes a game, it's not a fan game? A lot of older developers for franchises that have been around for decades now have teams of new employees who started off as fans of the franchise. Where do you draw the line?

    You even have some big heads of Sonic Team giving guidance and feedback on this project, which makes it even more official.
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    This exactly. There is no valid argument for this simply being an "officially endorsed fangame". It is made by developers hired by SEGA, with an actual budget provided by SEGA. Whether or not the developers are also fans is irrelevant.

    Also, I fucking love the swirly legs. :specialed:
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    But the official backing is everything.

    This is like asking "besides the use of ice cream, milk, and a blender, what makes a milkshake different from water?"
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    From my perspective, what excites me the most is how Mania cements Sega's view of the fangame community, in particular Retro. They've officially joined the likes of Valve and Bungie as a game company that is willing to recruit talent from their own fanbase. This could be the first step towards revitalizing the franchise with fresh blood that brings with it a heightened understanding of the types of games that fans want to see.

    This is no small feat. Stealth, Taxman and everyone else involved with Mania reached this point through years of hard work building a professional relationship with Sega staff and making appropriate compromises that put the company's needs first. To reach a point where Sega has officially endorsed a project by them and entrusted them with their IP is exciting.
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    I view myself an objective sonic fan; thing that people get super hyped about I don't find it warranted in some cases.
    That said, some of you have given me some reasons to understand; and don't get me wrong Im not knocking the talent.
    Mania makes me feel like all this hype is just cause it's pixel art.
    Would you still feel the same way about mania if it looked like sonic fan remix or sonic 4 with the same Taxmanteam? or would you be sitting here thinking that the game might bomb?
    I don't buy into that this is shift in direction on how SEGA handles sonic, its a smart move from a business perspective but you think about it you'll notice they HAD to do it because of the corner sonic has been put in.

    And feel like V-pixel is taking to too far with the name calling b/c I said any one can do it. Yes any one CAN but on psychological level just cause one has a SEGA official label vs Fan Game label will automatically put a bias on how you will view the intellectual work even if objectively one is better than the other.

    BUT with all the other responses I am starting to get it, sorta... (get the hype but not this much of it)
    and maybe im victim of my own environment- where Mania has yet to show what makes it so special aside the fact that its pixel art with 3d thrown in.
    Petagree means nothing to me at this point...
    Well im going to shut up now a friend of mine read this "mess I've caused" and kinda burned my point to the ground
    (not in the way you think but its too valid to ignore)

    Best responce*
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    hey wiki you're so fine
    As I've hinted, I think the recycled Green Hill Zone assets play their part in delivering a look that's very fangame-esque. Probably because this exists, or the fact that I'm old and I remember the days where everyone borrowed assets from the Mega Drive games. It's what fangames did for years - fancy new Sonic sprite, backgrounds from 1991 because effort.

    (it's something the community could help fix if you guys hadn't locked my topic =P)