Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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    That's good. It gives them plenty of time to work on it some more, fix up bugs, polish it up some more, ect
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    I'm loving this more and more the more times I watch the trailer and gameplay itself. Still, there's one obvious thing to ponder about to be sure all goes swimmingly:

    Will this game cover all the base tropes plus other tropes of note a Sonic game usually cover? We already have the typical first zone and tropical zone so to speak with GHZ, and Studiopolis Zone does kinda feel like our city trope zone of the game. Still, there's plenty of tropes left to cover: The water zone, the fire/lava zone, the desert zone, the ice/snow zone, the casino/festive zone, the Robotnik's base zone, and so forth.

    If all the tropes come into play here with Sonic Mania and every one of them feels unique enough to let this truly be its own thing, then I'll be more than happy. Although as a challenge to Tee Lopes himself, I hope you have the nards to try to make this game's OST the new golden standard for Sonic tracks. Mainly because I want to see if you can make an OST that is just as good if not even better than the classics. If only to see how smug you'll be when this is all over, of course. :specialed:
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    Words cannot express how happy and excited I am for this game! I'm still having a hard time believing it's really real. I had speculated for months that this new game was most likely going to be a classic game because of all of the classic themed merchandise and advertising but I never imagined it would be like Sonic Mania. What's funny is only a few weeks ago I had been playing Taxman's old Retro Sonic builds and admiring them. I never would have expected Sonic's 25th Anniversary to turn out like it has. I'm excited for both games honestly. I kind of speculated that there may have been two games because I remember back in 2011 there were rumors about Sega wanting to make more PC games as well as make 2D Sonic games. This was way back during the whole reboot rumors way before even Sonic Boom. I'm happy we get a 2D game as well as a 3D game because I like both new and old Sonic games.

    I was watching the event live on the stream and when I was watching the reveal trailer for the first time I was in shock. The moment I saw Taxman's name pop up I knew we were in for something amazing. By the time the title screen for Sonic Mania appeared I was teary eyed. This new game brought back fond memories of my childhood. I grew up with Sonic and the classic Megadrive games. Sonic 2 was my first Sonic game. So seeing this new game just made me so happy. I love everything about this game that I have seen so far from it's music, to the way the levels look and are designed. I love the idea that they are taking inspiration from all the classic Sonic games from sonic 1, CD, 2, 3, and Knuckles, and even Knuckles Chaotix. I think it's a brilliant idea. I do hope we get a lot of original and new levels but I'm not worried. This new game is in very good hands. A lot of very good and talented people are behind it. I can't believe even Tee Lopes is doing the music! :)/>

    Besides, from what I am seeing they are even taking and utilizing old concepts, beta, and scrapped ideas and implementing them into the game such as Sonic's new act complete pose which was an original idea for Sonic 1 at one point. I don't mind revisiting old zones either because they might end up adding some unique new twists and turns and differences from the originals. Green Hill starts out the same but then dramatically changes midway into the stage. They may even use old beta ideas and concepts for some of the old levels which would be pretty cool. I'm loving everything about this game. The graphics, sprites, visuals, and animations are so fluid and beautiful. I can't stop looking at the title screen. The animation in it is just so nicely done and fluid. I love how colorful and beautiful Studiopolis is!

    The colors, level design, and even the music is very reminiscent to Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix to me. The music makes me think of Stardust Speedway lol. That makes me happy because Sonic CD is one of my favorite 2D Sonic games! <3 I also love how incredibly cute and fluid the sprite animations are. I really love the new sprites of Sonic's end of act pose, his looking up sprite, his over the edge poses, and even his idle animation. They are just so incredibly cute! I also love how they are animated. The sprites look almost cartoony which I am really loving. This game looks like it could have been for the 32X or Sega Saturn. I can sit here and ramble on and on about this game because so far everything I am seeing of it I absolutely love! I haven't posted on here in such a long time but this new game has really inspired me! :thumbsup:/>

    Anyways, earlier tonight I was watching some new gameplay footage of Sonic Mania when I noticed two new things we haven't yet seen in earlier gameplay footage so far.

    1.) Sonic's incredibly adorable idle animation!

    2.) Sonic can hit the goal post into the air like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles! I made some gifs of them so everybody can see them in action. Also, the idle animation is based off of old classic Sonic art which was also used for Sonic Generations!

    So, first I'll show the idle animation.

    Remember these?

    Well, now they are also in sprite form! :)/> I love how Sonic also does this cute little bounce and he will look at you (the player) then back at the direction he's facing! It's just so cute! <3



    And here's the Goal Post

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    The light shafts in this background appear to be based on the light shafts in the Labyrinth Zone prototype.


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    I was quite surprised that on GOG's forum reaction was rather... Well, maybe not hostile, but definitelly cold (I've linked there trailer of Sonic Mania).

    Not to mention about standard complaining about whole fanbase because of terrible fanarts/fanfics/etc (personally I always was far more annoyed with people complaining about those things rather than people who are making even the weirdest stuff, which I simply ignore).

    And so far only 7 votes for Sonic Mania in GOG's wishlist, which fills me with utter sadness :(/> (c'mon, if someone has account on GOG - vote on it!)
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    I wonder how many have found the secret easter eggs in Studiopolis 1...

    And I don't mean Hornet, Cope/CPU, and some of the more common ones.

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    I gave it a vote! I doubt it will mean anything, but it doesn't hurt to click +1 on an idea.

    And I'm quite surprised by the negative reactions to the game scattered across the Internet, but I really shouldn't be. Isn't it also one of those many rules of the Internet where if something exists, someone will hate it? :v:
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    Well let's see.
    Aside from what I've already seen mentioned (Club Spin being based on Club Sega, the street lamps resembling the Marble Zone beta UFOs, the "orbinauts" becoming sad when they lose their orbs, etc) here's all I noticed from available footage.

    This sign that funnily says "Eggnog" has a graphic (based on Eggman's mustache as the elements resemble his face) somewhat resembling the logo from Sonic the Fighters.


    The clapperboard not only displays the actual time and act, but references the collaboration of Sega with Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest via acronyms.


    Didn't notice anything else except the broadcaster teleport effect resembling Death Egg Zone's teleporter effect and some unidentifiable markings on the train. If there's any secret easter eggs beyond all that they're either pretty obscure or not in the available footage.
  9. I just love that Green Hill cave backdrop, really inspiring & full of wonder... I'm loving seeing this kind of surrealism again!
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    Not sure if this is very noteworthy, but the Digital Foundry, Eurogamer site's sub-branch which does mostly technical analysis about games and etc., made a quick video about Sonic Mania.

    Nothing very in-depth or special though.
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    Has anyone noticed the spinning UFOs that are probably a reference to the Marble Zone Beta?
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    Is no one going to mention that wonderful, old timey Eggman animation going on in Studiopolis? I want a GIF of that.

    EDIT: Oh, and Hyper Potions made this for a shits and gigs sorta thing:
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    The 'eyes' on there are also lifted from the yellow cubes in Chemical Plant.
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    Agree, can't say that I have too much hope about it , but still I've voted yesterday, I won't give up without fight :colbert:

    (on the other hand - the fact that they've recently managed to release some games from EA is giving hope for more games from "major" publishers)

    You know Luke, I generally don't have a problem with the fact that people are writing negative comments on YT or generally bigger forums (I've get used to it, generally games which are far from nowaday trends should expect such "pounding").
    But reaction on GOG was a bit surprise for me - after all, there are plenty of people with huge amounts of nostalgia for old platform games (and old games at all).
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    George and I shared our hands on impressions after the event (we were pretty f***ing tired, but Sonic Mania gave us energy) with footage courtesy of Neo Hazard with Bartman at the controls:

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    There's an article to go along with that video.

    Most of it is stuff we already know, but it's still a good article for people who aren't a part of this site.
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    I've noticed a lot of these videos, and by extension some people in this community, don't know who PagodaWest is. They're a team of ex-Sonic 2 HD devs who have been making mobile games for the last few years. Their biggest title is Major Magnet, which I loved.
  18. Sweet, I keep noticing awesome new touches with every video I see!

    Loads of depth.
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    I had thought PogodaWest was of members from S2HD. So... PagodaWest, Tee Lopez, Taxman and Stealth. Were all of these people plucked from Retro? How many were involved in S2HD?
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    Honestly I don't see what the hype is all about. I get some of it, but Sonic Mania is just a glorified fan game... a fan game with w budget... a fan game I'm going to have to play for. Any one of us that makes fan games can make a game like Mania, and Sonic 2 HD is honestly more impressive, being completely "classic" and "modern" at the same time.

    Mania doesn't show much to be SUPER hyped about, and all I can really think of concerning this is Rockman 9/10 and Rockman X Streetfighter