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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Shut your mouth! Taxman and Stealth will enSure no such foolery like that happens! There will be no "Jump and not L or R" moments! LOL ;)

    More possible names:

    Sky Base Zone (BORING)

    Sky Plant Zone (Better)

    Grand Fortress Zone (Sounds too good, so probably not)

    Clockwork Zone (Wishful thinking)
  2. Turbohog


    I guess I'm really late to reply, but thanks for the clarification Taxman! I thought they might have been mistaken.

    As others have said, my bet is that the old special stages will act as bonus stages of some sort. I also wouldn't be surprised if there was more than one type of special stage - maybe dependent on what level you're in. I hope this isn't the case though, because I think it could be rather confusing for more casual players.
  3. You know, now that we don't have Rush physics and the air speed cap to deal with, I don't think bottomless pits in a sky-themed level would be all that terrible.

    All these suggestions of it being a new Robotnik base and/or giant golden mechanism in the sky have reminded me of Heaven's Keep from EO2U and now I've got the music stuck in my head and I'm going to be disappointed no matter what. I hate you all.

    Edit: Speaking of Etrian Odyssey music, I only realised recently that Yuzo Koshiro wrote the Sonic 1 8-bit soundtrack. Much as I love Tee Lopes and Tomoya Ohtani, I would also love to see Koshiro write some zone music for a game like Mania. He's one of the best video game composers out there. Sega owns Atlus these days, so surely it wouldn't be too hard to get him in as a guest artist...
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    Speaking of, sorry for voicing a possibly unpopular opinion but I have to say that I've never been a big fan of the leg swirl that was prototyped for Sonic 2, then scrapped and which has now been recovered for this game.

    I can live with it, though. =P
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    I agree in the case of that beta animation, but my problem with it was that it put Sonic's arms to high up and his legs too far forward. You also never see Sonic's torso in the original. The way it's been reworked fixes all those problems, which vastly improves it in my opinion.
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    I actually kind of agree. I like that this game has running animations for so many different speeds, but yeah, the swirly legs were cut from S2 because they didn't look the best and it's still the case now. I don't hate it or anything, but it just wouldn't be my first choice. It's a nitpick though. Couldn't really actually care much less about it in the grand scheme.

    Although the one thing that actually does irk me as far as the sprites are concerned is Knuckles' colour. All his art, including the new art for this game, depicts him as a vivid red. So why do his sprites use the Chaotix style pink?
  7. Flygon


    Because drawing a heavily shaded red is really really annoying. Especially when trying to light it.

    Trying to draw Pinks over a Red tends to look really weird.

    Of course, I might just be overanalyzing a general shift to a pastelized art style in general. :v:
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    I think that's probably it. I mean there's that roller badnik that's a deep red and it looks fine. It's at least less pink than Chaotix Knuckles.
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    I like the pinkish colors but it's certainly odd that they didn't apply them to Knuckles' artwork just like they did with Sonic's.
  10. Blue Blood

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    He was always slightly pink in S3K even in his playable sprites. But this time around he is definitely pink and not red. His shoes are red though... It just doesn't look right. But I also happen to like Sonic's shade of blue here. So hey ho.
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    In my experience, I've found it very difficult to shade red beyond absolute red. Your only real choices are to fade to orange/yellow or pink.

    They're all pretty dark
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    The final demo version of Retro Sonic had the Sonic 1 Special Stage as the starpost Bonus Stage and it worked well in that context. Would be pretty cool if we got all of them in that way :)
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    Also, don't forget they actually added a feature to Sonic's 2 special stage:


    Corkscrews! I would love to see more of that. Or with items along the way.
  14. A few random 4AM thoughts I've had:

    Will the Sonic CD level(s) have the word 'Zone' appended to their name, or will they stick with what they were originally called? Also, how on earth are they going to handle each CD stage having seven distinct music tracks?

    Now that Green Hill has water, do you think including Angel Island's floating spike logs crossed their minds? I'm actually surprised we haven't seen them.

    Do you think there's any chance of the original layouts for the 'reimagined' zones being included?

    Surely seven special stages are going to be spread awfully thin if there's going to be 40-60 giant rings in the game. We've already seen where three of the Green Hill ones are!

    Is Mirage Saloon going to be the last of the new stages? The hard-boiled heavy seen in it seems like the 'leader', and we know it's from relatively late in the game.

    According to Stealth's Twitter he got the flu last month after pulling an all-nighter "to meet a deadline". I wonder if that had an impact on the delay, or if it was already decided/inevitable.

    Is the standard shield going to deflect projectiles like the other three? (Assuming they still do, I haven't actually checked for that in the footage)

    Will the insta-shield and super peel-out be unlockable? Will Super Sonic have Hyper Sonic's game-breaking double jump?

    Is anyone else hoping for a CD-style Time Attack (to which unlockables are tied), a Sonic 3 style save system, Sonic 2 style split-screen multiplayer (but done properly) and an unlockable classic level select screen?
  15. Tiller


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    See the cool thing would be to mix together both the US and JP tracks into one song for each time zone. But I imagine that's going to upset somebody.
  16. Dark Sonic

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    At the end of the day, CD's music selection is going to upset someone. Either they combine them, they pick one and ignore the other, or one act uses the US track and one act uses the JP track. Someone's going to get pissed that it's not their ideal. But this kinda goes for anything. Some people just won't like the choices made while the vast majority either like them or simply don't care.
  17. AutiMatic


    I can definitely say that Sonic Mania may be the power-up Sega needed to keep the Sonic brand in good light. Very impressed with what I've seen so far.

    Green Hill Zone Act 1 appears to blend the original GHZ Act 1 & Act 2 together with additional layers and content filling in between! Act 2 definitely shows references to the original's Act 3 on top of new area content and level gimmicks! Very impressed! (Also noticed the goal post winks at you!? Is this a thing now? I noticed that in Generations. STILL very detailed!) And I'm noticing after images of characters for speed shoes power-up being active, which is way passed cool! And Flying Battery made me squeeeeee!

    I mean, if Sonic 1 Megamix showcasing modern Sonic abilities (minus boost) in classic's design and physics was any indication of what these guys could do...Sonic Team may want to pay attention if they wish to nail Classic Sonic gameplay for Sonic Forces correctly.

    My only personal gripe is there being no peel out, as I also prefer that running animation over the current leg swirl. I also do hope Hyper Sonic/Knuckles and Super Tails are obtainable, incorporating that "flying" perk on top of the breathing under water, any-direction double jump, and screen killing flash, for Hyper Sonic. Of course Hyper should come with increased ring drain. Also, transforming to Hyper should be optional: normal + 50 rings -> Super + over 50 rings -> Hyper. Allowing for emeralds/artifacts to grab would flesh out the Giant Rings applications. Sonic 1 special stages are my favorite, and least annoying. Blue Sphere was more annoying, and Sonic 2's was the most brutal to deal with...I hope for something new, like mini-challenges that are timed or something...

    If I had to pick a Sonic 3 VS stage to get full level treatment, I'd go with Azure Lake, as it has an Aquatic Ruins + Oil Ocean feel to it, with a beautiful palette and awesome music. It may be too late to speak of such though. Honorable mentions would be levels from Sonic 3D Blast such as Diamond Dust Zone, or Gene Gadget Zone (their level gimmicks and Genesis version musical scores are superb). No one would expect ode to 3D Blast and may make fans poop themselves.

    *Also, how exactly is the drop-dash performed? It looks like some people have trouble activating it in some of the play throughs I've seen.*
  18. Blue Blood

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    The drop dash is performed the same way that you glide as Knuckles. Jump -> Jump again in mid air and hold it -> automatically dash upon landing. It's Sonic only, of course and replaces the insta-sheild, but itself gets replaced by shield double jumps.
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    They'll just remix the past songs and we'll be happy. :)
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    The two things are entirely unrelated. Probably why it took me so long to get well, too. I doubt anybody with SEGA had any idea