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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Sir_mihael


    I'll say! Even some of my more cynical retro game enthusiast friends are gasping at this game in all it's Mega-CD-ish wonder. I'd say it's already won a lot of people back to Sonic's side! I know I'm hyped.

    Edit: Sorry if this has been brought up earlier in the thread, but was that the Sonic 3D credits theme being remixed during that first part of the trailer? Is that going to be a part of the Mania soundtrack, or is that someone's cool remix I can find somewhere. Either of these answers are fine by me. :)
  2. RhikoruNa


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    The thing that makes this unique is the fact that it's nostalgia pandering to a style that rarely gets brought back anymore. 8-Bit pandering is rampant in indie or other "throwback" games, and even 16-bit pandering in many fanhacks. But here is a game that absolutely couldn't have been on the Genesis, and looks like it was ripped right off a SEGA Saturn or 32X release, especially with those Mode 7 looking pseudo-3D effects and various aspects like Ring and Monitor behavior tributing Chaotix. There's a certain wacky, Chaotix/Sonic CD vibe that rarely gets touched even by fangames here that makes me really glad they went with this style.

    HD would be great for the future, but 32X/Saturn is so rare that it at least needs a fair shot!
  3. Jason


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    Tee Lopes' music style is certainly busy, but it fits the busy Chaotix/Megamix 5.0 art style Studiopolis has going for it. I have faith.
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    I'm so happy I didn't even know what to post in here for the past 2 days. I know this game will be good because it is in good hands. Taxman & Stealth has already earned my trust.
  5. Pengi


    Is it too late to get a Sega Pirate TV reference in Studiopolis?

    Has anyone noticed the Sonic Spinball sound effect when Sonic teleports? I wonder if anything else will be borrowed from Spinball.
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    I spent some time going through the trailer and the gameplay videos at 0.25 speed, and these animations are beautiful. I also quickly threw this together from the trailer.

  7. Ashura96


    I'm curious if the game's title will be changed for Japan as googling ソニック マニア brings up an annual Japanese Summer EDM festival.



    I wonder what the cyan is supposed to represent in the title card.
  8. Overlord


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    Sidenote for those talking about 3DS porting - putting aside the fact the 3DS may well be on the way out by the time Mania is released, are we sure the system is powerful enough to even properly handle it? Tax's shot earlier in the thread doesn't have the 3D set up (something that will tax the thing even more), and Mania looks to be more advanced a game. If it was going to go anywhere, I'd say Vita would be a more capable system, but that system is even worse off from a life standpoint.

    As for NX - quite possibly it's justs unsure as to whether NX or Mania would be out first. And unlike Xbone/PS4, NX hasn't even had hardware shown yet, Nintendo may be somewhat reluctant to give dev units to anyone short of the big guns (hence why 2017 has NX listed and Mania doesn't). It'd be somewhat surprising if it doesn't get over there eventually. =P
  9. Knucklez


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    Taxman you son a of bitch, I love you. And the few from S2HD, I love you too.

    I can't watch that trailer without something deep inside completely taking over and making me burst into tears like an emotional train-wreck.

    I hope this game will put Sonic on top of the gaming world again, even if for a brief moment, just so that us older nerds who know what REAL games look, play and sound like could properly put the younger generations of tablet jerk-offs in their place. I can't wait.
  10. Dissent


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    Wow that's some serious scrutiny and attention to stuff most people definitely never noticed.
  11. DarkVDee


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    Nice catch on that. Another thing that Taxman like to use. Anyone remember seeing that also in his Retro Sonic 2007 demo on the Egg Guardian boss?
  12. gold lightning

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    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It may be that the big boys like Sega themselves have the NX dev units while indie devs like Taxman, Stealth, and crew do not (yet). Giving out dev units to indies is just asking to have the hardware specs (and other info) leaked early.

    As for 3DS, I could possibly see this being a N3DS only title. But I doubt they'll even bother if they do indeed have to restrict the port to just N3DS.

    But to keep this post from being pure speculation (and possibly bullshit, idk) I just gotta say that while I've grown mostly numb to Sonic reveals over the years, this put a huge smile on my face and I'm most definitely looking forward to it. Congrats to Taxman, Stealth, and PagodaWest for being able to live the dream for the moment. :thumbsup:
  13. Would love to see some of this action!!

    EDIT: 3 years ago, damn
  14. ancara


    This is legit the first title since Generations that has legit gotten me hype as hell for a new game in this series. Also, Studiopolis sounds like pure gold to my ears.

    Still, my only concern is how much actual variety there will be for the music. Sure, this sounds awesome so far, but I want to be able to hear slow and fast-paced music as well. Also, most importantly, make sure the music is both catchy, memorable and good for remixing. As an old friend once told me who did remixes for ages, "A true classic vidya tune is one that you can be able to take and change into an SNES/Genesis or even NES/Master System version of itself, and it STILL sounds both good and memorable even then". In other words, I'm excited for the game, but hopeful that the music has enough variety and memorable new tracks to be truly a classic. :v:
  15. rdc


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    Well, I legitimately rejoined the Sonic Community because of this game. Seriously, like it's been what.. 8 years?

    I know it already been said, but this seriously the the Sega 32X CD Sonic game that should have been.. or maybe even a Saturn title. It's bloody amazing and so damn nostalgic!

    Sega SHOULD literally print money with this game, trailer on YT already has 1M + Views.
  16. Cooljerk


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    You are aware that both Megamix and Retro Sonic had hidden characters, as did the Taxman port of Sonic CD, Sonic 1, and Sonic 2, right/
  17. Man this game looks INCREDIBLE! Praise be to Taxman and Stealth for their lovely efforts, and let's not forget PagodaWest too!

    My personal concerns for this project are minor at best, mostly wondering how much new content there will be, but I have no doubt in my mind that the redesigned levels will feel familiar yet vastly different from their original counterparts. Green Hill 1 is basically unrecognizable past the second checkpoint, and I enjoy the miniboss of GHZ just in concept (it's actually great for new players, teaches them about the Wrecking Ball boss that I assume will be in GHZ2. Unless we're getting new Robotnik bosses for old levels too....). Everything I see I am in love with though. I think the definite selling point to me was Knuckles, however. As someone who uses Knuckles in 2D Sonic games all the time I was so happy to see him playable. The possibility of using Knuckles in Sonic CD stages is really exciting, he's the one thing missing from the Taxman port of Sonic CD for me.

    Yeah to reiterate what the prior poster said as well, this trailer has brought the hype quite nicely. It's blown up and the appreciation is real, it's really heartwarming that the reception to this game has been so positive everywhere, gives me hope. I believe if this project does well they'll DEFINITELY greenlight more 2D Sonic games in the future, especially if they print money.

    Also yeah, that cyan in the opening level card is curious. Wonder if it represents a hidden character? Ooooo
  18. If there will actually be unlockable playable characters in Sonic Mania, then I would probably want Amy Rose to be one of them. Her gameplay in Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 3 was very unique compared to the other playable characters, and I would like to see that type of gameplay again.
  19. Cooljerk


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    Tax confirmed that there will be CRT filters in this game (in addition to raw pixel format, too)
  20. Cyberguy


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    Yes. This.

    If this sells (Who am I kidding. Of course this will sell.) I sincerely hope that Sega goes back to adding playable characters that share the same core gameplay as Sonic, but mix things up with unique abilities.