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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Vrantheo


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    All the nostalgist-pandering aside, I wish maybe next time they could go with full HD (like Sonic 2 HD project, not necessarily like Sonic 4) and a more "modern" art design. You know, like the avant-garde visual presentation (minimalist title cards with Andes!) like in 3&K, or the overall animesque style in the Advanced series.

    Also, Tee Lopes only? More composers like the entire BtS/AtS team would be more than welcome…
  2. Blue Blood

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    Took me a while to realise what you mean, but you mean after he's finished using the spring and is falling back down? Like here, right? I can see why you'd want a falling animation to make it seem a bit more logical, but personally I always really liked it, and it was something I specifically glad to see they implemented in Generations. It just gives a touch of characters somehow, and makes in clear that the player is in control, I guess. Sonic 4 gave him a unique falling animation used after springs which wasn't so bad. What about when Sonic runs up a ramp or off of a ledge though? Should he go into a falling animation then too? That's something else Sonic 4 did, and even disregarding the issues of uncurling and naff physics, it looked dumb.
  3. This is awesome!! :)

  4. Just watched this (skip to 4:25) gameplay trailer and it seems there is no super peel out move in the game.
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    Sorry if it's been said, but something I just noticed about the popcorn machine aside from the machine itself is that it has Eggman's classic insignia from Wing Fortress just below where it spits Sonic out.
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    I think you're oversimplifying that argument.

    Lots of people who've voiced the complaint of "too many characters" in games like Adventure, Adventure 2, and '06 have later clarified that it's more about the unnecessary complete changes in gameplay feel and mechanics from one character to another. In Sonic Adventure 2 alone, none of the playable characters felt like they're in the same game. Sonic/Shadow controlled entirely differently from Tails/Eggman, with the only similarities being that they all move in a 3D space with gravity and that they both jump to facilitate platforming. Sonic/Shadow and Knuckles/Rouge were closer in control, but had separate objectives. To be fair, this sort of thing can be done well, but the point is that it wasn't, and that Sega should've been spending more development time focusing on one gameplay style rather than several.

    This does not apply to the classic games and their style of multiple playable characters. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Advance, all of the characters had the same goal (though sometimes in different locations); ran, rolled, and jumped with the same physics; and were only differentiated by their mid-air abilities (and in Advance, their B button attacks) and what/where those allowed them to do/go. The only way extra characters could detract from the core of the game would be if a character's ability necessitates changes or additions in level design, but considering we've already got Knuckles in the game, I can't imagine there's a Sonic character likely to be added as unlockable or DLC that would require any changes in level design or core gameplay.
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    I have been a huge Sonic fan for over 20 years now, but in all that time I've never actually bought a Sonic game on its release day. (Granted, by the time I had enough of my own money to buy video games on release, Sega was giving me few reasons to spend it on Sonic games.) That changes with Sonic Mania.
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    You know what looks kinda funny? + - I promise I'm not going crazy anymore   .
    The green and red things on the side of the logo look like the iOS toggle slider. I'm not gonna sit here and contemplate why they're there or anything. I just think it's funny.
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    I always thought the issue with the 3D era characters was that you were forced to switch between them MIDWAY THROUGH THE GAME, compared to the 2D series where all characters had an optional campaign mode to themselves. I'm assuming Mania is going the same route as the classic games, though if it does the more awkward 3D era transitioning (eg. one level as Sonic, then forced to switch as Tails next level or even mid way through the same one), it may get the same criticism.

    And if Renegade Kid gets an authorised 3DS release, I'm all for it. Disappointed there's no Wii U announcement, especially since it doesn't have the same low RAM space excuse the original Wii did for Sonic 4.
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    Is this game out yet.

    God dammit.

    Regarding the visuals, I hate to sound more rose-tinted-goggles than I probably already do, but if they had gone HD on this, I (and I imagine many people) wouldn't feel the confidence in how the game will play that we feel now. I wouldn't try to argue that the oldschool visuals are better than what they could be, but I do completely value them for the relief seeing them gives me.

    Just writing that blows me away. Confidence? In a new Sonic title? It's amazing how much the name of real community devs is worth. I hope Sega realise that.

    Regarding the falling animation, Sonic Fan Remix has a very nice falling animation.

    Anyway I am so aboard the hype train I'm practically building my own. I'm already over waiting for this.
  11. Blue Blood

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    No Wii U release does kind of suck for everyone who's only got that system, but being on PC off the bat means it's accessible to most people at least. It's just odd that after SEGA's been so hugely supportive of the Wii U with the Sonic exclusivity deal (arguably too supportive) that they're dropping it for this. My only guess is that it's because the U is on it's way out and SEGA don't want to release any more games for it. By March, the NX will be out and Mania is coming some time in Spring. An eventual NX release sounds plausible though. Sonic Project 2017 is one of only three games to be announced for the NX so far along with Zelda and Just Dance, so SEGA's clearly up for supporting Nintendo.

    A 3DS and mobile release honestly interests me more than a Wii U one. If any system can handle it, I'll gladly pick it up. The only issue with a mobile release that I've just thought of right now as typing this is pricing. Mobile games are typically cheaper even alongside their identical console/PC/handheld counterparts. It would suck to see this game being sold for less than it's worth. A delayed mobile release might be for the best.
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    I watched the trailer with a little hours late because I wasn't in my home at that time and I'm really excited about the game. This game is some kind of dream come true.
  13. Sappharad


    Unfortunately for him, I doubt that the reason for the lack of a port is needing someone to do it:

    I don't want to speculate on the reasons why it's only for consoles, we know the engine runs fine on phones. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to port it later. Ultimately the biggest market for their audience grew up with the original games on consoles, so it makes sense to develop a new one for consoles first.
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    Welp, this.
    So, I wanted to just give a quick shoutout here: if you weren't already aware, PagodaWest was formed by several former members of the Sonic 2 HD team, and scanline99/Tom has been heading up much of the art that you all have been raving over. ;) This is truly an amazing group effort.
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    That makes that amazing title screen make so much sense! Glad to know they're on board. For all the issues S2HD had, amazing art was never one of them ;)
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    I wasn't aware, but am definitely glad. scanline99 was the best thing to happen to Sonic 2 HD back in the day (I believe I even said so back when), and it's good to see his talents being used well.
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    Retro Invasion: Complete. :specialed:/>

    Basically, it's like Aaron formed the Suicide Squad out of community people, and it's worked out pretty well so far.
  18. That's awesome, best of luck to them! That's why I love this forum.

    Surely this now means there's a good chance of S2HD getting picked up by SEGA now? They'd be mad not to, imo.
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    It was well worth the effort. Just look at how the internet is reacting to Sonic Mania. I think the sales of this game will speak volumes too.
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    Figured out, if I weren't such a fucking twat back in my university years and actually did something for Sonic 2 HD (or learned how to actually direct people with P:SR), this might've been a boat I'd be on right now. Y'all don't know what regret truly is.


    Still. This all just means I get fresh Sonic and it's all new to me, huzzah. <3