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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Deef


    Seconded that. Egg Garden was a nice looking zone.

    And seconded the no buy = ban policy this place should adopt. ^-^

    Damn I just heard more of the Studopolis music. And the gameplay vid... man every little thing I see looks so good. Every little extra touch has been handled better than the jadedness would have let me ask for.
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    Yo - I'm new around these parts! HEY! :)

    I don't have anything new to add that hasn't been said a million times before in this thread, but man, Sonic Mania looks amazing.

    The colours, the music, THAT title screen. I don't think I've been this excited about a new game for a while. Sonic Overture had me at 'hello. Sonic Mania sent me over the edge.

    2017 seems very, very far away at the moment though :/

  4. '3 Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles'.

    We spent decades declaring that adding more characters was detracting from the core of the game. We're getting a game with three characters.

    Nice catch. This is especially interesting since the demo kicks you back to the select screen after completing an act.
  5. Dunno how I missed it, but that Genesis controller was at the VIP area. Stood right by it, somehow missed it. Mystery solved. :v:
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    Scoured and collected some reactions because I'm bored.

    :thumbsup: Further back shot of reactions from the party.

    :v: Floating black man head has visually silly reaction

    :psyduck: "This is the Sonic equivalent to Melee HD"

    :specialed: TheBitBlock: "The ultimate celebration of making a game that looks exactly like the original one?"

    :flunked: *Disgusted face* "What is this? Don't tell me this is the 25th Sonic the Hedgehog game, because I want Sonic Generations 2...I'm sorry, I'm unbelievably disappointed...'Sonic Muh-knee-uh' or 'Mon-ya'?."

    :ruby: "dude shut up webber...SHUT UP WEBBER" - Everyone at home 2016

    Other Notes:
    There are an uncomfortable amount of people disappointed that stated they want a new Sonic Generations (before learning of PS17) and people that think it's visually identical to the originals down to the level design.
    There are a shockingly large amount of people that get hyped when Knuckles is announced as playable.
    There are many people that ask "Who are these people?" when seeing Taxman, Stealth, and Pagoda/Tee associations.
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    The sonic fanbase is huge and segmented. I actually envy those people, they probably had no fucking clue what they were in for. Not knowing where this talent came from must make it seem like pure goddamn magic. If I only casually followed Sonic games I would be floored that something like this was capable of existing.
  8. FWIW, the crowd popped big time whenever Christian's logo came up at the beginning of the trailer. They knew man, they knew.
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    Wow, well, I haven't posted in four years, my avatar is dead, and most of my Sonic hype topped with Generations and I haven't paid too much attention to the scene other than watching a few reviews of Boom and Lost World.

    Then next thing I know *this* happens. Is this seriously real? I feel like that preteen version of me who just saw the Sonic Crackers proto for the first time and thought it was some lost Sonic 4, except it's real dude. Not many things give me tears of joy but that trailer did it. Out of all the cool modern games I get to play as an adult, this is the one I've been waiting for since I beat S3&K for the first time. Sonic wasn't even a blip on my mind two days ago, now I've already got a SEGA Genesis controller and Mayflash adapter on the way and am gonna play through the awesome Taxman ports, can't believe I'm excited about Sonic again.

    A part of me feels like this is SonicRetro: The Game. Like all the cool talent and passion for the classics here materialized into Sonic Mania and SEGA decided that it's time to be proud of that and reward it. Or maybe I'm just up far too late...either way, congrats to the folks who get to work on this, I'd imagine this whole board will be buying this one for sure.
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    Complete Global Conquest
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    It amazes me how people have posted here to share their excitement for this game! 20 pages and counting of nothing but reignited joy for the series. I'm seeing so many familiar old avatars and names I haven't seen in years.

    So this great big reveal has not only made me happy; the shared happiness brimming in this thread warms the heart too.
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    Has anyone noticed the similarity of the title screen to Yoshi's Island?


    Also I hope someone uploads the MP3 files or possibly others from the flash drive they gave out at the party.
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    Knocked out a very quick lame retro "I'm so happy they have done this" pic lol
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    This game is stylish as hell. The Act title transitions are really cool, the title screen animation is so fluid and full of character, the character sprites are so plentiful.

    Props to everyone involved, doing some mighty fine work by the looks of it. Hope we'll get a chance to play it before Spring next year, maybe at PAX or EGX.
  15. Boy this looks really great, I'll be joining those who would probably buy this more than once. Haven't been able to completely stop thinking about this game since it was announced. Haven't been this excited for Sonic since Generations.

    Also incase these haven't been posted yet, extended versions of the new songs in the demo;

    I'm assuming these were on the flash drives that were handed out, judging by the quality.
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    Theirs only 1 things bugging me about the game. Its the fact Sonic goes into his running animation after using a spring. Its something I've always hated in the classic games. Surely they could give him a falling animation or at least have him go into his rolling animation..
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    Do you think Sonic will go super sonic in this video game?

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    One thing I'd really like to see in Sonic Mania is a competitive MP mode. Sonic 2's split-screen component is pretty limited in content, and it also has the nasty issues of gameplay lag and stretching the screens to accommodate the split screen...and yet, it's still one of the best MP campaigns a Sonic game has had in most cases. I imagine that if Mania had a superior split-screen setup (and if possible, allow for three/four-player races), had more level content / MP modes, and allowed for players to set up online matches with friends, it could easily over leapfrog over Sonic 2 in the MP department.

    Absolutely agreed. And to add to this, remember the Sonic 4 campaign leading up up the game's reveal? Months of buildup, announcements of announcements, the tentative "Project Needlemouse" codename, teasers with no gameplay (to say nothing of the first gameplay trailer having only three seconds of gameplay footage), small tidbits here and there, all to constantly generate hype up for the actual unveiling...only for the game to divide everyone.

    In stark contrast, Sega simply reveals the Sonic Mania trailer out of the blue, and lets the game speak for itself.

    It's a complete break away from the Sonic 4 PR campaign's marketing strategy, and Sonic Mania's reputation will be all the more better for it.

    I cosign this notion! :v:
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    So, the game hasn't been announced for any Nintendo consoles.

    The co-founder of Renegade Kid (Mutant Mudds, etc.) would like to fix that.
    Personally, I'd love a 3DS port. It'd be the first good 2D portable Sonic since... Rush, maybe? I rather like Rush.
    But yeah, hopefully interest would be high enough for it! Even if it had to maybe be New 3DS exclusive to avoid speed issues.
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    I've been looking everywhere for one of these official ones. I have a Retrolink one, and the thing is a piece of crap.