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    I have a feeling the team isn't going to clarify that in case it deflates the hype bubble. If it's mainly a Generations: Classic, with some extra stages thrown in, I'll still get it, but I don't think I could remain as hyped without the promise of more original content down the line, perhaps as DLC.
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    I hope the old-to-new ratio favors the original levels like Studiopolis... In fact, I wouldn't mind if the old levels were just unlockables, since the game will be celebrating the 26th anniversary anyway.

    Oh, that's how I thought it would work. "Down + Jump" sounds more intuitive and less prone to accidental triggering.

    I'd say a "Sonic Mania Pre-release Bugs/Suggestions" topic might be a good idea, if people start noticing any bugs or inconsistencies with the classics.
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    You can't fool my eyes.

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    It's great how Studiopolis is a natural evolution of the "nightlife" stage, from Casino Night, to Carnival Night, and now the glamor of film making. All the studio gimmicks look fun, the movie projector, the clapperboard platforms, even the SEGASonic Popcorn Shop machine fit seamlessly into the theme. It makes me even more excited for what level themes are coming next.

    I'd love to know the creative process behind making a stage as radical as Studiopolis, and whose idea it was. :v:
  5. To answer your question, no. Black, Xbox 360 controllers all across the board.

    Since they were buried a few pages back and I'm stationary now, offscreen footage in case you missed it.

    No sound in game unfortunately, sorry!
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    I will buy 3 copies day one. I wonder if the team's mobile game background, plus the Retro Engine's compatibility means a mobile port may also be in the cards. I hope this sells like hot cakes. Anyone able to confirm who's handling porting duties this time?
  7. I am going to buy multiple copies too, try to convince my friends, and probably wind up buying their copies too if they hold out. I wonder if we in the community could organize our efforts to try to make this sell as much as possible. This is Sega listening to us, quite intently. It needs to be a success.
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    Still loving it, but now trepidatious. What will the ratio of re-imagined levels to new levels be? And how much of the re-imagined ones will be using level design from their respective games? Green Hill seems to combine portions of Acts 1 and 2 and then completely evolve into its own thing in the final third; will that remain the same for the second acts of each zone, or will they be those old levels in name and visuals only?

    Overall my ultimate issue with both this and what we saw of Project '17 is redundancy. Did we really need re-imagined Classic levels? (or in Project '17, Classic Sonic when he'll likely be done so much better here?) I don't really think anyone here would be clamoring for those compared to fresh blood like Studiopolis so I can only imagine it was a Sega mandate to include old levels.

    I'm still loving what I'm seeing though. There's so much love that has gone into every inch of what we've seen so far, from the animations to the music to them turning the graphical error in Green Hill's mountains into a flowing river just for the eagle-eyed obsessive fans. Taxman and Stealth are still, by far, the best things to have happened to the Sonic franchise in years. I just continue to beg for a true complete split from what has come before and we get something 100% new.

    Because my ultimate worries are coming true. Sega has decided to go completely nostalgic; everything they do now is a throwback to old levels and tropes instead of re-inventing themselves using old tropes. I hope Taxman and Stealth are taking that to heart and not leaning too heavy on that angle because the have the potential now to do something truly revolutionary with the classic formula.

    Either way, I'm buying at least two copies day one.
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    In case any of you are interested, here is a very quick video of my thoughts on Sonic Mania (and another announcement of my personal stream I'll be doing but ignore that =P):

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    I dunno man, that looks like a Genesis controller to me.
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    That's probably my biggest worry too. I'm quite tired of Green Hill Zone at this point and I just want new levels. I hope the majority of the game is completely new levels and tropes. I thought Studiopolis looked fantastic, but Green Hill Zone was just...more of the same. If they really are re-imagining games from each of the classic series, I hope they only do one level from each game.

    Edit: Oh and here's the song from the trailer if anyone liked it.

  12. ...well alright, ya got me. A converter I'm guessing? Unless one of the kiosks upstairs had it hooked up through a USB-Genesis adapter. Weird that we all missed it cause that's where we went with the Retro crew to play it.
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    First, Freedom Planet 2 rose my hype levels to the orbit. And now Sonic Mania did exactly the same.
    ...Damn, why year 2017 can't come any sooner?
    Anyway, super huge props to Stealth, Taxman, Tee and of course everyone else involved in this project. My words can't describe how hyped I am.
    Also, does anyone know yet how much this game's going cost? (Not if that matters much because I'm going to insta-buy it anyway) My bet's on 20-30 dollar range.
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    When I saw the trailer I immediately realized that this is going to be such a huge thing.

    Green Hill 1 definitely has a vibe after the two thirds of an interesting mix of Green Hill 2, Emerald Hill 1 and Palmtree Panic along with some nice original level design thrown in.

    I really look forward to what new stages and old the team will come up with! These two projects and the initial reaction to them are huge.
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    Since the bugs/suggestions topic has been locked for some reason, I'll post them here with a proper tag so that they can be tracked down later...

    I've noticed a few things from the videos:

    -Some players seem to be a bit confused about the big movie projectors in Studiopolis and often fall to the route below since they try to jump on them. I'd say this could be fixed by either making the wheels solid so that Sonic can step on them, or making the projector slightly translucent so that it will be a more obvious non-interactive foreground element.

    -About the Drop Dash, somebody pointed out that it's triggered by pressing the Jump button a second time and holding it until Sonic touches the ground, which makes it incompatible with the elemental shields. This incompatibility could be fixed by just having the move trigger the same was as a regular spindash charge (Down + Jump) while airborne, and would also avoid triggering it accidentally.

    -Regarding the regular Spindash charge (but related to the new Drop Dash):

    At 2:51, Sonic falls to the ground while charging. This should trigger the Drop Dash, as it actually does in the classics as we were discussing earlier.

    RE-EDIT: Oops, called it "Drop Dash" instead of "Drop Spin". Okay, so it is called "Drop Dash". =P
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    It was locked because none of us, aside from some people who were at a party, have been able to play the game. So all we have to go on is footage, which isn't really a good way of noticing actual bugs. Besides that, it's an unfinished game that still has a lot of development time left. A lot of the noticeable bugs are likely already known about and just haven't been fixed yet.

    Also, I imagine that the drop dash not working when you have an elemental shield might be an intentional design choice. (And you had it right before the EDIT: it's called the Drop Dash, not the Drop Spin.)
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    Can we not just leave all this semi-official bug reporting and suggestion offering until after the game is out at least? It comes off as rude and entitled. This is a game that's currently deep in production. Let's not treat it differently just because it's being made by some members of this community. Make comments and whatnot like you would normally, but I'm really not fond of people jumping in like they know best less than 24 hours after they found out the game even existed.

    "I love X and Y and would personally change Z just a bit" or even just "Don't like that. Wish it was something else" is so much better than "Here's a list of suggestions/fixes that should be considered for this title..." like you're QA or something.

    Anyway, no Nintendo versions of the game announced as of yet. Wii U I can understand because it's only being kept alive until the NX rolls along next year. Strange that it's not yet been announced for the NX though like Project 2017. Uless SEGA is just holding off on that until Nintendo has specified a release date, cause the NX will definitely be out by the time of Project 17 but maybe not for Mania, so it would get a later release. Renegade Kid have stepped in to offer their services to create a 3DS port, which would be cool. I'll be sure to purchase Mania on every platform available to me.
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    I really like how the background changes for the boss, reminds me of Sonic 3&K' storytelling method, only based on backgrounds and some little silent cutscenes.
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    I do have a request if it's at all possible. Can we have Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 ported in the physical release with this please. I would like to have Taxman's versions for my PS4 collection.
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    What I'm curious about is the fact that Act 1 of Green Hill had a mini-boss, but Act 1 of Studiopolis doesn't. So some zones will have Act 1 bosses and others won't? Or perhaps the throwback levels will only consist of one act and hence would have a boss involved.

    Very confused about that.