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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Feanor


    It looks like you put a lot of effort into this, thank you! Do you have it in bigger resolution?

    I thought that the top path belonged in act 2, as I didn't see the corkscrew shown in the announcement trailer in any other gameplay footage. I love how this part is inspired by Emerald Hill Zone's level design!

    The level is pretty big, and I really love the bottom path inside the cave! That's a really nice touch and it makes exploration more rewarding (that and the return of the great rings like in Sonic 3). It's cool to discover new environments when you take different paths. I hope that we will see that kind of feature in other zones as well!
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    Great work. Even if not entirely accurate, it does paint a decent picture of the zone structure, which looks absolutely massive. To me, it looks like a hodgepodge of the level design element from each of the classic titles: Sonic 2's take on level routes, with the level size of Sonic 3&K's zones, and the level structure / platforms adapted from those of on Sonic 1/CD. While still rough in some areas, its very impressive to me.

    Any chances you might try and fudge together a map of Studiopolis Act 1, by the by?
    e: Didn't see your comment, you can disregard the above comment lol.

    Bleh, if they had the chance to take one level outside the main Genesis titles, I'd rather they'd take their pick from the 8-bit games or even the spinoffs of the era (a 3D: Flickies Island or Sonic R zone re-purposed as a 2D Genesis Sonic stage, even if only for a single act, would be legit). Most of Sonic 4's levels were unsubtle clones of existing zones from the main Genesis titles as it is anyway.

    Count me with Deef and VectorCNC in that I'd prefer we just quietly ignore Sonic 4 overall. I'd wager Sonic 4's reception is part of the reason Sonic Mania isn't another numbered sequel as it is anyway--so Mania, from a marketing/image standpoint, can get as far away from that title's influence as possible.
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    I was in line talking to you guys so much I almost feel like I should be fined for distracting you from the other players.
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    Nothing I seem to be able to manage at the moment. That is the .jpg I have saved, and it seems Imgur automatically scaled it down. I have a .png of it as well, but it's 71 mb, which is well over Imgur's filesize limit of 20 mb for non-moving images. :v:/>
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    I think the one Sonic 4 level I'd actually want to see in here would be Oil Desert. I'd take a solid, fresh take on that level over Sandopolis or Oil Ocean anyday, to be honest.
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    Looking at the level map, it makes me hope that Red Star Rings are implemented in the game. As a casual play through I doubt I'll veer off the main path, but with the Red Rings it would give me a reason to explore the entire level. I'm not sure what could be a reward for such a task. Maybe concept art, original Genesis layouts, or a 4th playable character *coughAmycough*.
  7. serpx


    I just scrolled through the last few posts, didn't see any links to the new Sonic Mania tune for the Select Screen. Video was posted on Sept 5th, so I just went back that far. Sorry if this is old.

    Man, they just get it. There's no way Sonic 2017 can be better than this game. Aside from Sonic Generations, this is one of the greatest investments SEGA has made to improve a franchise which was on its way to a deathbed.
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    The Stage Select Screen sounds like Sonic Mega Collection, which I like a lot :v:

    Taxman and crew are just brilliant. I've been hoping for this for years :v:
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    Yeah, Mania is (in-part) a celebration of the classics. Sonic 4 is not a classic game and should be ignored. None of it's stages were that impressive. GH act1 & Studiopolis act1 have far better level design than anything Sonic 4 came up with.

    Although, they should definitely follow Sonic 4's example of mapping Super Sonic's transformation to a different button.
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    Yeah, man, taking a detour around the country, but I'll See Ya Sundy with them.
  11. Yeah I'm diggin the menu music. Got a Sonic CD thing going on but strong Richard Jacques/US Sega vibes also
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    Sonic Mania
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    That Zone Select music!!! I found some videos yesterday that weren't skipping right over it for once.
  14. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I started getting Sonic 3D Blast Saturn flashbacks when I first heard it. It seems like they're pretty committed to making this feel like the 2D Saturn Sonic we never got. :v:
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    Sonic Jam nod? Listen to the bass. It's also similar to Emerald Hill's bass melody.
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    That is really awesome!
  17. Regarding Sonic 4, I think that there are some Zones that could make a decent revisit. I liked the idea with the snowy amusement park with the roller coaster framework. Maybe expanding that out to involve more of the amusement park theme instead of solely the roller coaster would work. Everything else was just a blend of two existing Zones, which would be rather redundant to do a revisit.

    As far as Sonic 3D Blast, did any of those levels have actual gimmicks beyond the perspective that could be used to flesh out a 2D level to the extent needed for the length? Otherwise, you'll have a generic level with a matching color palette and some remixed music. Admittedly, it is nice music, but you're not going to get a very recognizable Zone out of it, nor a very memorable one. Maybe if you used all of the gimmicks across the entire game to fill a level, but then it's not really a revisit anymore, just a general nostalgia level.

    I haven't really been keeping track too well on this topic. Have we already covered the Special Stages in discussion? I don't necessarily want a full repeat of Blue Sphere, but I would like something that isn't another half-pipe rehash. We've gotten that one how many times now?
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    Sonic Mania
    Don't you mean...

    White Park.
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    I don't think any stage needs to be brought back in it's entirety. Keep in mind all the references to different stages that were packed in green hill and studiopolis, after all it seems to me their trying to build a consistent world here, so stages new and old are very likely to reference various similar stages anyway. I'm most excited about the new stages personally.
  20. Definitely, exactly what I thought! I'm actually just as excited for the full soundtrack as the game itself now!

    @Lange yeah, also reminds me of monkey target!