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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. LockOnRommy11


    When he starts - and even then it doesn't always hit MS, and it's gotta be timed to the little energy ball thing. It's just so annoying.
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    Honestly the worst thing about that fight is that the miniboss immediately preceding it also throws out mook enemies, but you have to kill them directly to get the boss to spawn again, making it seem initially clear that to move on to the next phase of the mecha sonic fight you have to defeat the silversonic mooks until metal sonic attacks directly again. If I hadn't spoiled myself on that battle I would have wasted at least a couple minutes trying to do just that.

    Frankly the most disappointing thing about that encounter is that you don't defeat a bunch of robot sonic mooks, then metal sonic initiates the next phase of the fight by collecting their discarded metal husks, creating a sort of ersatz trash-voltron metal sonic kai body out of his defeated peers.

    EDIT: Also, quick shout-out to the sign in Studiopolis that just flashes between GOOD GREAT AWESOME OUTSTANDING AMAZING
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    What if the sequel is called Sonic Denuvo?
  4. Alternatively, imagine what the trajectory would've been like if the game's rating was 98% instead of 74% and all the 'most helpful' reviews were positive instead of negative. Imagine how the game's sales would look by now if it had launched alongside the console versions and with no Denuvo to potentially turn people away. Fans love Mania, critics love Mania, and everything had been going perfectly until SEGA of Europe decided to shoot Mania in the foot at the last possible second, converting several metric tons of pure excitement into bitterness and resentment.

    While I didn't bother trying to get a refund for Mania myself (the game is just too damn good), I emailed SEGA to say in no uncertain terms that as long as Sonic Mania has Denuvo, I will not be buying any SEGA-published Steam games ever again.

    Unrelatedly, a few more Mania gameplay videos:
  5. Stimil Rc.

    Stimil Rc.

    What I do for that fight is start up a spin dash and release it shortly after the Mecha Sonic appears regardless of what it does. If it starts spin dashing, Metal Sonic gets hit. If it doesn't or Metal Sonic shooting at me puts me in danger of getting hit, I let go and destroy it to prevent it from doing anything or evade Metal Sonic's projectile.

    What you should also realize is that the more you charge the spin dash, the harder you hit the Mecha Sonic, which can sometimes cause Metal Sonic to not be hit. Hitting it while it's in the middle without revving it up should result in Metal Sonic to getting every single time.

    What disappointed me about the fight was the lack of S3&K incarnation of Mecha Sonic. Would've been amazing to have it and Metal Sonic teaming up for a boss. Perhaps in Mania 2...
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    Not much different when factor in Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 both hang around 290000.
    Sonic Lost World (with it's mixed rating, late launch, and no Denovo) is at about 150000.

    On that note: how many more sales do you estimate there should be if the game was launched on time and without Denovo?
  7. I have no authority at all to make this kind of estimate, but my guess would be somewhere around the 300K mark at this point. Most of that estimated difference is because of the delay, not Denuvo, though I honestly believe that Mania's Steam rating would be 97/98% right now if it weren't for the launch disaster.
    S4E1 and Lost World were both released on Steam more than a year after the original release and both have worse Steam ratings than Mania even despite the Denuvo review-bombing. Lost World still costs more than Mania and it's four years old already. S4E2 has a decent Steam rating but it couldn't overcome the bad reputation of S4E1. I'm certain Mania will do significantly better than those three did, and for good reason.
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    Honestly the Metal Sonic boss fight went from frustrating to unsubstantial. I feel like the spin dash approach isn't, or at least shouldn't have been, the intended approach. It just throws the other 90% of the boss fight out the window.

    I've just discovered that the PC version's debug mode doesn't have the random or teleport items. :( I really enjoyed spamming randoms and watching the fireworks.
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    I just tried out the opening FMV for the first time, and apparently it's playing too slow on my PC. The music ends 10 seconds before the video, and the rest of the video plays in silence. I waited a few seconds after that to see whether that was just an issue with the first song (because I had heard of there being an alternate opening theme on GameFAQs), but the exact same issue occurs with the second opening theme.
    Did anyone else have this issue on PC?
  10. A slow HDD can often be the source of this issue for some reason. I have a 5400RPM 1TB HDD and while Mania hasn't had this issue, I recently had it for the opening animation of Danganronpa V3. Moving that install folder to my SSD solved it, so if you have an SSD available, give that a try. I'm not sure why it happens considering VLC Media Player can flawlessly play video files off my HDD with bit-rates over 3MB/s, but unless your CPU is particularly terrible I don't know what else it could be.
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    Hessia, Germany
    Desperately trying to make a Turrican clone
    Huh. Usually my PC doesn't have any issues with playing full screen videos, both from my Hard drive and my external USB drive.
  12. The HDD is hardly the bottleneck for videos, since they're pretty heavily compressed. The problem is most likely with the CPU, but since other videos play normally, we can start to wonder if the CPU load introduced by the DRM isn't playing a part here. No way to know for sure, I guess.
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    I assume this is because of my HDD and not Denuvo. Specifically, I've got the game installed on a non-OS hard drive instead of my SSD.

    Occasionally, most often right as the game would seem to need to load something (before a boss fight, for instance), it just lags out for a second. Framerate drops, controls become unresponsive, then they shoot right back up. I've got an awfully beefy PC and the game runs flawlessly otherwise, so yeah. Anyone else with the game installed on another HDD having this happen?
  14. Pretty much my thoughts. I'd give it a 90's Mean Machines score of 89% - 96% if it was all original levels.
  15. Lapper


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    Original levels look and play amazing. Classic levels play just as amazingly to me so no issues there - but I think it wasn't the same people/person doing the updated art for these so there's a clash in style/detail. They should have had more of an aggressive retouch I think. Not only would they have looked better, they'd seem more original.
  16. Deef


    Damn every time I see your Green Hill sig now I feel spoilt. It's so good.

    The classic levels would be fine if they were all more like their Act 2 (or Act 1 in Hydrocity's case). The revisited Act 2s are very good. GHZ, CPZ, and FBZ especially... just great.

    But the first acts are verrry little more than a reshape of the original. That gets me down a bit, and the jump from old to fresh in 1 zone only makes it stand out more. It looks like that was a deliberate decision: don't remix the Act 1s, just reshape. For me, ehhh... not such a great thing.

    If the Act 1s only had a very brief hold on the original that we know, and then just evolved very quickly into the same kinds of shenanigans as Act 2, I'd be a lot more fine with the revisiting concept.

    And to be honest, Mania distinguishes between acts wayyy more than it needed to. It's a good thing, but there's definitely room for the new content to be stretched further than it was. Case in point, Studiopolis could almost be 2 zones. Press Garden practically is already.
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    Pretty much this. Before the game launched, I had 'what-if' hopes of visiting Sonic 3 areas with Death Egg debris everywhere, or seeing how a Sonic 2 zone changed after so many <in-universe months> of Sonic's previous visit, so it felt like there was some organic change over time.

    That being said, doing so would start to kill the point of bringing back those old stages in the first place, and Forces is kind of doing what I wrote above with Green Hill anyway, so it's more of a monkey-paw wish this time around I think. Mania Team went with the best option for everyone for sure. Heads would have rolled if Hydrocity wasn't Hydrocity enough.
  18. Felik


    So I've finished the Sonic and Tails run and I must say it's a really fun game. Definitely deserves it's place among classics.
    Is is as good/better than S3K? Absolutely not. S3K still holds it's place as the best Sonic game ever made for me. I'd put Mania on the same level with Sonic 2 though.
    Is it the best game to come out since S3K? I wouldn't say so also. There's at least one modern Sonic game I adore much much more that Mania.

    Again I've got a lot of fun with it. Though there are three things that seriously undermined my experience:
    - amount if reused content is almost insulting. Just 4 new zone? Come on! Lots of reused layouts and bosses didn't help either;
    - Blue spheres as bonus stages was the hugest let down for me. Not only they straight up reused S3K's layouts but 32 of them is an overkill and no actual bonus stages was a big disappointment;
    - bosses keep the tradition of being the worst part of a Sonic game (by worst I mean least fun, not straight up bad). The only two bosses I actually really liked were MMZ2 boss and OOZ2 boss (this one mostly just has cool design).

    Also level layouts are very hit and miss. My favorite level to play was Lava Reef. It just had a perfect amount of gimmicks and great flow also genuine lack of dick moves.

    Anyway. Mostly great game sans a few questionable design choices and occasional shoddiness.
    Hope Mania 2 is happening and it will fix all the issues.
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    Found a fun palette error in TMZ2. Super Knuckles' white palette turns deep red when I transitioned to the boss fight. Can't complain about Pink Knuckles anymore, kids :v: .
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    Despite saying how much I like this game, some of the apologists are astounding.

    I had someone today comment on my video telling me that the game softlocking during the Chemical Plant boss was a feature.