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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Same here, unless SEGA removes Denuvo I will not be buying the PC version anytime soon.
  2. I have no idea if the PC version has introduced bugs or if I'm just discovering more of them.

    Edit: And it happened again! In the exact same spot, on my very next try at the level!


    Not buying the PC version until Denuvo is removed and Mods are proven to work.

    This is Sonic Retro, Sonic hacking central, and you're going to try to sell us a Sonic game that can't be modified down the line? No way! No way!
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    If people wont buy it just cause it can't be modded that's just :specialed:

    So far I only know it can't be played online that's all. Otherwise it's simply the protection you'd expect from DRM I guess.
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    You could have pressed triangle or Y and had the menu come up and fill the buttons in for you.

    You lack perspective. Steam controller configuration IS fantastic. You're upset at an extreme edge case -- one that DID work, but with a little bit more effort.

    Play more games on steam, and you'll realize how insane the controller configuration support is. What people are doing re: controllers and mania is the extreme tip of the iceburg of what Steam Controller Configuration support can do.
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    Whats with all those random 'how to Mania' threads?
    "How to select Knuckles in Sonic Mania"
    "How to collect the blue spheres in the bonus stage in Sonic Mania'
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    For anyone that, for one reason or another, wants to use a GameCube controller with the game using the Wii U GameCube Adapter and the vjoy plugin needed for Windows to detect it, Steam does offer a way to get it working. As this particular combination is listed as "Unregistered : Generic Xinput Controller" when viewed from the Controller Settings window on Steam (Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings), you need to check both "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support" and "Xbox Configuration Support" to map your buttons accordingly. Otherwise, Steam and Mania will only detect your left analogue inputs and the A button if you only click on the former. This might help out with other controllers, as the program I use for other Steam games that can't read Dinput controllers (x360ce) doesn't work with Mania.
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    I haven't been in the forum ever since Mania was released, because I don't own a next gen console and - like many people here - I didn't want to be spoiled before playing through the game myself. Right now I played through the main game with Sonic & Tails, but I have yet to collect all of the emeralds. And overall: I liked the game, but not as much as I thought I would. Here are a few positives and negatives, IGN style:


    - The artwork, even if a significant part of it is just copied from the Mega Drive games, is really, really good. I played the game in 720X576 resolution, and it looks pretty fantstic. Some of the animation reminds me of the best of the 32 bit era, like Lomax on the PS1, or Astal on the Saturn. The use of colours is fantastic! Press Garden 2 in particular, my god does it look gorgeous...

    - physics are spot on, what else did you expect?

    - many levels have multiple pathways to complete them, and there's lots of hidden secrets in the levels.


    - THE BOSSES ARE AWFUL. I seriously thought they were designed by current Sonic Team, and Sonic Team has been unable to design good boss fights for decades! The fall into one of two categories: Total pushovers that you can defeat by jumping into them a bunch of times (and rings don't really matter in this game, so getting hit is a complete non issue), and timewasters that are more of a test of patience than a test of skill. Metal Sonic in particular. Good lord, the bosses are bad.

    - The PC port and its localization. Why was this delayed again?!?! Every time I start the game, ALL of the graphics options are reset to the default settings! Why?! And in the menus, half the text is still in english, only some of it is in German.

    - Very disappointing soundtrack, with the exception of MetMad2 and Studiopolis.

    I'll add some positive and negative points later and elaborate on the existing ones, but right now I'm in kind of a hurry, soooo... gotta juice!


    Keep in mind that I bought a PS4 AND Switch version of the game. Including the switch CE. Sega has already gotten my money twice.

    But I would've done it again as a good gesture if they didn't just disable one of the key benefits to PC gaming.

    And Sonic Retro was literally built on the backs of reverse engineering the genesis titles. The devs were themselves those hackers. To not be able to do so with Mania someday to create all sorts of amazing new content on a better than genesis engine would be an awful shame. Look at the Generations mod community and some of the fun things it produces. Mania PC should allow such an equivalent community to exist for a proper 2D game.

    We could add missing transitions.

    We could add more playable characters with actual moves.

    We could build new or expand returning stages.

    We could modify existing stages if we like.

    There's a whole lot of fun stuff that can be done.

    I mean, yes, we could do it with Sonic CD's retro engine. Some of those may already be in the works, but Mania has more features and would likely be a bit more fun to hack/mod.

    Sonic fan hacks are pretty much the reason mania exists. The game should allow that kind of community to continue existing.

    Steam can legally support modding. Denuvo prevents legal modding which discourages modding in general, or encourages piracy 'to' mod, which in turn hurts sales needlessly.

    It's all a bunch of nonsense.
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    Just like your ridiculous demands.
  11. [​IMG]
    Can we have Mania 2 now?
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    Why are you so good at it :( I feel ashamed
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    Incomplete! A Sonic and Tails run is needed.
  14. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Jump when turning - it acts as drift of sorts.
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    Indeed! But that's not all - Four runs, (S&T, S, T K) with All emeralds. And the final four slots should be the same characters minus Emeralds. Plus All Gold Medals. THEN MAYBE we'll say you're done with the game- but man, those Leaderboards aren't gonna update themselves - Better start training to be #1, Rocky! :^)

    (all jokes aside, I'm filling all 8 save slots with complete playthroughs for Super and Non-Super versions, I'm looking forward to getting that done but I don't want to rush the experience! Gotta do something to fill the wait for Mario Odyss-I MEAN SONIC FORCES OF COURSES)
  16. I know we all have our opinions, but come on now. The only downside to the music I have is for the Sonic 3&K stages because they already have an Act1/2 version, so it feels more constricted here with what Tee could do as in other stages it was exciting to hear how Act 2 shook things up with the music.
  17. Awesome game. Seeing as I came from a spoiler free place (I only knew of Green Hill/Studiopolis & Mirage before release) Some thoughts:

    Not as good as 3&K (needed to get that out the way).

    Graphics are lush, really nails that 32bit era they was going for.

    New levels have great designs. Just enough challenge. Bosses where really fun and surprising.

    Music was nicely done (that menu music!), but personally would have liked to have heard some more signature sounds jump out of the tracks. Guitars have no place in classic for me. But overall great, nostalgic chord progressions aplenty. Great sense of wonder & mystery in the new zones.

    Sound design was up to the high standards set before. Some really neat & satisfying fx.

    Cut scenes are cool, good sense of light hearted humor. Hope the story doesn't tie in with forces like some have said, modern needs to die in a fire after the Mania onslaught.

    Special stages are a blast, love them.

    Really tight package, doesn't feel rushed or phoned in. You can really feel the passion & fun the devs had with this game. It feels confident in it's design choices, not like they just mulled and stressed over every nitpick and criticism shown at times on this forum. They went with their gut, and it's paid off. On a side note I wonder how many groups of fans have unknowingly killed the passion in a projects due to unnecessary nitpicking and criticism.

    Overall a brilliant job and all those that worked on this should be proud.

    Looking forward to Mania 2, let's hope it's sooner rather than later...
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    Well, I finished getting all the gold medals on the PC version... that was a pain on Xbox, and it was even more annoying on PC, because my Xbox one controller seems to have lag input while using Bluetooth... thanks, Microsoft :argh: (I had to do the hardest ones with keyboard control)
    I wish getting gold medals actually did something, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to have that 100% save file

    On a related note, anybody noticed they changed knuckle's sprites in blue spheres ? Sonic and Tails seem to use the same ones as S3&K, but knuckles one are different.

    Sonic Mania

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles (best one I could find)

    I guess they weren't satisfied with the original sprites. I kinda understand where they're coming from, to be honest.
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    Blue Sphere is absolutely beautiful, controls like a dream, and has a new wonderful glow! Plus, no more Knuckles the Flathead. It was an unexpected surprise as the experience is so different when actually playing it. I've read that transitions are missing, but why has no one questioned that Studiopolis is next to Chemical Plant? Studiopolis is on Westside Island? I can't wait to see more after I beat that damn Act 1 Heavy Gunner boss.

    Another interesting tid bit is I didn't realize how long it takes to charge the drop dash....unless I'm doing it wrong :v: I do miss the mid air re-curling ability of Sonic Time Twisted that I took for granted. Would have been nice, allowing DDing in the air after re-curling.
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    Well I'm one day in since pc release and loving every second.

    The levels are huge! So much fun to explore. I really hope they green light a mania 2 and give them freedom to do new levels because all the new mania levels are the best parts of the game!