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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    i haven't seen many people comment on the alternate animated opening music. Is that composed by Tee Lopes? I actually really like it and how it has nods to the main theme and studiopolis theme.

    I really like the HyperPotions theme too, but I feel like the alternate music actually ties into the game's soundtrack better.
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    Yeah I've been pretty astonished by the number of people saying "Hey wait a minute this game is actually really fun maybe Sonic isn't nearly as harsh or unapproachable as my memory told me it was." I mean obvious we all KNOW these games are really good but after so many years of hot take historical revisionism it's easy to be cynical about whether people will willingly reevaluate their own conclusions.

    Not to mention the number of people (improbably) playing Sonic for the first time. Watching Caleb Hart's stream yesterday was pretty enlightening in that regard.
  3. Figured it out: In order to use Level Select, you need to have Debug Mode unlocked (which requires 3 rows of medals in Extras from Blue Spheres) and enabled in the Secrets menu (by pressing Triangle over the No Save icon). After enabling it, press and hold X + Square over the No Save icon until the Level Select menu appears.

    EDIT: You don't need to press Options. Just X + Square.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Placing stuff in the air tells you to jump, not "you're gonna start drifting if you try to turn while airborne".

    It's just something you have to learn on your own, but it's still kinda weird
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    turning into a dreamcast
    So i got hit while transforming into super sonic, lost all my rings, and became blue super sonic. Now i ignore all objects, and get stuck in spring pits. And a time over didn't save me.
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    The airborne rings were often placed right at the corner of a turn, encouraging the player to turn mid-jump. The whole process of "air drifting" isn't exactly logical, but I felt it was taught well enough.
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    I had some moments of that. I likened it to A Link Between Worlds. There were times when playing that game, where the developers were anticipating that you would remember A Link to the Past, and used it against you. Honestly, I think it's fair game.
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    Oh boy the game grumps are playing this now. But so far Arin likes it lol.

    EDIT: Wrong Aaron :v:
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    One thing I noticed is that most of the remixes for the S3K levels were pretty loyal to the original tunes, I mean they had some enhancements and a second more complex loop, but otherwise the arrangement and instruments were very uncanny to the original. This leaves me wondering how many liberties would be needed to loophole past the alleged soundtrack copyright issues for a S3K remake. I mean sure it's not 100% the same as the original game, but if this is the alternative, I'd gladly take it.
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    We all know Aaron likes, but the real question is if Arin does :v:.

    So yeah, I've been sequestered with the game for the last day and a half. Great work all around. Level design is great. Music is killer. Visuals are stunning. Boss battles are awesome. Special Stages were tricky the first run, but I can now beat them all at Mach 2 as of my third run. Blue Spheres were a slog to get all gold medals for, personally. The story doesn't seem to make much sense though, bordering on incoherent at times. But my biggest gripe is still the old-to-new ratio. The old zones definitely have a lot more in them to realize their potential, but 4 unique zones just make me ache for a fully original game. Still it definitely is worthy of best-rated official Sonic game in 15 years. congrats to everyone involved!

    I've run into a few bugs I've seen here, and apparently the bug report topic got locked because there's a patch of some kind on the way? We'll see.

    I almost never stream anything, but I'm so glad I did for my first blind run of Mania just for this clip.
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    I think it's Tee Lopes probably realizing not to fix what isn't broken.
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    His SCD remixes say otherwise, as his CPz Act 1 does too (he changed ALL instruments).
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    Is it just me or does the first Special Stage on the Xbox one version lag? Seems kind of strange.


    So fun story...

    I found a switch this morning, only for it to stumble upon me that there could be a CE avaliable still somewhere, and I'd just moved to a new city.

    Surely enough, there was a pre-order at a Gamestop nearby that somebody cancelled as soon as they looked inside and saw the CE didn't have a physical copy. Naturally, I knew this already, so I managed to just walk in and pick it up while every other store within 50 miles was sold out!

    So there you go guys, not only did I double dip on the game (PS4 and Switch, had to refund my PC one), but I got the CE at a physical retailer!

    You've got my money Sega/Team Mania. You better deliver more of this in the future. ;)
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    I would also like to say that at least in the PS4 version there's a survey that comes on the dock menu for the game. I would suggest that if you want more games like Mania to fill it out.
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    I have finished 5 playthroughs of Mania, one for each character type, and one co-op run. I've written out my thoughts on Mania, but please forgive the length. I've separated it into a few different spoiler tags as to not have a huge post. A lot of what I've written may seem like I'm being hard on the game, but overall I had an absolutely blast. I just want to point out the errors and blemishes in hopes that things can be patched or changed. I do hope that someone on the Dev team does take a read, as I've put in some time put this together.

    General thoughts:
    I absolutely love this game. Going into it I knew my expectations were high with hopes of Spinball and Chaotix levels, but what we got still blew my mind. At several points I audibly said "oh my god" in absolute glee. I had been avoiding spoilers for the game, and I feel like my first playthrough was all the better for it. The intro animation was fun, and I hope this is the direction Sega keeps with Classic Sonic going forward. Movement was what I was expecting from playing the other Retro Engine remakes. The new Drop Dash while at first was something I had to consciously think about using when playing, felt so odd not to have when playing as Tails or Knuckles afterwards. It became such an essential move to use as Sonic that if we ever do get a Remaster Collection, I want the Drop Dash as an unlockable move.

    Green Hill:
    I don't really have a lot to say about the zone as it perfectly encapsulated what I wanted from it. It combines elements from all the intro stages into a perfect package that is easy to play, but gives you a lot to explore if you want to. I like how Knuckles has his own starting section to teach players about Knuckles abilities, as you need to have a good understanding of them in later levels. The mini-boss was a fun take on the original boss, and the Death Egg Robot was a fun callback. Unfortunately though you can just jump at his butt and get hits without any damage making it really easy to cheese.

    Chemical Plant:
    One of my favorite stages in Sonic 2, and it was recreated fairly well. I miss the little animation of when you go into the tubes, how you went around in a circle for a second before entering or exiting, but it's not a big deal. Act 1 stayed fairly close to the original acts layout, but added a bunch of other paths to explore. I appreciated how you kept in the top hidden path from S2 act 2. The mini-boss was sorta ehh, being mostly a clone of Ice Caps mini-boss. Act 2 though was bonkers. The sense of scale in the level was impressive, and how you bounced around the level was really fun, although at times you were just along for the ride without much player input. I love all the new gimmicks, and the borrowed gimmicks really fit well with the stage. I lost my shit at the Boss. I can understand how some people don't like the change in gameplay, but in that moment I was 10 years old again and could not be happier.

    After watching so many videos of it I thought I wouldn't enjoy the Act 1 as much, but I still had a blast playing it. The badnicks were spot on for the zone, and the layout and gimmicks were perfect. The mini-boss was fun, and I believe its the only running boss in the game. Act 2 just built on top of everything act 1 had and more. The way the music starts like a news segment was perfect. Everything was more colorful, and the change from outside to indoors really changed the atmosphere. I enjoy the Bingo ball machines, as its a throwback to the slot machines from Casino Night. I also really like how the clapperboard increments the Takes for every time you jump on it. The boss was fun, and I immediately thought of Sega Sonic Arcade's TV cutscene, though I don't know if that was intentional. I also liked how the Cluckoid was the weather man, and how the heatwave referenced the Master System manuals. The transition to the Flying Battery was perfect as well.

    Flying Battery:
    Act one was fairly faithful if you kept to the main path, but the new mechanic with the electric shield really changed how you played the stage. I also noticed a few quality of life improvements like that one booster out the outside right before you go back inside was removed, and the bombs break open the path a lot faster.
    The mini-boss was a nice way to have another flying ship level with thing on the ceiling you had to hit. I kinda wish the orbinauts it created used random junk pieces each time instead of the same one, but ehh. Act 2 though really changed things up, and I think I would say it's my favorite level in the entire game. Moving from inside to outside constantly was a nice change of pace, and the lighting and weather effects were quite impressive. I really like though how you took the gimmicks from the original, and just ramped them up in new and interesting ways (Especially the rotating poll). You also knew when to omit gimmicks from the original, as I don't think anyone liked that rotating column. The boss was interesting, but having to wait for the next spinning poll was kind of a drag. After you defeat the boss I wish that the player would sorta hop when the elevator stopped (because momentum), but thats a minor nitpick.

    Press Garden:
    At first glance I thought this was going to be the slow, Marble Zone stage by the crates at the start of the level, but I was not expecting anything like this. The stage has a bit of a split identity between act 1 and two, but I don't think it hinders anything. I loved the idea of the stage being an old building that was retrofitted to be a printing shop. I was glad to see Splat return as a proper badnick, and even noticed he leaves behind little splats of ink when he hops. The attention to detail is amazing. The mini-boss was rather poor, having to wait while he positions himself to hit a metal crate. When it starts it tries to show you its vunerable to the metal crates, but it happens so fast when you jump in I think most will miss it, but its not really a hard fight anyway. Act 2 really surprised me as I didn't expect the stage to change as much as it did. I love the woodpecker badnick, and the ice mechanic was really fun. Sometimes it was confusing to platform as I kept forgetting that even the smaller tree branches were platforms. The boss fight was fun, if not a little frustrating. I keep trying score multiple hits on him but keep getting hit away, though I do appreciate that I only get frozen and not an actual hit. I love how he throws Asterons at you, but it took me a bit to realize you can hit them once they stick in the ground.

    Stardust Speedway:
    This one was weird as it was Act 1 that felt more new compared to act two. The borrowed mechanics from Marble Gardens and Mushroom Hill really worked with the stage, and the new plant that grows from the flower capsules was a really cool surprise. I'm glad that the path swappers were ditched as they were really a headache. The mini-boss was cool reference to CD's Metallic Madness's pre-boss fight, but ramped up. I loved the transition to Act 2, though I wish the stage started with you already running because of it. Act 2 felt a lot closer to the original, but I do like it more than the original. The firework was a neat gimmick, and I really like the bungee rope thing. I felt like the spring launcher things hitbox were slightly off when compared to something like Donkey Kong Country, but it was still a fun use of the mechanic. The boss fight though really kicked my ass the first time around. I feel like there should be a checkpoint right before the second phase of the fight. I really loved seeing Silver Sonic again, but that portion of the boss was rather shit. Trying to time my jump as Silver Sonic was jumping was a pain in the ass, even more so with Knuckles. Eventually I realized you could just spindash at him when Silver spawns from the machine, and he will perfectly hit Metal every time,
    now making the fight overly easy. The last portion of the fight was Ok, but I wish the spike wall didn't keep your rings, as I just cheesed it and kept drop dashing at metal till I won.

    I'm so happy to see the stage return, but I have mixed feelings on it. Act 1 as a whole was really good. I liked how you can pick between 3 different paths at the start, and the new boat mechanic was neat, I guess acting similar to the cork in Labyrinth. The bubble gimmick from Aqua Lake was fun and fit well with the stage.
    The mini-boss was another surprise, first being a small throwback to Labyrinth's boss and the death wall from the original act 2, then using the same machine that Eggman used on you in the past. At first I didn't realize you could drop bombs, and even then I didn't realize I should be using that to explode Eggmans underwater bombs. Overall though Act 1 was great, but then act two didn't really do much of anything that Sonic 3 already did. Sure some of the layout was different, but after playing through it while typing it, its honestly the weakest stage in the entire game when compared to the original, Green Hill included. The Boss was fun as I can't think of any other boss that played like it before. On the other hand, did we really need a repete of the S3 mini-boss? It felt un-needed, especially after such an original boss just before it. I would have rather had more of the previous boss with more variations on it.

    Mirage Saloon:
    How the hell did we get from being in an under ground water palace to flying over a desert? No seriously. I haven't brought up the lack of level transitions yet, but they start disappearing after Flying Battery, and I don't really know why apart from development time. Hopefully something can be added through a patch. Also,
    no one seems to care that Knuckles gets knocked off the plane, poor guy. For Sonic & Tails act 1, I dig it. The enemies are basically the same as they were in Sky Chase, but the way they match the level is really good. Especially the cactus one. Sonic looks weird piloting the plane without a strap or something keeping the goggles on, but minor nitpick. The level feels almost unfinished though in some regards. I feel like there could have been a checkpoint where the Shield is as I kept killing myself by drop-dashing off the plane. Hopefully something can be done in a patch to address that. Then before it transitions to the train there were those two enemies that just flot away rather oddly. I also wish the train was longer and had more stuff going on to balance the amount of plane time there was. Mini-boss was alright. I felt that his hitbox window for jumping from the background forward was really small. Also at one point, the boss kept doing the attack from left and right, and the sand noise it makes it really grating. As for Knuckles act, it was really well done. The pastel color pallet was nice, and I was surprised to see he had exclusive gimmicks for the stage. Makes me wish there was more character exclusive stuff (I'll talk more on that later). I love how Knuckles mini-boss is a cool throwback to Gigapolis. Act two is pinball fun, playing a lot like if Collision Chaos had solid level design. I like how the bar is being played up as a Ice Cream Bar. The boss was absolute fan service, and I had a grin on the entire time. I do feel like there was one miss opportunity with the boss though. It would have been cool if each one was paired with a character, like Bean always bombing the plane when playing as Tails, then when you fight the boss, it would start on Bean, then rotate around the cast with it ending on Bean again. Maybe from that tease Bark on Knuckles path. Either way it was an amazing moment, even if the fight itself was sorta ehh.

    Oil Ocean:
    This level is another case of not really changing enough over the original. I do like how the fire shield interacts with the oil, but for the most part it does not change how you play the level. The mini-boss was also ehh, as you can get enough hits in before he even turns the valve, which if you are on the left side when he does you have no time to react and die from crush damage. Act 2 does change stuff by implementing similar mechanics to the Sandopolis falling sand and light puzzle, but I'm still ehh on the level. Visually it does not change enough stuff up from the original to feel like a new level, especially when compared to Chemical Plant or , and I really don't like how half of the background is that brown color. At least add in some smog or clouds or anything just to break up the solid color. I do like the fire orbinaut, meaning you need to watch yourself around him when he is near oil. The sub is a cool addition, using what looks like re-worked art from Marina Madness. The smog mechanic is kinda neat, as its not as intrusive as the ghosts. I do wish that the bubble shield gave you immunity from it, since you could use it to breath underwater, so why not in smog too? I found the boss rather disappointing, as its basically the same boss from Oil Ocean, combined with the tentacle thingers from Lava Reefs mini-boss.

    Lava Reef:
    I really liked the original level, so there is a bit of bias here, but I enjoy the changes to the level. Am I correct in guessing you took inspiration from endless mines? I like how some areas are fenced off, though its weird having to break down one fence, where you don't do it anywhere else in the level. I like how you brought over the Rexon badnick and the weird stompy thing from Metallic Madness as they really fit the level. The mini-boss is not that great, as you're forced to wait as it injures itself. You can get some early hits if you're in between him, but I've only done that while super. The transition to act two is cool, but I don't like the fade to black as it feels lazy when you could have had a natural transition in the stone change to the new art. Act 2 is a cool mix of the original with the conveyors from Quartz Quadrant, but I feel it stays too close to the original. Going back to Hidden Palace was cool, but the Sonic & Tails boss was fairly hard to do without brute forcing it. The Knuckles fight is really cool being in the Master Emerald chamber, and the fight is decent. I think its unfortunate that Sonic & Tails don't get to fight Heavy King, while Knuckles doesn't fight Heavy Rider. Also leading up to release, I was under the assumption that each heavy would gets its own unique level, and we almost got that. Maybe time constraints changed the initial plan, but overall I still enjoyed Lava Reef.

    Metallic Madness:
    This zone went from being something that I dreaded playing in Sonic CD to a level that I really enjoy. I appreciate how you separated a few of the original gimmicks into each of the acts. The original had you going behind the foreground objects, and you took it to the extreme with the background layout. It also gets the player used to having your player be small. The mini-boss was a cool throwback to Sonic 1's Final Zone. Thank you to whoever made it so that no crushers that were side by side would activate. The pinch mode was also fun as it speed up the fight and removed those annoying electric balls. Act 2 was really fun, and I love how the mini character concept was expanded upon having full areas dedicated to it instead of one small section in the original. But that boss fight though was one of the more interesting ones. I wish there were more capsule types, but what was there was great. Also Amy in Mania? I will give you money.

    Titanic Monarch:
    A lot of people seem to dislike this stage, but I really really like it. The combination of Chrome Gadget and the World 2 background from Sonic Crackers really works. I love the focus on electricity, and turning the Sonic 3 Bonus games balls into Tesla Spheres was one of the coolest things. It really feels like a combination of the more industrial levels in the series. The mini-boss was another re-used idea from Death Egg, but the phase two was neat with the elevator. It made it really hard to fight as Knuckles though. Act 2 really is difficult, but I feel like its well deserved being the last traditional level. Having the option to do the 4 paths in any order was fun and something that was not done before in Sonic. The level gave me the same vibes I got from Shovel Knights Tower of Fate, really eerie music, and that wonderful stained glass. The boss is sorta ehh, and does not live up to the potential it could. I love the idea of re-matching against the Hard Boiled Heavies, but I've only ever seen the Gunner and Shinobi. I would have preferred after breaking each tentacle arm, to have to fight and fully defeat each Heavy before being warped back to Eggman.

    Final Fight:
    I like the concept, but I found that the mechanics were not made clear. I didn't realized till after two deaths that doing the dash was costing me 5 rings, as I was also taking damage from Heavy King. I don't know what I'm doing against Heavy King, so I just end up jumping in and hoping for the best. Eggman on the other hand is silly easy. I don't think there is anything he can do to you, so I end up just spam jumping at him till he goes away. The hardest part is just finding rings in the battle, but I do appreciate that they are somewhat attracted to you.

    Special Stage:
    I absolutely love them. Every single one. While I do think that Stage 5 could have its UFO slowed down a bit and Stage 7 sped up, the overall balance was great. I think the thing most players don't realize is that you need to jump to make tight corners, especially at high speeds. I feel like getting the Bonus for collecting what would be Mach 4 should give you a rings box worth of rings, because if you're still chasing the thing at that point, you're likely hurting for rings too. But please consider adding a dedicated mode to play the stages. I would love if they could be done in 2 player, but even a 5 lap race time trial would be perfect. I would even be down for more stages. Hell, make 7 new stages, and implement the defunct Super Emeralds. As it is now I can get Super by Studiopolis, so I have so many more acts to achieve Hyper.

    Blue Sphere:
    While I like the Blue Sphere mini-game (I've already gotten all Gold Medals), I don't see myself ever going back into the mini-game. What I liked about the mini-games in S3K was that the rewards you got in them affected you after the mini-games was over by letting you get additional rings or shields, while Blue sphere is completely separate from the main game. It would be nice to have the S3K mini-games return in an update or something, or at least an option to disable them since I've already beaten all of them. As for the stages themselves, the new layouts were fun and I had fun trying to go for all Gold. I just wish I got something for all gold medals besides an Achievement/Trophy.

    Competition Mode:
    I enjoy it for what it is, but I don't understand why so many levels are omitted. I would assume its because of how each level handles certain stage elements, like FBZ2 is likely because of the indoor/outdoor transition, or MZ1 because of the plane/Knuckles route (Though I think a Knuckles v Knuckles race would be fun, and the idea of two planes racing to get more coins/kill more enemies could be fun, just color the other plane blue like the Tornado 2). But I have no real idea on OOZ, MMZ and TMZ1. TMZ2 could be because of how it sections the level off with gates, but just have the gates independent of each player. I'm sure it would be a lot of work to implement these stages, but having them omitted really bums me out.

    Additional Thoughts:
    Typing it all out, I seem to have written a lot of negative stuff, but that's because they are easier to point out compared to all the great stuff there is. It's upsetting that Tails has no real exclusive content for himself. He might have some exclusive alternative paths, but no forced paths like with Knuckles starting location in GHZ1 or his own exclusive act with its own music and variant on the boss. I know the game is out and making any huge changes would be frowned upon, but one way to fix this would be having tails go through the gauntlet of Hard Boiled Heavies from the Final Boss. When beating the boss as Sonic or Knuckles, you see the the other waiting in the car, yet Tails also has Sonic. This would give Tails an out, leaving Sonic & Knuckles story together there (Except for the Final boss I guess?).

    I think all of us here would love to see new stages as DLC, but something easier I would like is a boss rush mode with its own time attack leaderboard. Similar to that, I would just love a free play option, maybe unlocked after getting all the medals? I just would like an option where I can pick a character, then play any stage, special stage, or blue sphere level. (Maybe this is covered under the level select, but I cannot seem to get it to work on PS4) Especially for the Special Stages per my earlier suggestion. Additionally, I would pay money to play as Amy or any of the other classic characters like the Chaotix. New characters would bring in more replay value than a handful of stages, even though I would be more excited for new stages.

    I do hope that additional level transitions are added. I don't think it would have been a big deal if most of the stages lacked them, but so many do, and even the "lazier" ones like Chemical Plant have that little droplet animation. It was that one specifically that made me be excited for all upcoming transitions, and I was let down that not every level had them.

    I like how time attack was implemented, but I wish MSZ1 was indluded. Even if its just a scrolling level, you still have the small train section, and not having it, although understandable, still feels incomplete. As for the other extras, I love that you can play Mean Bean, especially with a friend. I like how you can play Blue Sphere and Stealths Blue Sphere 2, but I would still like a dedicated option to replay the 30 crafted levels. I love the & Knuckles mode, but I wish you could pick you partner as any character instead of being limited to Tails with Sonic, and Knuckles with everyone. I also wish the abilities were stackable instead of selecting between each individual move. Since you have to hold jump for the drop dash, you could still get in a quick insta-shield, and the peelout is on its own button combo. Speaking of moves, I really really hate how you still transform into Super with a double jump. Could the option be implemented so you have to press a different jump button to go super? So many times I've gone to use the character move just to transform. Once even I did it to save myself from falling, but nope, now I'm Super Tails at the bottom of where I wanted to go. I haven't messed around with Debug yet, but I have tried doing the level select code that people are talking about to no success.

    Bug and Errors:
    If you start moving/jump before the title card finishes in certain acts, the camera does not keep up and suddenly snaps back to the player., resulting in something that looks slightly janky.

    If tails lands on top of the floating egg capsules, after a second or so he will despawn and respawn, even if you are playing coop.

    You can spam the down button and the animation will keep up, but spamming up forces you to go through the entire animation. You can walk to cancel the animation, but you can't start a spindash till it finishes.

    When defeating the GHZ Boss, its possible to leave part of a floating tree after Eggman breaks the hole in the ground.

    Having tails fly you into the blue bouncing gell in CPZ2 causes Sonic to get stuck for a second, and the sound effects rapidly plays.

    Tails can get into the CPZ boss (I was playing coop), and he can jump around in the space, and even go back up the tube.

    You can occasionally die at the end of the CPZ boss even if you win.

    There is some really weird air cap when fighting the SOZ Mini-boss. When jumping over missiles, you almost come to a halt for a second in the air, which keeps messing me up and I end up taking a hit.

    I think it was like this in the original, but I find it odd that you do not gain speed when running down/around the vertical mesh cylinders in FBZ, especially when you enter them without a lot of speed, leaving you to wait until your player slowly makes their way around.

    If you beat the FBZ Miniboss really quickly, when the crushers activate before the second act starts, the crushing soundeffect gets cut off at the last second or so.

    When outside in FBZ2, Tails cannot carry Sonic, as I think he is sliding off because of the wind.

    Not sure how I caused this, but at one point in FBZ2 I was outside, yet the background and pallet stayed as inside. After continuing for a bit the game noticed and corrected itself.

    In PGZ, If you jump while the crushing lift is rising, the player will awkwardly stay in a ball and slightly clip the floor until it is done rising, and it does not look correct.

    There is a section in PGZ2 where you are given a fire shield, and then are required to break some ice blocks. You can't do this while super though as the fires effect is disabled. I had to wait for my rings to deplete to continue.

    In PGZ2, I somehow (I think by getting a 1up) cause the game to play the end of act jingle. From there no other music played. However when I got speed shoes/invincibility, the muisc did play, but after replayed the end of act jingle again. After beating the boss though it did go back to normal. This has happened to me twice.

    Not a bug, but it might be a good idea to add a checkpoint to the SSZ boss.

    When reaching the HCZ mini-boss, if Sonic gets to the cutscene with a bubble shield, then tails flys in after it started, tails will inhale the bubble, but its still visible, and once you regain control it just stays there, but can't be used again.

    In HCZ2, the water slides do not put you into the falling animation.

    During the HCZ boss, tails will fly into when respawning instead of swim.

    Tails can steal the air bubles in the HCZ boss. Is it possible to make him lag behind slightly?

    In MSZ1 with Sonic & Tails, you can spin/drop-dash off the plane to your death fairly easily.

    One run I had it MSZ1 not change to the day pallet. The train was visually not right with the oil drums. It continued into the boss and only corrected itself when the title card for act two came up.

    At the end of MSZ2, I had tails not jump into the gun, but the two could could be seen in the sky, though Tails arc was lower and didn't align with Sonics.

    Leaving one of the subs in OOZ2, the hatch does not have collision, and you fall into the oil.

    During the OOZ Boss, if you land on the platforms right as the tenticles are pulling them down, you stay with the platform and die, instead of sinking in the oil.

    Knuckles can just barely make it back onto the OOZ Boss platforms when in the oil. Maybe lower the platforms/raise the oil for his fight?

    In MMZ1, just after the first background platforming section, there are two collapsible bridges that start breaking at the wrong side.

    When shrunk in MMZ2, after images for speed shoes/super are smaller than the character.

    Not a bug, but shouldn't the walking bombs in MMZ have projectiles that are in relation to their size? The tiny one has the same explosion at the largest one.

    I was able to get AI Tails to stay tiny when he should have been large, and vice verse. When respawning, Tails should use the same size of Sonic.

    In TMZ, when the player jumps into the rollercoaster car, its odd seeing them in their falling pose with their mouth open already. Maybe have them seated first, then once it speeds up to top speed have them transition into the falling animation.

    In TMZ there are these launchers (One is right at the start of TMZ2) that when playing Sonic and Tails together, tails will just fall through instead of getting into a ball like Sonic.

    I keep getting crushed by the raising yellow platforms in TMZ2, especially while super. The bottoms look slanted, so you would expect them to nudge you out of the way if you were slightly under them.

    In TMZ, if you are being tracked by the red lazer thing and die, the soundeffect continues to the title card.

    TL;DR Game is fun though not perfect, but its been the most fun I've had playing Sonic in many a years. Please consider making DLC for a 5 lap time trial of the special stages, and an option to play any of the pre-made Blue Sphere level. I would also pay more money for DLC stages or characters.

    Also, for the point of testing it, I tried not making any matches in the CPZ boss, and just letting the pieces drop without making any matches. Well god damn Eggman did a 3 combo on me and completely wrecked me. I tried a second time, won, but then died anyway.

    -Edit- Just for reference, it took me 5 hours to write this post as I kept going back to check levels and add stuff to it.
  17. synchronizer


    Taxman and co. should probably contract Darkspinessonic to find all the bugs and exploits being streamed on Twitch now. heh
  18. Pengi


    This has to be an oversight: In + - Metallic Madness Zone Act 2   , if you enter a Bonus Stage + - as SMALL Sonic, you go back to being REGULAR Sonic   when it's over. From what I can tell the lamp posts are all in positions where you can still proceed + - as regular sized Sonic   , so it's not too bad, but I'm sure it wasn't intentional.
  19. Rlan


    It does happen, but it's done in such a way that you shouldn't get stuck.
  20. SonKnuck


    The Lazy Guy Oldbie
    DBZ Re-enactment and LPs on Youtube
    So hum... I am LOVING this game and I just can't stop playing it! To the point that I have managed to crash it twice so far. I have managed to soft-lock myself in Green Hill Zone Act 2 after defeating the Death Egg robot. As shown on the UNLISTED video below.

    And also, I'm playing on PS4, and for some reason the music just disappeared at some point. Sound effects were still working and all, I figured the music would resotre itself once I entered a bonus or special stage. Nope. Still played musicless, exited the special stage, still no music. Then after 5 minutes of this silence... the PS4 chose to crash with the following message:

    "An error has occurred in the following application.
    Sonic Mania"

    Do note it is the second time I have music disappear on me, but the first this message appears.

    PS: Sorry if this had all been mentioned before, I did not read the whole topic way too many pages.
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