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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Man, I really loved what they did with Oil Ocean, Metallic Madness and Lava Reef Zone.


    Not sure where you guys are getting this
    forces connection
    idea from that footage. Though I also admit that there's almost no story given to us after Stardust speedway since all the transitions are either missing or weren't made. I really hope that speculation about some things needing to be patched in are true.

    Also, I took a second look at
    Hydrocity Act 2
    , and it does have a number of new segments, so I feel a bit better. Act 1 is an entirely new layout save the very beginning. Not so sure about
    Oil Ocean 1
    and Stardust Speedway 2 (which looks longer), but I need to see more as Tails and Knuckles to be sure.

    Ironically, re-watching some footage eases some of my earlier frustrations. So I will save any more judgements for when I play the final game (which now I may have to purchase a PS4 to do. Thanks PC division...)
  3. Okamikurainya


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    Sonic: Time Attacked - MAX
    + - Press Garden   looks like Sonic was dropped into Freedom Planet, not that that's a bad thing at all. It's a really pretty level.
  4. BtCE


    So, generally speaking, what do we think the odds are of a day 1 patch? Did Sonic CD Remastered have a day 1 patch? The "missing" elements we have talked about make the game feel really off and disjointed, I'd almost rather have none if they aren't going to be present in each stage.
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    I recommend staying away from the source footage of
    the true final boss and ending leak
    the leaker overlapped the video with nsfw material.
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    Do we know if + - Knuckles can go super or not   yet? For that matter, + - can we go super in levels?  


    Oh dear...


    The crazy rumors were true. The gemstone sends classic Sonic away to some unknown place at the end. Tails and Knuckles just watch and a chained up bad future (wut) Little Planet just vanishes again.

    So in reality, Mania was nothing more than a Forces tie-in. Iizuka never truly envisioned it as its own game, but rather allowed it because he could use it as part of his grand 25th celebration duology. Ouch. Well, that explains a lot.

    This is why we need Mania 2. Stealth/Tax need a go at a game that is completely theirs.
  8. Okamikurainya


    Somewhere in Africa
    Sonic: Time Attacked - MAX
    + - Super Sonic can fly in that boss battle   You think we can do that in the actual stages?

    Just a note... That same thing happens at the end of one of the original stage's boss battles, it could very well not be what you think. I mean it's 50-50.
    Press Garden has Robotnik send Sonic to the next Zone with the gem.
  9. Stimil Rc.

    Stimil Rc.

    This may just be a pure coincidence, but people have noted the similarities between + - Sonic's pose in the ending and Classic Sonic's pose in the first Sonic Forces trailer   in this image:


    I haven't watched the anything past + - Oil Ocean   yet (nor most of what came before it), so I'm just going off of what others have said. Even if it ends up being true, I just hope + - Mania's success guarantees a sequel   .

    Anyway, + - Hydrocity Act 1   looks like an amazingly fun stage! I thought only the Act 2s would be receiving major revamps.
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    Its sadly obvious now due to the facts we have gathered up, the same sound effect and similar power emitted from the Purple Gemstone is also very similar to Infinite, it only briefly teleported characters to another zone but the purple portal took Sonic to.. "Another Dimension" or future timeline and we have him posing exactly how he enters Forces. So without Classic Sonic there anymore to interfere with Classic Eggman, I'm assuming that is how he managed to take over and thwart down Tails and Knuckles plus I am guessing but the effects of the emeralds surrounding the Gemstone at the end is what most likely gave birth to Infinite or gave a conscious to the Gemstone, that or it somehow absorbed all the bad energy from the emeralds and it manifested into Infinite, might explain those odd pixel powers of his.

    If anything I wouldn't mind betting seeing a Mania 2 that explains how Tails & Knuckles have to fight through and events lead to the end which ends up Sonic returning after doing whatever business he had to do in Forces otherwise it would leave Mania sort of incomplete, even after Forces. Now that I think about it, if they are related, might explain the reason for the delay, not because of optimization but because Sega wants to push them both closer together for release as they are connected. I suppose that was the sort of agreement Sega made with Taxman- "If you want to create a classic again that fans want, you must link it to our shitty 3D game."

    All this aside, the Hard Boiled Heavies know how to have a good time out there. The last part confused me though, did the large Heavy betray Eggman?
  11. MastaSys


    Don't see as Taxman being screwed up by Sonic Team for the tie in.
    See it as more as Sonic Team reputation beeing so tarnished that their work need to be carried by a better game made by an outsider.
    Because that's the truth.
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    So if this actually is a tie in to Forces in some way, this could be a good thing in the long run. It's a bit cheesy yes, but it means that Classic Sonic and the Classic Universe are now it's own thing and not just Modern Sonic's past. We could finally see a Classic series revival beyond just this game and this style of gameplay could be the B series we've wanted all along.

    This is the kind of split I've wanted since Generations. A Modern series and a Classic series going side by side. Hopefully once this game gets enough support and money they'll realize that Classic Sonic can stand on his own legs again and the series don't have to be combined, but if this is the way forward then by all means, please continue.

    Alternately Forces can cause some kind of Modern series implosion due to its lack of focus and can then fuck off, and we can start over again like it's 1996 :v:

    Sonic Mania 2 will have Modern Sonic in it with the boost and all as his own character :specialed: And clearly this explains the physics differences in Forces. Mania Classic Sonic is not adjusting well to this strange dimension and is wonky as a result. He's sick guys he needs to go home.
  13. Epicsuperleader


    At leat it doesnt tie in with something like infinite being the final boss, and its not like it says to be continued in forces or buy forces in the end.
    I like how
    eggmans machine is practically taped together in the final boss


    My concern is that if this game was made as a forces tie-in, it says to me our chances of getting Mania 2 may be a lot slimmer because Iizuka may not see the value in a classic game which doesn't serve his other titles.

    Or we could be looking at a 25th anniversary mini-project idea that spawns off a new series if we're lucky, but it seems clear to me now that this was not the intent, only a happy accident if we get lucky. We shall see. Now we need good sales even more, but the screwed up PC release delay is going to hurt us in terms of public perception.

    But mania was never the main attraction. We can see that now. It was a good accident at best. Mania 2 (or whatever the next Tax/Stealth game would be called) could be the real game we want, but this is clearly not quite 100% there.

    Edit: Also, if Mania somehow flops, which I don't think will happen, Sonic may now truly be dead to me. I actually don't think Forces will be bad, but this project symbolically means a lot to me. So I want to see it treated with respect, not as a one off advertisement. If the market won't support a new fully 2D classic, I don't see how much longer Sonic can last with mixed reputation 3D titles.
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    It's quite subtle but at around 1:18 in this video the music sounds a lot like Fist Bump at 0:50 Not only that but when the boss fight is over Sonic is warped through some portal that has the same sound effect as Infinite's powers in Forces E3 trailer. That's quite the hint at the two games being connected.
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    What the what?

    So high quality Green Hill/Emerald Hill grass in Angel Island now??
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    Because the game isn't out yet. Continue using them. That goes for everyone, I have to mod this damn topic and I've already had two items I didn't want to know about spoilt.
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    Angel Island falling for a third time just became comical. Now its to he expected. From here on out, if Angel Island doesn't fall, the danger isn't imminent. However, was it still floating in the sky during Unleashed?
  20. That is a trope I can get behind. Obligatory Angel Island will always be beautiful to me.