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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Xilla


    The donations were just for the server that the forums were hosted on IIRC. Sega most likely C&D'd it because they were about to release a shitty iPhone port of Streets of Rage 3.

    I think a transition to Angel Island would be simple: Have the zone take place right after Studiopolis, Sonic jumps into a satellite van and gets beamed on a TV in one of the S3&K stages! ;)
  2. Turbohog


    Haven't seen that video. That basically confirms that the zones will transition then. I always loved how smooth the act transitions felt in Sonic 3&K so I'm excited it will be back.

    Also, yes. I love the simple story telling of Sonic 3&K, so I hope to see it return.
  3. winterhell


    I really hope its a bit harder than S3&K. There for one reason or another you end up with lives being thrown up at your face.
    Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 were much harder(as in easier to get a game over/get your lives to 0)
  4. Mercury


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    We should start calling the developers Mania Team or something, so that everyone gets credit. Too often I hear people just say Taxman, and even StealthTax doesn't cover it with PagodaWest onboard.

    Or we could say Cwhcpwg like the clapper from Studiopolis =P
  5. bombatheechidna


    S3&K was definitely the hardest game in the Classic series. People debate Sonic CD is the hardest but if it were like a traditional Classic Sonic game, it would be easy. The only thing that made that game difficult was the tedious time traveling, having to destroy all the robot machines and the terrible special stages. Once you do all that the game is really easy. S3&K managed to be difficult without all of those gimmicks. Sonic Advance is another game I consider to be part of the classics. No, it doesn't have Classic Sonic, but it shares the same physics as the classics and the platforming is like the Genesis games. Sonic Advance is more difficult than S3&K.
  6. TheKazeblade


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    I like this idea. All of those logos together on the splash page before the title screen look a little crowded. They should form an umbrella name for their Sonic-based projects!
  7. Jason


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    Considering this game is giving these guys mainstream exposure, I don't think they want to let go of their branding. This will be important to them for future projects. There should be a bit more push to bump PagodaWest to Tax and Stealth's levels, though. Hopefully this game will do that.
  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Agreed. The three logos on a ingle splash is far from the most obnoxious intro I've ever seen anyway...

    I'm all for giving PW and HC the proper credit that they deserve to - Taxman is just one part of this dream team.
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    Sonic Mania
    I love sonic hedgehog hes the best
  10. Lanzer


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    Well, thats a name I haven't seen in a while. gald to see Mania is bring all sorts of old members back that I haven't seen in years.
  11. Slingerland


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    Sonic Mania
    yeh dude I heard sonc was confirmed for brawl so I said, "oh tight" so here I am
  12. Mr Lange

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    Considering these were intended for briefly playable semi-public demos, it makes sense they'd give people more relaxed levels to play with. Also one of the two levels is literally Green Hill Zone so yeah. Way too early to judge especially with that in mind.
  13. Pulse0


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    But they actually do though.
    That would be like saying drawing a picture of comic of spider man on deviant art violates copyright law. Fan-games don't violate copywrite law. But you can explain why you think they do.

    Objective : (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.
    I know how to do objectivity, I think its you're views getting in the way of that.
    Your the one being subjective here. And I feel you feel that way b/c I'm not praising the game like I "should" be - I feel like your taking offense to my words too.
    and this is me being some what subjective to your response

    and didn't say that other thing you quoted me saying...

    for the sake of debate... You are saying that a game made with a community built engine separates a fan-game from an official game?
    Look, while you might defend that SNG for example is lesser than Mania for being built the way it is foolishness. You seem to be arguing the point that SNG or other fangames are not is not on the same footing because it may use a modified engine build by a community made with game-making software. That argument is foolish, because if you say that you are also discrediting any game made in any existing engine like Unity or Unreal or even the Hedgehog engine. Those are engines made by a community of people, which others use and modify to craft their own games. You would be saying that games like Hyper Light Drifter is of a lower value than other game made from a cmd screen

    Also there is a fan game right now in development that has a "from scratch engine", what would you say that? Is it still a lesser game? All a from scratch engine does is give the user dexterity to do what they need to do, doesn't make it any more or less special than the next game; all it really does it give more credit to the developers and what they can achieve. Since when did you sit at your screen and loose respect for a game because you saw Cryteck3 engine logo and thought "wow wont be as high tier as Super Mario bros that was made from scratch." No player is thinking about the math under the hood for specific X system unless they have to learn it.

    Lets get something straight again_ I'm not jealous, I'm not even flippant, thats your projection on me due your opposition toward my comments and its sad I have to repeat myself and say it yet again. BUT I feel like im saying Zelda OoT is trash to a Zelda fan, and your taking my comments to mean I'm bashing the game, or the people that make it. And in the totally impossible and hypothetical situation that something happens and Mania Bombs what then? How it was made should be irrelevant cause that's the last thing on the player's mind when they pop in the game to play. The product should speak for itself. Not the millions that went into it or the from scratch history or who's behind it (#9). What I see and what I experience is what is important and that's what I comment on so stop letting your feelings about the game and the devs twist things. Furthermore Taxman and/or Stealth didn't write the book either, just like us they got their info from SEGA and dedicated observation. Yet you're going to say we who are not SEGA make lesser games simply because we didn't make something from scratch

    As for SNG look I'm only doing this cause its something I like to do, I want "my" game to be fantastic as does every one working on it, and if I wanted to be far reaching I wouldn't be in this community making fan-games (passion projects with no backing made by fans for fans)
    BUT until Sonic Mania show me something that I can't theoretically find in a fan game besides polish I will continue to look as such to me - because I'm looking at game not the people making it.
    and im done... with this trough line of conversation.

    With all that said I hope you don't discredit or avoid SNG cause that would be unfair to the others.
    Grade a game on it merits not its Pedigree
  14. Shakidna


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    Is there an insta-shield in this game?
  15. DigitalDuck


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    Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colours DS, Sonic Generations DS, Sonic Jump and Sonic Runners say hi.
  16. DropDash


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    Looks like the Drop Dash has replaced it but it could be a bonus option under level select if the team puts a secret sound test password in.
  17. Josh


    I admittedly haven't read every page in here so apologies if this has come up before, but I'm really hoping for character-specific alternate routes, and maybe even some boss differences for Knuckles. That's one thing I've always felt the Advance series was really lacking, compared to S3K.
  18. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?

    You're not helping your case, and this is how you're coming across. I said it looks like a fangame because it has traits in common regarding it's level design and general aesthetics with fangames I've witnessed over the last 10-15 years, and I call that a compliment to fangames in general that we've come this far as a community. You're saying it looks like a fangame cause..."well I could do that too"? Like I don't know what to make of what you're saying except a trip to the doctor to discuss my sodium intake.

    Either you're really not any good at getting your point across, or you're as green as you seem.

    Edit: Oh, he's pending....whelp. That's a waste of your last few trial posts if I've ever seen one.
  19. DropDash


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    I'd love that, Knuckles hard mode adds great replay value. Would be amazing if Knuckles has to fight Egg Robo again. I think the character-specific alternate routes are almost a given since they added Tails/Knuckles routes to the 1-2 remasters.
  20. Icewarrior


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    Not sure I read anything about it but what exactly is PagodaWestGames role for Sonic Mania? Just curious to know.