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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Dark Sonic

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    I mean I want some classic related nostalgia but that just seems silly.
  2. ICEknight


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    XCubed means this one:

    Here's how it's used in the game (3:08):
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  3. serpx


    I may have misread -- Studiopolis has been stuck in my head since its inception. Lights, camera, holy hell it's in my brain on loop.
  4. Cooljerk


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    Mania supports 640x480. That's the exact same aspect ratio - 4:3.
  5. Seiph


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    Leaked Information: Eggman takes the role of every sprite confirmed. Collect all 94 Chao Eyes.
  6. SuperSonicRider


    Haha well, I'm gonna be using a Gamecube controller, but that has existing direct connections to Sonic already so I guess it's fine. :eng101: I have always wanted to get one of those Saturn styled USB controllers though, maybe someday.
  7. ICEknight


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    It does? Is there a list with all the supported resolutions?

    I hope that it allows for a 640x448 display as well (yeah, the Saturn also supported the Mega Drive's 320×224 resolution). If I had to point out one thing that kind of bugs me from Sonic Mania's visuals, it would be how the taller vertical resolution makes the main characters feel smaller than usual, giving a so-very-slight fangame taste (as in, old fangames usually displayed all kinds of screen sizes that differed from the classics).
  8. And after you collect the seven chaos emeralds will you allow him to power up again?

    Need a recommendation for a controller, for a Windows PC. Anyone?

    I've never been a PC gamer, like ever, but my first of three Mania purchases is the PC version since I don't own a console. Would like to use one.
  9. Blastfrog


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    If that's the case, then I imagine it would be trivial to add support for a native 320x240 mode. I wouldn't even mind having to use a special command line parameter to use such a mode, as long as it's there.

    Well, I can get 32:35 ratio pixels out of my ArcadeVGA card in 320x240, so that issue is solved.

    Well, I'm a silly person, then.

    Windows does not have any actual minimum resolution that I know of, I can even go down to 256x240 if I wanted to. Video cards allow you to define custom resolutions, as long as the display can read it, it's valid.
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    Don't know why people are complaining about the soundtrack, I've been loving every track that's come out. Saved & ripped the clean Youtube videos (where available) to act as placeholders until the codes come in for the LP I bought.
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    Only 5 days left until Sonic Mania! I'm doing a little countdown animation every day from today until launch!

  12. Cooljerk


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    No official list, but I've picked Tax's brain about this several times. The game itself renders with a vertical resolution of 240, and the horizontal resolution changes depending on 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:9 aspect ratio. The engine itself supports both integer and non-integer scaling, and will scale the 240xWhatever resolution up to the desktop or selected output resolution. I'd specifically asked about 640x480 support and he confirmed it on twitter, and said the only reason he wouldn't commit to saying it supported 320x240 is because he wasn't sure if modern video cards could support such a resolution.
  13. I made a video about the whole pre-order fiasco because why not.
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    Not being as menacing as Sonic 1's boss theme is a good thing. I always felt the regular boss theme in that game felt too much like a final boss.
  15. Cooljerk


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    IDK, the midboss music reminds me of the Sonic 3 Mid-boss music:

    Which, actually, I didn't really like that much. The Sonic & Knuckles mid-boss music felt.... scandalous? Diabolical? It's actually one of my favorite tunes in the entire series. But I like the Mania track way more than the Sonic 3 track at least.
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    Most members here are being ultra-hardcore with their SLS Saturn pads and Genesis controllers with adapters, but to reiterate what I posted earlier in the thread I'd highly recommend this one:


    Super cheap, widely available, sturdy and well-built. Tested it recently with both Sonic Axiom and Sonic Time Twisted and the D-pad and face buttons are wonderful for classic 2D Sonic. If you're looking for something with decent compatibility that you can literally go out and buy now then this one works like a charm.

    Just 5 days left! The game's getting so close now. So excited to play this whenever the fuck it releases on Steam around Tuesday.
  17. Harmony Friends

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    I'm playing with an 8bitdo NES30. Corporate sacrilege aside, it's one of the best old-school D-Pads I've found on a modern wireless controller and allows me to use the exact same pad on both my PC and Nintendo Switch (I'm double-dipping and getting Mania on both).

  18. Thanks. I assume its compatible with Windows 10?
  19. Qjimbo


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    Woah, thanks for sharing, that looks like the exact kind of gamepad I'm looking for. Most games are designed with xbox controllers in mind (which this is compatible with) but I've never found them comfortable.
  20. Cooljerk


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    Virtually any gamepad ever is compatible with Steam. Steam has an extremely advanced game pad configuration tool built into it, that lets you change how Steam and Windows sees the gamepad itself. Even if the above controller didn't "work with windows 10" (because, say, Mania didn't support DInput... which it does, and the controller were DInput only, which it isn't) steam could still make the controller work with the game.

    If you have a dual shock 3 or 4 or an Xbox controller, or any Nintendo Pro controller, those will all work with Steam as well.

    Just an aside and addition to what I wrote above, Steam lets you make any controller be seen as any other controller (or even Keyboard or Mouse, or combinations of all the above). This lets you, for example, use a Playstation controller through Steam for any game that normally "only" works with an Xbox controller.

    You guys really need to look into Steam's controller API: Link!

    It's a major advantage of running things through Steams these days. Even non-steam games, when run launched through Steam, can use this stuff.