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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Tomadom



    Even though it's unlikely someone will break embargo (assuming there is one, but 99.94% sure there is), might wanna be cautious if review copies of the game are out.
  2. Laura


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    Yeah, with review copies out I'm going to stay away from all forums and Sonic related media until after I've completed Mania. In all probability, nothing major will spill, but you never know. I'll probably have something spoiled without warning on Youtube thumbnails or something, so I won't be too upset if something gets spoiled, but I'm going to do my best not to spoil anything the official Sonic channels won't show.

    So I'll be back here after I've 100% completed the game to let you all know my thoughts :v:
  3. serpx


    I'm sure as it gets closer to release, more people will preorder. More articles/news is circulating due to the increasing hype, thus its on people's minds more now than recent. I haven't preordered yet -- I will once I get paid in a few days.
  4. Vangar


    I'm super hyped for the game and I don't do pre-orders. Day 1 purchase for me but my purchase won't be counted until then.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this. Plus, you can't pre-order on the switch either, and that system is dying for new games. So there will be a lot of purchases that haven't been estimated yet.
  5. 360


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    Yeah I'm with you Laura on this one - might be wise to evade discussion on the game for now because you just know there's going to be some imminent leak somewhere that spoils the entire game including the level roster. I want as much of the game to be surprising and new as possible so it'd be wise to stay cautious as we approach the final week.

    I'll probably keep an eye on review scores via NeoGAF to see how it fares critically but outside of that I'm out for now.
  6. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    All of us have some of those. :v:
    I have a couple of ideas involving more than 50 zones each one, a half dozen of ideas for totally original games, and tons of "remake/reimagine/convert" additional ideas, I go first in hiring as game designer like Yasuhara. :eng101:
  7. I don't either... As someone who despises the current model of game commercialization, I didn't even have a Steam account before this game was a thing... But this is Mania, man! The first true classic Sonic game in 23 years! I don't wanna waste one second dealing with shopping carts and credit cards when I could already be downloading it!
  8. 360


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    Yeah I've been meaning to pre-order it all night and I never pre-order. Just hesitating due to limited funds. I already have an awesome controller ready perfect for 2D games (that I tested with Sonic Time Twisted and it's great) and I re-installed Steam and recovered my Steam account tonight to get prepped for Mania.

    Tempted to pull the trigger since pre-orders get 10% off and I also don't want to be messing around with Paypal on launch night when I could just be downloading the game.

    Anyone know what time in GMT/BST Steam games generally go up in the UK?

    EDIT: Did some Googling and it seems to be midnight. So technically Sonic Mania would be up the night of August 14 then, at midnight?

    EDIT: We're up to almost 18K pre-orders on Steam Spy. That's up from 15K which was up from 12K. Sales are going up.
  9. jubbalub


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    Willing to bet the entire level roster will be leaked before launch
  10. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Technically I preordered the steam version, but it won't be counted because I preordered the collectors edition and thus don't have a code yet... or a shipping confirmation for that matter.

    Least I know I'll be playing it on the PS4 when it comes out because I preordered it on that
  11. Sir_mihael


    Most of Retro for the next 8 days:


    Gravitate into the thread out of sheer hype, remember you're trying to play the spoiler-free game and quickly eject. Rinse and repeat daily..

    And I know full well some Clickbait Youtube thumbnail with an obnoxious open-mouth "OMG THE HOLE LEADS TO SONIC FORCES HYDROCITY PLOT-CONNECTION" face reaction will spoil everything for me. Can't wait.
  12. NioZero


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    Some of us aren't as lucky...

    The best option for now is the Steam version... which I'd already bought at the moment...
  13. XCubed


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    My only fear is taking so long to get through the game that I miss 100 pages worth of discussion :v:
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I mean I don't even have a date estimate for mine yet, so you're better off than I am at the moment. Bit ridiculous as I placed this order almost 11 months ago...
  15. Jason


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    Good thing we got about $20 off the Collector's Edition for having the pre-order this long. How convenient the game costs about $20! :specialed:

    Do we all donate our extra copies to Overlord?
  16. D.A. Garden

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    Just to put how things are for myself in the UK, and my Sonic Mania Limited Edition on the Nintendo Switch's pre-order status:

    Price is still £79.99, no sign of a date for delivery (just the generic release date info), and even the thumbnail has no image (it seems the images were changed quite a while ago). I mean, at this point, I am wondering whether I'm still getting it, due to the lack of information. I have pre-ordered it on the PS4 though, also, so at least I can still play it on launch if anything goes wrong.

    On another note, I've been trying so hard to stay away from this thread for fear of spoiling the game even further for myself before launch, but it's proving difficult.
  17. Ravenfreak


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    Yeah I'm in the same boat as Dark Sonic, mine doesn't even have a estimated delivery date yet and I ordered it back in March myself... >_> Guess I'll be preordering the game on Steam too.
  18. Fenrir


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    By the time Mania comes out, I'm going to be in the middle of nowhere driving down cross-country to school. Thank god for the Switch, otherwise I'd be missing out on a lot. If any Switch users need a controller with a good, non-akwardly placed D-pad, I recommend the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad. Decently cheap these days and is a godsend for any sidescrollers.
  19. Ashura96


    Oh boy. Even though my order for the XB1 CE still says TBD, I don't have high hopes now.

    Guess I'll buy a copy on Steam.
  20. This is identical for my Xbox One CE I ordered. Haven't yet been charged for it either.

    I'm not that fussed personally, I don't even have an Xbox One, but out of all the next gen consoles, I'm ever likely to purchase, it's probably that. Otherwise, I've had Sonic Mania purchased on Steam since it went on sale there; and that's how I'm planning on playing it.