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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Stealth


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    What's with everybody wanting to slow down the Heavies theme? I actually think it could do with being slightly faster, myself
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    Odd complaint. 90% sounds very slightly too slow to me. This is supposed to be a boss theme anyway.
    The only thing in the soundtrack that bothers me at all is the lead synth for the invincibility theme which sounds bad. Also the theme song is too cheesy.
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    Don't get us wrong; for me, the theme is awesome. It's just someone dropped a slowed down version, and it sounds pretty cool. Tried to speed up 110% percent the song and it was TOO fast, but a 105% percent speed up sounds good for a pinch mode theme.
  4. Felik


    This song reminds me of this a lot

    I wonder if this was the inspiration considering it was used in Megamix
  5. RikohZX


    Sounds pretty fast-paced, and if the trailer was anything to go by, it fits running battles like that one, so it makes me wonder just how the Heavy battles are gonna go.
  6. Laura


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    I think at 90% it sounds like it would be a really good cutscene theme song, kind of like the cutscenes in Adventure where an action scene happens.

    I think the faster pace of the original suits the boss music better.
  7. Falk


    no no, i actually agree it could sound pretty jammin. im bad at internet words and stuff and things don't quite come out right
  8. The song's a great song, faster, slower or as it is. I think folks are over-analytical on it because of the drip feed of news / information (and for good reason, despite checking daily, I'm glad I haven't been told the entirety of the game.)

    The team seem to have a good lid on what's known and what's not. I highly doubt anything as nit-picking as sprite details and song bpms will be done for the vast 70~80% of the game when it's actually out. :P
  9. Indigo Rush

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    Either way, I think it's a disservice not only to the music, but the entire team to release this sort of stuff just weeks before the game's release. We wouldn't be over-analyzing this music track if we heard it alongside the boss fight itself in the first place; as it was intended to be. Some music tracks just sound better when they aren't segregated from their context. I think this may be the case for the Hard-Boiled Heavies theme.

    They could have released Green Hill Zone Act 2's music, or the final mix of Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2 instead. Or the regular boss music, since we've already heard it with the gameplay at E3.

    This is just another example of the marketing and social media team (whoever's responsible) spoiling the experience.
  10. Felik


    Does this picture represent the way you were exposed to the music track? Because otherwise I don't see how it wasn't completely your fault clicking on the video link and then listening to the track in question.
  11. Jason


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    It's OK, we're cool. + - I still go back to watch that PAX East 2014 rehearsal you sent me from time to time.  
  12. Indigo Rush

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    Well, no, because I use my ears for listening, not my eyes.

    I also think you may have missed the point, and I'm pretty sure I suggested other music tracks they could have revealed. The problem is the music track doesn't sound like it works without the gameplay it's paired with, and according to what others have said, the music is really meant for it. Weird things happen when you take stuff out of context.

    Every music track we've heard from Mania has initially been paired with gameplay, even the jingles and title screen music way back on that 25th Anniversary USB.

    With the number of people saying it'd be better at XX% speed, I think the folks who thought it'd be a hot idea to reveal that theme the way they did ended up messing up the experience.
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    I'm liking how the 90% theme sounds, but I was wondering how it would sound if it matched the speed of the Sonic 1/2/3/K boss themes? I don't really have the ability or know-how to do it, but if someone has the free time I would love to hear it.
  14. Jason


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    1. Download song.
    2. Open VLC
    3. Fiddle with speed settings to your heart's content.

    Further fiddling finds 95% is good, too.
  15. RibShark


    Totally agree that 90% speed sounds way better. When I first listened to the track so much was going on in terms of instrumentation that it felt overwhelming. At 90% speed it's still fast paced enough to sound good but is no longer so overwhelming.
  16. CollectiveWater


    I agree that the song probably works even better in context in-game whilst dealing with the Hard Boiled Heavies. That said, the response to it overall has been overwhelmingly positive. I also agree with you that they shouldn't spoil too much more (I honestly thought a "Sonic 3" zone reveal was all that they were going to do prior to release). Still pretty optimistic there's a lot of the game we haven't seen/heard based on what members of the dev team have said, and as pointed out it's partially our fault as huge fans for actively seeking this stuff out in the first place. (I humbly tried to warn folks two days ago that they should go on media blackout as of then if they didn't want to know anything else about the game prior to release, since it was obvious between the music upload on the official YT page and the Comic-Con panel that more info was/is imminent.)

    Lastly--though as I already said I agree it's a shame to spoil too much more music--I think this is a really smart move on Gene/Aaron's part (or whoever decided to do it). Because they/we all know as soon as "Mania" releases on the 15th that there are going to be multiple Youtube accounts that will have the full playlist of songs from the game, just like there is for virtually every other game ever released (and especially Sonic games). Why let the sonicKAI/BrawlBRSTMs3 X/etcetera's of the world be the accounts that get hundreds of thousands/millions of views per song posted when they can have that happen on the official Sonic Youtube account? (I also presume Tee will be uploading most/all of the soundtrack on his Youtube page, and the folks behind the Sonic Youtube page are linking to his account in each music upload they do.) Not to say there's anything wrong with sonicKAI/BrawlBRSTMs3 X/etc. doing the same thing, and like I said certainly there will be many other accounts doing this as well, but I think it's more than understandable that the people actually making/publishing the game would rather have those views on their accounts than the myriad others. Putting out a few songs periodically until release means these uploads are going to have a large lead-time over when everyone else uploads them, and it also means lots of people are going to think of/associate these YT song uploads with the official account, not the unofficial ones. It's a smart way to go about it.
  17. Laura


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    I don't think it's disrespectful to edit the song to 90% to make a slower tempo version. I do think it's slightly disrespectful to then say 'aw yeah man, this version's so much better'. Then again, I am the person who edited that creepy looking Tails flight carry sprite, sooo :v: .

    Mind you, the most respectful thing we can do to the Mania Team is to do our typical bizarre Sonic fandom technique of complaining about song tempo's being 10% too fast, pipe work in Flying Battery not being realistic enough et cetera. The reason why is because that's how we react to all Sonic games, unfortunately :v: .

    Also, put me in the camp who prefers the song at full tempo. It's actually one of my favourite tracks announced so far. And I don't think you will really get the full impact of it until you fight the heavies. Lol, they there's a 'heavy' sample at 0:46 in the song :v:
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    I'm really surprised to see people disliking the song at all, this is the most orgasmic thing I've ever heard. The suggestion that Tee Lopes isn't a good composer is laughable, imo.

    Are you people just desperate for something to complain about or what :v:
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    what else are we going to talk about?
  20. TheOcelot


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    I also feel that both the HBH & Eggman themes (which sound really similar at the start) will sound better when actually playing the game. The tracks feel very different from Sonic 3's Eggman boss music so they might take a bit getting used to.

    I actually prefer Mania's mini-zone boss music over the HBH and Eggman themes which fits perfectly with the feel of the game IMO.

    Overall though I'm very happy with what Tee's produced (apart from the invincibility track).