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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Damn. I knew I was looking too deep into it. Oh well.

    If only I had played more Chaotix instead of trying to find that commercial. :v:
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    You can really tell by the title animation that past S2HD members are working on this.

    Clear divide in quality, animation, content, love, and polish from any fangame. Great fangames are no worse at all, but to me this is very different, and I see it as an official title, no less.
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    Not necessarily - Sonic 4 lost its stupid tilt level (in home console versions) after fan feedback, and there's many more months of development time before release. I think there's the potential to influence the outcome - too late for Green Hill Zone (although to be fair it might work as an introductory stage), but we don't necessarily have to have remixed versions of Mega Drive levels if we all hold hands and believe~
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    Sonic Mania feels like a fangame to me. Let me tell you why.

    I've been playing fangames for a long time. Played the shit out of Megamix. We've been getting better and better at level design as the years have gone on, but the style is distinct from the games they seek to emulate. You can just tell that it's a fangame. I felt it in Hidden Palace zone in the Sonic 2 remake too. It is very well put together, but feels like a fan creation in a way that I'm too familiar with.

    Maybe that's my gripe. It looks amazing, but it feels so familiar. I'll buy two or three copies just because props to Retro for spawning this talent in the first place, but I've not had my socks rocked off by anything I've seen yet. I'm as tepid about this as I have been for almost every fangame released in this community in the last, 5 or 6 years.
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    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this as a want (waaaay too many posts to go through), but you know what would top this game off for me? Getting Dreams Come True to do the credits/ending song for this game.

    God, what I'd do for that...
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    It's not a fan game because it doesn't say "PRESS FIRE1" at the title screen :eng101:
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    What does any of this even mean?
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    So is the only composer right now Tee Lopes? I enjoy their work, but I think it would be cool if the Sega sound team came in for a few tracks to mix it up a bit. Most major Sonic games get multiple composers to add a bit of variation.

    What I've heard of the game so far sounds absolutely fantastic though!
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    If they're going for remastering of levels, I'm surprised that they haven't mentioned Chaotix yet. Those levels are really obscure, and would benefit from the "Sonic Mania" treatment. Just imagine a level like Speed Slider with good level design. :v:
  10. bombatheechidna


    I can't wait to see Knuckles' sprites. I'm envisioning a higher quality version of what he looked like in Sonic Axiom.


    His Knuckles Chaotix sprites with a true red tone instead of being pinkish-red.
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    I've been more hesitant to post because I fear hitting the 20 post limit before managing to get to finishing my SA Autodemo article (over halfway through, but still have a lot of videos to watch), but I can't resist being so excited for this!

    - The track in the trailer is Checkpoint by Nitro Fun and Hyper Potions, it's on the Monstercat electronic music label and actually I had added it to my beatport cart a month or so ago. :) Great to hear the artists and genres I like get major recognition!
    - I'm not really sick of Green Hill like other people in this topic are, ahahaha. I'm interested to see what changes are brought into it, especially given that it could give us an idea about how other returning zones will be "reimagined" by the game!
    - Studiopolis is really giving me a Sonic CD vibe (namely: Stardust Speedway).
    - Apparently a lot of things are based off of Sonic 2? Though Sonic's sprites look closer to CD for me.... I personally hope that Tails is based off of Sonic 3 instead of Sonic 2, it's always bugged me how utterly perplexed his expression in his flying sprite looks in that game, like he is just as baffled about the concept of a two-tailed helicopter fox as people outside of Sonic would be. I haven't played the Sonic CD remake/rerelease/thing yet though, so maybe it'll be based off of those sprites?
    - The stuff at the title screen is some of the most gorgeous pixel art animation I've ever seen.
    - I don't want to make any suggestions because even though the devs are from just strikes me as kind of condescending. "We're from the community too so we know as much as you guys do!" we don't. I'm not going to hop into the SA Autodemo topic and give suggestions to EvilHamWizard about Windy Valley, because I don't know crap about it, so I kind of find a bit annoying that people in this topic see fit to make very strong suggestions to Stealth etc.. Doesn't really give me a good feeling about how the game will be received when it comes out, because it just seems like everyone will be going "well if *I* did this I would've done [x]", no matter how good it'll be. That kind of discussion is good for games that have been out for a while, when the dust from the release and hype seems a bit premature to do that kind of stuff now.
    - IMO, the game looks like a fangame only in that it's actually retro-looking, with pixel art, mainly because Sega hasn't been smart enough to do anything with pixel art in ages (my personal mantra for Sega is "Sega is Stupid"). It looks like a fangame because it looks so unlike anything Sega has tried to put out in terms of Sonic in ages, and that's not Mania team's fault.
    - VERY happy to see PC lined up for this, because the remake/thing of Sonic 2 still hasn't made it to PC.

    Also, the composer of the music has done a lot of Sonic remixes on OCRemix, which is actually another community I've been involved with (longer than this one!). It's so surreal to see people from the places I frequent actually "making it" to games like this!
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    This exactly. I wasn't sure how to word it, but you framed it perfectly. :thumbsup:
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    You can say it's my artist side, but I hope we'll get new artworks, classic-style or even like the Japanese Sonic 3D (Saturn) artworks, for the "modern retro classic" feel :)
  14. I think we're all thinking too much about fangames and real games.

    This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been lurking for several years, and I've seen to many talented people here, so I think that all of you know what a group of fans is capable of.
    However, no matter if the fans are very skilled, their games will always be considered as "fangames".

    Those people involved in the project are not considered a factor to determine whether a game is fangame or not.
    The only thing that really makes a project be a real game, is the fact of being officially licensed by Sega. Nothing more than that. I do not think we have to discuss to define it.

    That is the reason why Sonic 4 or Sonic Mania are official games, and S2HD or Sonic Megamix are fangames.
    We can believe that Mania could have been done independently without the seal of Sega, of course, but it's not the case!
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    Just needs a HACK DETECTION easter egg somewhere

    instant fan game
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    If this were a fan game, this product would never be finished. Every time they look this good, I already know what's up. Sonic fangame cycle.
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    Guys, official games are not fangames.
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    Absolutely agreed, and I'll add onto this one personal wish of my own. I'd really love to see this game get special animated shorts to accompany it, like Toei Animation's Sonic CD opening/ending or Production I.G.'s stylized intro for Sonic Riders. Though I doubt Sega would be willing to commission animated shorts for a project of this scope.
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    This is semantics...

    At the end of the day, it's a fan-made game. Not a fan-game. And I couldn't be happier.

    Can't help but laugh at some of the very weird requests and unrealistic speculation about the game's contents.

    NO - Antione D'Coolette will NOT be playable!

    NO - there will NOT be soundtrack toggle between 10 interactions.

    NO - Chaotix levels will NOT be remastered.

  20. For bonus music points get everyone involved from ATS - Lange, Andy, DJ Max-E, Falk, Funk Fiction, and this dude: