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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    It has very long sequences with those long "slides" (which are simply boring) splitted with irritating climbing (such as the sequence where we're climbing and this weird violet goo is rising) and some small "horizontal" sequences, which are probably most interesting, but it's only part of these levels. Oh, and asides from that (this part is rather about annoying things) tubes, which are showing you star posts, which you won't be able to reach anymore (first level is the worst in this case, star posts are surprisingly "hidden", I don't remember any other zone which had this issue. Which I personally consider as issue, because star posts are necessary to reach bonus levels.

    Disclaimer - I'm not writing it basing on "studying" design of levels from this zone - it's purely basing on my "experience" and impression (I've played a bit more in those levels due to playing in android version of Sonic 2), IMO the most important is final effect, what impression is making some level on me, player.
  2. It's something I don't think I have seen mentioned in here yet (sorry if its already been discussed!), but I am excited to see what the Mania guys have in store for us with achievements. I am a bit of an achievement addict so I'll be going for 100% regardless, but got my fingers crossed that they continue to come up with fun and challenging ways to unlock them. I prefer it when they are not the generic "Finish Green Hill Zone", "Finish Chemical Plant Zone" kind of goals, and the Sonic 1/2/CD ports had really creative ones that made playing the levels interesting considering we were going over them for nth time. I remember discovering that secret path in the Labyrinth and hidden Angel statue in Wacky Workbench through the achievements. My personal favorite was trying to beat Chemical Plant without going underwater, it returned that long lost sense of urgency to the final climb again!

    Also really hoping they use some of that new art or concept art as achievement tiles, my Xbox is dying for a new background tile and all the art has been incredible!
  3. I think the intention for that one was for players to find the secret upper route that skips the water section. I have no idea how anyone ever found that route without looking at the map, though.
  4. Been playing that game for over 20 years and had no idea there was another way, I thought you came out at those rotating blocks regardless! My mind has just been blown!
  5. I only found this out when it was re-released for phones... I doubt that route was intentional but would be cool if it was.

    We are talking about the booster hill jumps?
  6. I think so, just had a look at the level maps on here and you will need to spindash and jump off the small hill. Trying this as soon as I get in from work, so I'll be able to see if it's present in the Vintage Collection ports. Learn something new everyday!
  7. What? No, that barely even qualifies as a 'route'. Look at Point 4 in the middle of this map:
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    I used to hate CPZ when I was younger, but those speedy slopes, helped to show case the innovation and illusion of speed, which was quite a sight to behold at the time. The only other thing that comes to mind is the ability to run acrocc water in Hydrocity. They turned just a graphical prowess of speed into a reward that actually did something for you in Sonic 3. My brother always hated Mystic Cave Zone XD.
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    WOW! This literally gave me goosebumps! This sound really could be incorporated into Classic perfectly. Can't wait to get home and listen to more of this!

    Great suggestion!
  10. ApocalypticSalad - oh ok, I see. Didn't know that one :v:

    @Vector - it's great huh, found out about him a few years back... Sonic's Poppin' Grove
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    The different-looking wall kind of gave it away.
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    There's absolutely no way that route wasn't intentional. It's got several items placed on it, including a Star Post, which would imply it was very much expected to be used by players at some point.
  13. Feeling a bit daft for never finding it and struggling with the achievement on the normal route now haha here was me thinking it was done to give a bit of an extra challenge to the level!
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    As I promissed the full loop of GHz 2, it still has SFX on some parts because the song is 1m40s long, and they usually pick up speed shoes/invincibility monitors that actually restart the song so there aren't enough loops to clear them all (at least, I can't do it).

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    Bricks were shat. That route is so counterintuitive, I've never found it! By the way it ends, it looks more like a secret to me, anyway.

    Nice work as always! Been playing this for a loop since you posted it.


    Play the 2013 version; they expanded the route even further in the stealth/tax remake by filling in most of the areas on the map that were previously empty space. It's pretty great.
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    Artwork and classes
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    We also got an award from Kinda Funny that's missing from that shot
  19. Awesome, congrats
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