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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Falk, you gave so many clues....I was wondering why you showed so much passion for the music and knowing the direct feed footage was in mono. It was a bit specific....and the sound of freedom. Hilarious, but it's good work. Everything I've heard so far is great and I"m looking forward to the rest. I honestly want to know if you got a kick (or laugh) out of my Green Hill Zone Act 2. It was the best I could do at the time, considering there were hosts talking and the video was discontinuous. Hearing the real thing tears my creation apart, but honestly, I'm glad it makes mine sound like garbage by comparison.
  2. Spanner


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    A good solid lineup of people there. It's certainly something when a good chunk of them (or maybe all, I don't recognise a few names) previously worked on fan productions of various kinds, somehow get an opportunity to work on an actual official game.

    Obviously an aspiration for many people out there.
  3. Falk


    Actually what instantly stuck out to me here was the ring sounds, since all previous Mania footage had the left-right pan like the classics. Didn't need to be working on the game to point out that one ;p

    I may be jumping the gun here, and my own example is hardly one that's normal as far as the industry goes, but don't specifically aim for 'i want to make an official Sonic game one day'. If your passion is making video games, just aim to make good games, whether Sonic-inspired or otherwise. If anything happens along the way or as a direct result of that, then it's going to happen.

    The people working on this project aren't here because they made fan stuff and know the inside-out of the franchise (although, as Aaron says, that's a very key component on what makes Mania so special) - it's because they've proven reliable and have shipped complete games, etc.

    Anyway, I don't want to turn this thread about me, so I'll keep my little soapbox reasonably short. Retro was where I really got into the Sonic community, which, from an unlikely portfolio of Lake's fan games (alongside many other talented composers) in turn opened a lot of doors elsewhere in the industry both for my main recording/mixing/production work as well as composition gigs so it's a little bit of a nostalgic homecoming for all that to eventually lead to working on a Sonic title.

    It's also a little amusing to be working on Freedom Planet 2, Spark and a Sonic title all at the same time. :P

    p.s. the music in Mania is amazing and Tee Lopes has put together something really, REALLY special. Can't wait for more of it to be showcased.
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    Oh certainly, I meant the video game industry in general, but getting to actually work on Sonic stuff, I would consider really special if it's something you've been involved with in fan works in the past.
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    This game is making me hit hype levels that shouldn't be possible.
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    Wow, well done guys, no idea Slingerland and Falk worked on this. Only one left to catch em all is Mr Lange :p . I loved his music work on Overture, and of course Utopia.

    I really hope we get something after Mania, this could be the start of another Sonic Team!

    This will be a game where I'll actually be curious to see the Credits. I think Taxman is Project Lead, but it'll be facisnating to know what everyone did.
  7. your face when nexus never died
  8. Mastered Realm

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    Direct feed footage of GHz 2 in stereo.

    I'm working on getting this 100% cleaned, but it will take a day or two!
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    Cool. I'm still waiting for a proper rip of the Miniboss theme, though. I dig it so much. Can't believe nobody stayed long enough in that boss fight to get the complete song.
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    That player's attempt at the boss is painful to watch
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    Sonic 3 was pretty fucking broken

    I distinctly remember the game being unbeatable with Tails due to a bug in Ice Cap Zone that took me forever to discover how to bypass

    Also, tiny nitpick, but I would've preferred if the "jogging" animation was based on Sonic 2's instead of Sonic 1's
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    Just a quick one:

  13. Blue Blood

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    On that note:
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    Also speaking of CPZ, anyone else notice that the blue pipes in CPZ aren't animated like they were in Sonic 2? (Not trying to be nitpicky, this is my most anticipated game of the year)
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    And on another note:

    This game is going to be fantastic I can't wait
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    Wow Sonic Nexus is looking amazing, amazing job you guys!
  17. Xiao Hayes

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    I'm starting to feel less hyped about this game, and I'm not sure why: maybe it's because of the delay of the release date, maybe it's because they show so many content instead of just little details, or it may just be that hinted connection between its plot and the one for Sonic Forces (I mostly blame this last one). Well, there's also the ghost of failure: "What if this game isn't that cool? What if it doesn't feel so classic?". These questions may sound like I'm gonna wed the game, I know, but this is gonna be like a marriage that unites the 16-bit era with the fangamers era. The apprentices (Sonic Mania Team) have learnt well from their masters (2D Sonic Team), but it won't be until this final test takes place that we'll really feel good days are back. I think I'm losing my hopes and expectations as a safe way to ignore the risk of a bad outcome, which could be better to enjoy the game itself; You know, I need it to feel not just like another fan made game, but as if it was the real sequel of Sonic & Knuckles made by the original Sonic Team themselves. That's too much pressure for both the fans and the dev team.
  18. David The Lurker

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    "hey guys we've got a dream team working on this game"

    "yeah but did you see that placement of a tree in the demo"

    I mean. Heck. Look at the names on that list. How can you not get excited about that:

    This is a dream team making the game that, by all rights, we should have gotten back in 1996. I can't remember the last time I've been this excited for a Sonic game. Just look at that footage. That level design. The art. The music. Could this best the classic games? It very well could. At the very least, it's standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

  19. Lord Kanti

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    Now all SEGA needs to do is recreate Sonic Xtreme and we'll all be satisfied as old school fans. Heh. :P Oh wait, that's already being done via a fan game.

    They should hire more fans to work on games.
  20. You guys know that Q&A testing exists, right?

    Also Mania is @2:18 in the Sonic E3 Preview I did if you'd like a few thoughts on some of the new acts. Trust me bubs, you have every reason in the world to be excited for this game.

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