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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Did my own comparison for fun. I matched up other elements I couldn't get a natural match for.


    Really curious if this is an illusion because of video editing or if FB tiles have actually changed colour and become darker.
  2. JcFerggy


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    So I think I know what the cut-scenes will be like in this game. Mania is like an evolution of what Classic Sonic was like just entering the Saturn era, well back in Knuckles Chaotix there was a very small animated video that played before each boss (Video for context), So that that plus the animations of Sonic CD, and you get what hopefully will be in Mania, a series of short, beautifully animated cut-scene teasing us for each boss/Hatrd Boiled Heavys, and then likely one for the ending, extra points for good and bad endings for chaos emeralds.
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    I think I finally get why the blue and green jello in CPZ appeals so much to me. From the look of it, the blue only sends you up a little bit, while the green launches you several feet into the air, and there are syringes that you can jump on to turn them from one color to the other.

    It's a small thing that's mostly memorable for cosmetic reasons, but it's a level gimmick that relies on direct player input rather than being a scripted event. The mix of small neat visual choices and practicality makes it feel like something Yasuhara could have come up with back in the Genesis days.
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    Hey, hoots.

    Stealth and I will be at the Sonic Revolution convention tomorrow if any of you SoCal hoots wanna feel the Mania. We'll also be at E3 next to the Mania demo stations if we're not off working or doing press.

    Happy Hechoeg.
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    I like how there appears to be some instances where a player might want to ignore the syringe or have to find a path to it to access an alternate path or a secret.

    If it was just a case not being able to do anything else until the syringe was pressed, whether it's scripted or player induced would be nearly irrelevant to me.

    These new stage gimmicks are just strengthening my desire to see Hydrocity. The worst part is knowing that it probably has a snowball's chance in hell of representing 3 (assuming Flying Battery doesn't count) and we'll probably get Ice Cap Zone instead.
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    I don't know, IceCap may be a "forbidden" level due to its music having been composed by Brad Buxer, so we might be getting a completely new winter zone.

    Such as...

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    Shame that we may never see Mega Derive completed; I'd love to see a game adaptation of it.
  8. Mastered Realm

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    Icecap rights are now held by Fervor Records, so it's not impossible!

  9. Linkabel


    Before the CP trailer I for sure thought Carnival Night was going to be the Sonic 3 level (but I wanted it to have Balloon Park's music).

    Now I'm not so sure. Maybe Angel Island still on fire with some lava elements. Or Marble Garden as a water level because the earthquakes caused the water to flood the place?
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    Daily reminder that nobody has said only one zone from each game will be represented.
  11. Also, reminder that in order for the game to be "longer than Generations" (10+ zones) and "have more old levels than new" (at least 6+5) at least one of the classic games MUST have two zones to represent them, unless they're doing something left-field like an 8-bit stage, S3 competition stage, or Chaotix stage (which I sincerely doubt).

    You've hit the nail on the head there. Things like the disintegrating sand loop and liquid trails in Mirage Saloon also come to mind as brilliant ways to make the levels more engaging and varied. Judging by the Green Hill and Chemical Plant footage so far, every remixed Act 2 is going to be an absolute blast to play.

    Edit: While I'm here, might as well +1 the idea that the Green Hill Act 1 clouds should be fixed, the Flying Battery foreground art should be looked over and the upper city part of the Chemical Plant 1 background should have some kind of enhanced parallax. Hopefully the devs get everything they need to do done over the next two months, I can't wait :D
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    Chemical Plant looks awesome. Definitely a zone worthy of more exploration for me, and the new features change it completely. I'm not keen on the music this time, but I love the other music in the game. I don't particularly like the Mania mix of the extra-life music either (lacks grandeur/substance) but that is a small niggle and I'm insanely grateful this game is happening. I've said it before but I really don't want to know anymore about this game until I play it. Gonna be hard to block news out, I've had to unfollow the usual social media channels.
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    This is one of the few games that I can actually claim I really wanted to see multiple DLCs with new levels for it (or at least new acts).

    Think about it, one year after the launch, a DLC with 3 new levels, one from each of the classic games? Or a completely new level DLC? I don't know if that would really be cost-effective for Sega, but I would buy it right away without thinking twice. Mania is literally the first game in my life that I ever preordered.
  14. synchronizer


    So it has been confirmed that more of the game comprises reused levels than original ones? Honestly that is disappointing even though the remade levels are high-quality.
  15. JcFerggy


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    As much as I would like additional acts or levels, I think the more cost effective way for DLC would be to release additional characters. It offers a lot of replay value for what essentially would be reworking existing sprite sheets and programming their movesets. Compare that to having to design a full level with its own art, enemies, music, gimmicks, and so on. Plus if the game ships with a competitive 2 player, we could use those characters in that too! If they wanted to go fully nuts, they could allow for drop in/out co-op for a 2nd player (This would be perfect on the Switch), allowing the second player to pick any of the characters (DLC Chaotix Mode?).

    With that said, I would still love new stages, or even just additional acts. I will buy any DLC these guys make because I believe in the product and everything it stands for.

    -Edit- That got me thinking, they could combine all of that into one DLC. Release a Chaotix DLC pack, with all 3 characters (Maybe Mighty?), 1 Mania'd zone from Chaotix, and an option to enable the ring-band? I would happily buy a pack like this.
  16. I could've sworn I read it was the other way around, so I too am kinda surprised and disappointed to read this now. I know the game's gonna be good anyway, but it'd certainly be nice if the game could stand on its own instead of relying so much on old zones.
  17. It's funny, while I am not the biggest proponent of reused levels, I really would love to see a Knuckles Chaotix stage thrown in. Mostly because those stages were part of a game that I think was pretty sorely held back by what it was, and I'd love to see concepts from it imagined in a more traditional, excellently crafted Sonic game. It's a shame it will likely not happen, but I would love to be surprised all the same.
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    After seeing some of those never before released concept artworks as seen in the artbook and Yasuhara reveal threads, I wonder if any of these yet to be seen/identified new stages will take cues from scrapped material?
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    I believe they said the ratio of remade to new levels is 60-40. A tad irksome, but if the act 2s are anything like Chemical Plant, they may as well be new zones (at least the second acts).

    And I would be down for ANY extra playable characters via DLC. Someone get PSI to get Amy going for them. :V
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    Why would Chemical Plant's inclusion make Carnival Night less likely? They're nothing alike, have very different aesthetics and level design.

    I would love to see CN in Mania (it's my favorite Sonic 3 stage), but with CP, FB, GH & SP being included it feels like Team Mania have opted for some of the most popular stages. I believe Sonic 3's most popular are either Ice Cap & Hydrocity and, therefore, would be the most likely choices.

    I'm of the opinion Mania with feature two re-imagined zones from each game. So hopefully the second stages aren't just more fan favorites, that they opt for some of the less popular levels and make them much more fun to play through!