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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. XCubed


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    It could be, but that particular Hardboiled Heavy is otherwise out of place from the evidence we have so far.
  2. Iggy for Short

    Iggy for Short

    I think I'd prefer such an animation play during the credits or in an optional gallery. Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) already nailed showing act/zone transitions (and certain plot events) with in-game cutscenes (if you'd call them that), and I'm wary of what sticking CD-style cartoons between levels would do to pacing.
  3. XCubed


    Will Someday Own a Rent-A-Center Oldbie
    I see your point and now I'm panicking. I actually really like the in-game transitions. I guess we will have to wait and see. :v:/>

    The biggest real problem I have right now is finding the right controller to buy to play this.
  4. IndyCotton


    I'd be all down for this approach! Hope with the modern assets they can make the transition make best use of the animation as seen in the game.
  5. I'd been wondering about how the zone transitions were going to work in Mania. In S3&K they were simple because all the zones were on the same island, but in Mania we're jumping between South, Westside and Angel, plus Little Planet and potentially another location for the new zones. I didn't see how the S3&K cutscenes could work again, and CD-esque animations seems like an interesting solution. I'm down.

    The idea that Mirage Saloon directly follows Studiopolis doesn't sit right with me. If the Hard Boiled Heavies are supposed to be Act 1 bosses, why is one visible in the background of MSZ2?

    What I'm guessing is that this HBH is the 'leader' and final one to be fought. Studiopolis is the first 'new' zone, and after completing it Sonic meets the 'leader' HBH and gives chase. Mirage Saloon might be the second-last 'new' zone, hence the last HBH watching creepily after the defeat of the penultimate one.
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    Knuckles Chaotix had video-like introduction for bosses, and while I can't get a fuck of what happens there, it is a nice touch. Without the space limits that cartdiges had, we can have good (and fast responsive) movies between some bosses and zones.
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    The HBHs are the Act 2 bosses of the new zones from what I remember. Not sure about the classics, however Green Hill act 1 follows the S3&K formula of pilotless machines.
  8. I don't think "all the hard boiled heavies are Act 1 bosses" has been confirmed explicitly, but "they're all Act 2 bosses" definitely hasn't. All we really know is that the highway chase with the Heavy Gunner is at the end of Studiopolis Act 1. I've been assuming that they're all mid-bosses and Robotnik is serving as every Act 2 boss, but I could be proven wrong.
  9. ICEknight


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    Oh my god. that amazing animation. =O

    If I had to be really, really picky, I'd point out that Sonic seems to "snap" from pose to pose a bit too much, even if its done in a smooth way. I mean, some of his still frames could be avoided by slowing down the leading animation a bit.

    But yeah, awesome.
  10. XCubed


    Will Someday Own a Rent-A-Center Oldbie
    One thing I just realized with this animation..... Why is Sonic running from instead of towards the HBH??
  11. ICEknight


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    Now that you mention it... yeah, unless we're missing something, that doesn't make much sense. :v:
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    Comparing the gameplay builds of Mania from both streams from this week, it seems the Japanese build may be newer. The build Aaron showcased doesn't have the bonus stages (or at least their entrance animations) implemented yet, and it lacks the Act 2 Green Hill mix.

    e: Forgot to mention, but count me among those who like the Act 2 mix. Sounds a tad slower but considerably more upbeat, with definite cues from Palmtree Panic in instrumentation.
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    I'm keeping myself on a half-blackout since the FBZ vid (which I haven't watched). So not watching this GHZ2 vid is tough, but anyway yes having that animation, or any like it, appearing in the game would be awesome.

    It would also add to that vibe Mania is giving of not ignoring any of the best stuff from the classics. Act music, acts rolling over, all 3 characters, different routes, bonus & special stages, shields.. it's all there (admittedly all Sonic 3). Just seeing that they're making sure to get all the good stuff for a change, instead of skipping umpteen cool features like every other 2D Sonic since, is great.

    Although... split-screen? I think no unfortunately.
  14. Laura


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    Honestly, I just hope the animator doesn't get fired/dropped for that leak...
  15. Sparks


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    If anything, it just made me more excited for Mania.
  16. AutiMatic


    Green Hill without 3 acts will take getting used to.

    I'm curious to what the special and bonus stages will be like.

    Will 50,000 points award an extra life, and will Continues make a return? Lol...

    And you can't say Hyper isn't canon. Super emeralds also existed in SA1 at the master emerald shrine. I don't care what Iizuka says about the classic games, since the content of 3&K specifically is cemented. It feels like the only reason Hyper hasn't been reintroduced is because there's never been a practical instance to incorporate 14 special stages without breaking game duration or gathering emeralds as optional, yet contextual to the plot. Not for OP Seizure the Hedgehog. If it's not in, it's not like anyone will lose sleep. Though with CD and 3&K levels intertwining, there's room for time stones + emeralds combo? *shrugs*

    GHZ act 2 music doesn't sit well with me. A passable mix, but I'd prefer a different overall tone. It might be due to that synth. Hmm.
  17. Josh


    Since I know Gene, Aaron, Taxman, and Stealth peruse these threads... and not that I think any of you guys have final say on the matter, but if it helps...

    As we get closer to release, I would really appreciate having as few stages as possible revealed. I'm very plugged into the scene, and I know my Google news reader (among many other sources) is going to spoil what the returning stages are even if I don't watch the videos, but I really would rather be surprised when a really awesome stage turns up during that first playthrough. What I know of the game now is more than enough.
  18. Deef


    You got a point there. Imagine you've just installed Mania, first playthrough, and you don't even know what the remaining remixed zones are. Then you stumble upon Icecap/Hydrocity/Mystic Cave/Launch Base/whatever it may be. That would be cool. I think I kinda wanna do that now.

    But damn, we need a release date. :/
  19. big smile

    big smile


    I second that too!

    The release of Generations coincided when I was taking a break from the internet. Playing Generations was magical, as I knew nothing about the stages and so it was wonderful to be surprised by them. I am trying very hard not to find out too much about Mania, but sometimes it can't be helped.
  20. Flygon


    Thirded. The more hidden, the more surprise we get.