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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Zone predictions again? Sure, why not? May as well update previous ideas with new information.

    Since the "tamest" reimagining features elements from other Sonic zones in terms of level design and mechanics, I'll say that I'm expecting all the reimagined zones to do this in some way. So I've given a zone list, as well as other zones that might be referenced within it.

    Green Hill (S1) ... using Palmtree Panic (SCD) and Green Hill (S1-8bit)
    Aquatic Ruin (S2) ... using Hydrocity (S3K) and/or Aqua Lake (S2-8bit)
    Mystic Cave (S2) ... using Quartz Quadrant (SCD) and/or Underground (S2-8bit)
    Flying Battery (S3K) ... using Wing Fortress (S2) and/or Sky Base (S1-8bit)
    Ice Cap (S3K) ... using Diamond Dust (S3D)
    Stardust Speedway (SCD) ... using Sky Sanctuary (S3K) and/or Star Light (S1)
    Death Egg (S3K) ... using Metallic Madness (SCD), Death Egg (S2), Scrambled Egg (S2-8bit), Scrap Brain (S1), and/or Scrap Brain (S1-8bit)

    I liked the trailer logic from someone earlier pointing out that both GHZ and FBZ were in the trailer and have been revealed, and ARZ was there too; ARZ isn't an unpopular zone, so I think that might be true. I think they'll be using two zones from Sonic 2 as it's a "fan favourite"; I'd rather they use QQZ than MCZ, but I think it'll be the latter (with some elements from the former to make up for it). Using both MCZ and QQZ seems a bit too much, as even though they're not really the same trope, they have enough in common that they probably won't both feature; as a result, I think SSZ will be the SCD representative (as another fan favourite). I don't think they'll pass on the chance to do a FBZ->ICZ transition (I know I wouldn't), so I think both of those are in there. And if there isn't a Death Egg I'll be incredibly surprised.

    This gives tropes of Island, Water, Cave, Airship, Ice, Highway, and Factory/Base. Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon form the Casino and Desert tropes respectively; and I think the three additional levels will be Mountain, Lava, and possibly Jungle areas. This gives twelve full zones (the same as S3K - Hidden Palace and Doomsday don't really count) which seems like a sensible number to me.

    I'll bookmark this post so I can see how completely wrong I am when they reveal the next zone to be Hill Top Zone. :v:
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Hill Top either. Adding some elements from Sky High Zone too. The bouncing clouds being powerful and launching you skyward, hang-glider segments, and maybe you could have Act 2 have a storm segment that could cause boiling floods in some places kinda like the ruins in Castle of Illusion.

    By the way, Taxman and Stealth, I know you're reading this. Just lettin' you know I wouldn't mind seeing Marina Madness, Techno Tower or Amazing Arena from Chaotix being reimagined in Sonic Mania. ;)/>/>
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    Silly idea but maybe for the SCD zone, act 1 mini-boss could be a retouch of the legendary R2 boss and act 2 could be the Psycho Egg from R8. Or better yet, the Final Fever boss that Taxman worked on for the 2011 release but was denied.
  4. R2 boss? I must have missed that, link me up!
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    I dunno, Since Sonic 3, we've had Ice/Snow levels in Adventure, Advance 1 + 2 + 3, Sonic 06, Sonic 4 Ep II, Unleashed and Lost World. It seems to pop up frequently enough I reckon, although one could argue that there's more to the level trope than just having snow or ice..
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    Imagine if they picked Wacky Workbench for Sonic CD. :specialed:
  7. As long as it's Wacky Workbench Past I wouldn't actually mind.
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    This also gives minecarts :U
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    Aquatic Ruin is not happening unless they give it different music as I explained before. Mirage Saloon is properly using The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly whistle theme intro. If Tee Lopes knew Aquatic Ruin was happening, he would not have included this trait in Mirage Saloon's music.
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    Well don't forget that Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon kinda sound the same to begin with. But I don't see how a song would dictate the inclusion of a level or not.

    In fact out of the classic levels remaining it's probably the most likely to be in the game if the reveal trailer is anything to go by (It had both GHZ and FBZ in it and those zones are in the game). Plus we don't have a water level or a ruins level yet so this would fit that bill
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    While not conclusive one way or the other, it's also worth noting that when Tee Lopes remixed ARZ for Sonic 2 HD, he really de-emphasised the part that sounds like the GB&U whistle and did not use whistle samples for it, so he may not interpret it as being an intention homage to that piece. I always thought it was meant to sound like a sonar pulse with lots of reverb, personally.
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    I originally wrote that before I changed the layout of it. :v:
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    Yes, and I think Nakamura actually used that sample to give it a 'warm' feel, like some kind of flamenco dance or something, not related to 'far west'/desert-themed movies.
  14. Why do people keep suggesting the zone with the world's most awful, irritating music?

    I'm still hoping for Mystic Cave, Hydrocity, IceCap, Lava Reef, Quartz Quadrant and Stardust Speedway, but Aquatic Ruin does seem likely.
  15. Mastered Realm

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    I'm curious if they'll pick any zone from Sonic 4!
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    Why do people keep suggesting the zone with the world's most awful, irritating music?

    Okay, okay, I kid. But I will say I've never heard a single rendition of the Mystic Cave theme outside of the original that didn't make the lead melody sound more grating than it needed to. There's something about Mystic Cave's melodies that needs a detailed ear for instrumentation and tone to make them pleasing to listen to.
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    Mystic Cave Zone has awesome music, WTF?
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    ...I really liked Hill Top Zone's music. Heck, I thought it was better than virtually the entire soundtrack to Sonic 1, which I by and large didn't like at all (except Star Light Zone, which had amazing music).
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    1. The few who have tried to make the Studiopolis/Mirage Saloon comparisons are digging for something that isn't there. They always have to manipulate the tracks to get it work work in their YT videos. Are they the same song, no. Are they of a similar style, yes. Why? Composers often carry stylistic elements from one song to another, but you can't play them side by side, at the original tempo, at the original pitch, and really expect to hear a one for one result. Both songs even have different phrasing. They go well together because it's just luck of the draw. Haven't you seen the millions of Michael Jackson songs that have been compared to and even mixed with Sonic music? Sure, it sounds good, but that's the beauty of editing.

    2. Tee Lopes Version mimics the G/MD version. He brought it back to what it should sound like in Mirage Saloon.

    3. Aquatic Ruin inherited what was not originally intended for it as the zone was most likely created after Masa submitted his work and got paid. Since Dust Hill was cut, why not? He basically made Mirage Saloon's music as intended, reclaiming the Western/Mexican feel that belonged to Dust Hill.

    Please listen to these (Sorry for the links as apparently there is a media limit per post):

    Masa's Original Demo (Assigned to Aquatic Ruin but originally prescribed for a cut zone, assumed to be Dust Hill)

    Genesis/Mega Drive Version (The sound team had to work within the limitations)

    Mirage Saloon Act 2 (Assumed)

    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Score (just the beginning is what you need)

    This connection is just as strong as the Death Egg/Death Star connection
  20. Crappy Blue

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    Did You Know Gaming: Music is subjective. I happen to like Hill Top's music, too.

    Also, I very clearly said "I kid" in my post, but okay.