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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC...Netflix?)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Shadow Hog

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    Depends on what was being asked here. Sonic 3&K had an overall motif for each Zone, and then varied it per Act, though the way i read his post, he was asking if every single track in the game was a variant on the same general tune, which... I mean, no, that's more of a Super Mario World thing.
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    Well, the music in pretty much every zone in Sonic 1 has the same falling chord progression.

    Green Hill, Labyrinth, and the Special Stage all heavily rely on F-Em-Dm-C; Spring Yard does the same thing, transposed to Bb-Am-Gm-F; Marble and Scrap Brain use the minor version Am-G-F-E.

    The only one that doesn't do it is Star Light. That's because it goes the other way, doing C-Dm-Em-F.
  3. Stimil Rc.

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    It was unexpected, but I can't say it feels unfitting, especially after hearing something like the Desert Stage theme in Marvel VS Capcom 2. I'm so happy that, aside from the start of the theme, we didn't get some stereotypical wild west/desert/egyptian/pyramid theme that we typically hear in levels with this kind of theme.

    I definitely noticed its similarities to Studiopolis, but I love both of them so I'm not bothered. Still, I certainly hope that the other new zones have more diversity while still falling into whatever genre of music Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon fall under.

    I should really get around to listening to other themes composed by Tee Lopes.
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    I gotta disagree about the sameyness bit. Studiopolis Act 1 and Mirage Saloon Act 2 aren't THAT similar...

    Mirage Saloon Act 2 is a lot catchier.
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    Now is it possible that we are only hearing placeholder tracks based around the same theme?
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    I believe you're thinking of the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast.
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    While I understand your point, you also have to remember this is one artist with obviously one style for two songs. In the comparison, we find that Studiopolis is a bit longer, while Mirage Saloon has a longer intro. They sound good together in the same key, but the same can be said for many other songs that follow similar patterns.
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    They fit way too perfectly, though.

    Beatifully, even.
  9. Deef


    Similarities aside, I thought Mirage Saloon sounded ok, but also that it was lacking a nice strong basic melody. Of the tunes in Mania, I think GHZ is still clearly the best one and that is possibly the reason why. If, in your head, you run through all the tunes from Sonic 1 to Sonic & Knuckles, I think pretty much everything has a simple and clear melody, except Angel Island for a while.

    ... Man Angel Island was such a non-event. Disappointing. What if that's the Mania rebooted zone from Sonic 3?
    Or what if it's Marble Garden. No-one has asked for more Marble Garden. Hope it's not that. It really has to be Hydrocity.... just has to be.
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    ...Literally one page ago. Couldn't resist, sorry. ; )
  11. Crappy Blue

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    You have an interesting definition of no one.

    For the record, I think a romp through a thoroughly-destroyed Marble Garden would be a neat spin. There are better choices, like any zone from the second half of Sonic 3 Without Knuckles, but I'd take a Marble Garden revisit for a good remix of its already great music.
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    Are you kidding? Marble Garden Zone is one of my favorite zones in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and my absolute favorite song in the franchise. I would kill for more of that. + - Even if it means Bubble chains.  
  13. nineko


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    Anyone who doesn't like Marble Garden should be banned from this forum the entire internet. One of the best zones of all times. I hope they'll focus on the S3 part more than the S&K part in general, by the way, as all the best zones were in S3, and we already had Sky Sanctuary in Generations. Elements from Mushroom Hill might be incorporated into some other forest zone, likewise I wouldn't mind to hear some Flying Battery music, but that's about it, I don't think there are other particularly interesting things.
  14. Blue Blood

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    I frankly don't mind which S3K stages we might see. I have preferences for some over others, but when it comes to it S3K had some of the most interesting stage themes of the Classic games and many of them underwent changes that will be exciting revisit. Marble Garden may not be one of my favourites, but the level ended just after it was flattened by a major earthquake and some serious drilling Eggman. It'd be really cool to see what it's like now. The same is true of other stages, and even those that didn't explicitly change still have plenty of room for new ideas ala Green Hill. I've not given too much though to stages from the other games though. It's going to be really exciting to finally see how they all surprise me.
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    Haha I was wondering what you were gonna link to. That song's the only reason I keep the album on my phone.
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    I'm in the opposite camp. I detest Marble Garden's theme. Maybe it's because it comes directly after the perfection that is Hydrocity's Act 2 theme, but even as a kid it didn't do it for me. And I know it's the only reason I don't like the zone, because I'm a huge fan of ruin areas in games; I just would have preferred its music be in line with its theme.

    That alone might be a reason to see it in Mania, so hopefully a remix can be made of it that improves it :P But I'd much prefer Hydrocity (because the game will need a water zone) and Lava Reef (that is cinematic and amazing).
  17. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    Funny, I thought Marble Garden's music was one of the better tracks in the game. That funky bassline is incredible, and I adore the bit that starts about 40 seconds in.
  18. Flygon


    I always loved Marble Garden Zone as a whole. When I got onto the Internet, I couldn't figure out why people hated it!

    It's very aesthetically pleasing, and the music is chill.
  19. MegaDash


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    That's why I like it, too. Specifically, Marble Garden Zone Act 2 is seriously the most chill track in the franchise, with Hill Top coming in at a close second.

    The Sonic Mania songs we've heard so far sound like uptempo takes on songs like those, beatwise, if that makes sense.

    Speaking of groovy Sonic songs by fans, I'm reminded of this one by Essasmusic that has a similar groove to it:
  20. Really? Knuckleduster is the only reason, and not Walk on Water or Breathtaking Vision, or even The Doomsday? What a pleb. :v

    + - I mostly say this because I don't care for the dude's singing, and it's the only vocal song on the album. Also Jesus Christ that album is 10 years old already...