Sonic Mania Plus (Consoles Physical; PC Digital) - Non-Leaks Thread

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    Well, for $5 less you're not getting the art book. So you're not getting everything the plus version has. :V
  2. I stand corrected. :V You're also not getting a cool holo slip cover that holds said art book either.

    Now I'm beginning to wonder why'd I bought the base game again when I have so many versions with Plus and all the things that go with it? LOL
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    I have a question about the Blue Spheres stages/bonus game you access from the extras menu. The game gives me random stages each time I play via this option. Is it possible to replay a stage I have just played?
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    So, I was trying to get the retail Mania Plus on Switch as a gift for my friend but it's sold out everywhere. Did I miss something? Is it out of print for the regular Mania version now? Because if so, that's wack.
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    I have the same problem. I've called a bunch of places; ended up getting it on Ebay. Can anyone confirm that Sega is no longer producing Mania Plus?
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    Jack shit.
    I thought Opa-Opa was in one of the special stages.
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    I think that the entire background of Special Stage 6 is a Fantasy Zone reference, right?

    Or is it a reference to another game? I'm not familiar with Fantasy Zone myself, but I swear I could have heard this mentioned before.
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    This may seem superfluous to say at this point, but I never did give a review of the game like others so I'm going to put a few things out there. What is one more on the stack, right?

    Mania is amazing. Obviously. Plus is even better. In spite of comments made about the palettes in Encore Mode or little hang-ups people have had with (insert nitpick here), I've grown to adore Encore Mode. The palettes have completely grown on me. Love 'em. They're soooo…funky and weird. I think I'd previously made the comparison to character palettes in Super Street Fighter II Turbo; at first sight, the colors are slightly off putting (at least they were for me) but the more you play, you learn to love them. It is all mood.

    On a deeper level, the ability to switch characters in-game is beautiful. My fear that Mighty would be little more than a Sonic clone (he is, design-wise) actually works in the game's favor. Him and Ray are the other Sonic & Tails duo. It adds a bit of levity to the aesthetic. Ray is pure joy. The whole thing is fresh as hell.

    The amount of love that went into Mania has elevated it to being my fave game in the franchise. I still wish they'd have included a starry background for Mirage Saloon at night (seriously…have you EVER been in the desert at night?? Seriously. The galaxy is on full display). I still wish Angel Island was fleshed out some more, but I dig the new grass. That's not a weed joke, I swear. I wish there were more new Zones but that takes a lot of time and effort and what we got is amazing. The old Zones are great, too. It is a timeless work of art IMO.

    Mirage Saloon is my fave new Zone. I like the auto scrolling segment personally. It gives the stage an almost theatrical introduction. I am aware opinions vary about it, but I think it's good. Titanic Monarch is the best final level in any Sonic game. It just is. It's a bleak, ominous, mega-Zone. It is Scrap Brain meets Metropolis meets Death Egg…and is pretty much how I imagined Genocide City/Cyber City would look back in the day. The phlox-colored warp ooze is an interesting gimmick. The boss is badass.

    Press Garden and Studiopolis are also great. The game itself is right up there with SMB3 in my opinion. It is fucking amazing. Show it to your friends. Buy it as gifts. Give copies to your mums and aunties. Get as many people as possible to play this thing. Air drop it on North Sentinel Island. Get it in as many hands as possible. It's one of the best platformers I've ever played easily.

    I remember the first time I'd played Sonic as a kid. Before that, I'd only ever played Ti-99/4A games and some Atari (Parsec and Adventure were the shit, yo). I went from that straight to Sonic and it blew my mind. This game did that for me again. Not because of any leaps in graphics or anything this time around, but just the amount of effort oozing out of every detail. And, the graphics look great for what it's worth.

    As far as a sequel, I think it WILL happen. Eventually. I think in the future the demand for another classic game won't be ignored. It is a labor of love making a game of this caliber and for a sequel to approach the quality of this, it'll take some time and planning. Development of Mania was breakneck. Something with more time put into it would be better for it.
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