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Sonic Mania Plus (Consoles Physical; PC Digital) - Non-Leaks Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chris Highwind, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. foXcollr


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    Can we stop with the lame ass cheating BS and move on? Seriously dude, let it go. There's no “cheating” in a speedrun unless you modify the game data or do something outside the rules of the run.
    Debug mode, yes, is considered cheating in a NON-DEBUG soeedrun. If you look at the title of the video it lists the type of run this is, a debug% run. In the speed running community there are different ways to run a game, each with different objectives and rules. Tool assisting in a run is usually considered “cheating”, but in a tool-assisted speedrun it's permitted. There's no “cheating” per se because different categories of speed runs are not compared to one another. This whole attitude of like “Play the game without cheating!” and “That's not even fair!” and other bullshit is really throwing toxicity into this thread and I'm gonna ask you to please reply to people respectfully instead of bashing the entire soeedrunning community just because you're not familiar with the way things work. Circumstantial evidence really backfires on you when you don't actually understand the title of the video you're posting and it's relevance to the argument at hand.

    Can we go back to talking about Plus and how awesome it is?? Seriously. I acknowledge that some people are upset for legitimate reasons here, but even so I'm seriously impressed with the attentiveness with which the Mania Team addressed so many criticisms of the original game. It's like they've beenreading every review and lurking on the forums the entire, actually taking note of all the major concerns players have had. For a game that was already quite stellar, I'm surprised they're putting this much into the update.
    I'm BEYOND excited for Mighty and Ray.
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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    (I know I said I wouldn't go there, but people went there, so whatever.)

    I don't even understand what « cheating » mean here. If it was a multiplayer game, It'll suck if people exploited glitches, but a speedrun is made to entertain people, it doesn't hurt anyone.
    And if you can't stand glitches because they murdered your family or something, just watch a glitchless speedrun. Speedrun are categorized for a reason.

    At this point you just remind me of that « no fun allowed » looney toons screenshot.
  3. Lilly


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    A fair few people here seem to not enjoy glitched speedruns as much as glitchless, and if they feel that way about it, even when informed, fine. Personal preferences and all that.

    Meanwhile, you're over here making snotty, bold, mean-spirited guffaws about elitism towards a harmless hobby you make no effort to understand. You can't claim elitism when you're living the definition of it with that awfully large brush of yours. Dehumanizing an entire group of hobbyists is not furthering the conversation about glitched vs glitchless speedrunning. It is inviting a potentially interesting dialogue about Mania's skill ceiling to devolve into a poop-throwing argument.

    This isn't the thread to force speedrunners to make a compelling argument for themselves. I want to lurk the thread for Mania's upcoming changes, and what the people here think of that, not contemplate breaking my personal rule to never add anyone to the ignore list.
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    Perpetually trying to find more games to speedrun.
    lmao ok I think that sort of says everything I need to know about you

    please don't talk about things you don't understand thanks

    p.s the debug speedrun is a joke video so like way to entirely miss humour while you're at it

    More on the point:

    Anyway, considering some of the skips that don't save any time still fucking work, it really reads like they just watched a speedrun and decided to fix everything people actually used, because most of the dumb shit that doesn't save any time is still there. So the whole "wanting a more solid game" thing goes entirely out the window. Hey, did you know there's a boss skip that isn't actually faster than doing the boss? It's still there. But anything that saved time isn't. Thinking emoji.

    It's just hilariously shitty. Someone on QA not hitting their bug quota or something?
  5. ICEknight


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    What probably happened:
    -We need to fix some bugs for the next release.
    -Speedrunners are known to find glitches to exploit, let's check out some speedruns to see what we can fix.

    And I fail to see a problem with that.
  6. Dark Sonic

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    Ok Lord of speedrunning calm down. Developers want to fix bugs and exploits in their game if they can, they had the chance to here, they did.
  7. Speaking of minor nitpicks, I'm surprised this little update doesn't also include Super Sonic sprites for the stuff that was missing from the vanilla Mania release, like Sonic hanging off of the sticky pads in CPZ, or the general floating sprite (Seen in I believe the popcorn machine in SPZ and in FBZ.)
  8. rata


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    It was shown in a video that SS has now sprites for 3D tubes at least, so maybe they are just doing it now, if it's not complete already? Remember that this patch is also unfinished.
  9. Laura


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    I think a debug speedrun is just really boring. There's nothing technically wrong with it as a category, but who wants to watch that?

    As for fixing bugs, it does suck when it somewhat ruins speedruns. For example, Halo 2 had a great energy sword flying glitch that got patched, and the patched version of Halo 2 is nowhere near as fun to speedrun.

    I agree with most the people here though. The game's quality of life comes first really. It's a shame when that affects speedruns, but hey.
  10. Overlord


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    I suspect this is the actual truth. Bugs speedrunners aren't exploiting won't be as easy to pick off Youtube videos.
  11. Montblanc


    Speaking of bugs and Youtube videos,
    did anyone else notice that in videos of the leaked version players sometimes lose all their speed when rolling and end up crouched?

    For example (4:23):
  12. TheOcelot


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    Ha ha, that's my playthrough.

    I don't know how I managed to stop Tails so quickly. I wanted to get the invincibility item-box, hence why I tried to stop Tails moving. I must have rammed the de-pad left and down, or something like that. Looks kind of weird though. Don't think it's a bug.

    All other times I've passed through that tunnel and continued going fast with no issues what-so-ever.
  13. Cooljerk


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    lol that's not from Looney Toons. That's from Sonic the Hedgehog.

    You jumped while on the ramp. Looks to me like your jump caused you to go into the ramp a bit and maybe the auto ejection routines stopped you.
  14. Montblanc


    Lol what a coincidence. But I still remember seeing it again in Mirage Saloon or Flying Battery Zone, not sure if it was in the same playthrough.
  15. Linkabel


    I haven't seen any of the spoilers yet but I do have two questions about the changes and I hope someone can answer them.

    Are there any new achievements with the free update everyone is going to get? And do special stages get their own mode like Blue Spheres?
  16. TheOcelot


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    No and no. There are no achievements or extra unlockables in the update. There are no extras for the special stages.

    Bare in mind that the 1.04 update is almost certainly not the final update for Sonic Mania which will eventually be rolled-out to all consoles for free. Without going into spoilery detail; despite the new features the 1.04 update includes, it definitely feels unfinished and some of the original bugs have still not been fixed. Therefore, I expect the final update for Sonic Mania (not to be confused with Sonic Mania Plus) will be something like 1.05 or 1.06 etc.

    As for extra achievements and extra modes for Special stages, I would expect something like that for Sonic Mania Plus.
  17. Linkabel


    Gotcha, thanks for the info! Can't wait for that trailer to drop to see the release date.
  18. David The Lurker

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    Friendly reminder: spoiler tags are your friends. Since we don't have multiple topics dedicated to the Plus version, even the smallest thing could be considered a spoiler for someone who wants to walk in completely blind when the update is made public.
  19. 360


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    This post is on-point. Going to spoiler my thoughts as per protocol:

    This update is almost definitely unfinished. Just look at the Hydrocity transition for example. It's clearly not done. I'd expect the final update upon Mania Plus' launch to have every level transition finished and potentially even more tweaks to the bosses or even more revamped ones like the new Metal Sonic fight. Then there's the Plus DLC which will add even more content. Someone, somewhere at Sega pushed a button that deployed an in-progress build of an update that's still being worked on and driving towards completion that's intended to release months from now at some point this Summer - so that's an exciting prospect as the final update will be even better than this. What we all have seen is a small preview of what they have planned, with most importantly confirmation that level transitions are among the plans for the final update to the base game amidst a plethora of other changes that'll make Mania even better and even more complete. This update is absolutely not done yet.

    Outside of that - very much looking forward to the upcoming trailer that'll hopefully give us a concrete release date and reveal even more.
  20. SuperSnoopy


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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    Well shit, looks like we've come full circle :v:

    On the subject of bosses, wich bosses would you like to see tweaked or replaced ? My prime candidate would be the flying battery eggman boss. I had to watch a playtrought to figure out how to actually damage it. Maybe they could make it damage itself before the fight begins like the press garden miniboss ? or just replace it by an actual eggette fight