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Sonic Mania Plus (Consoles Physical; PC Digital) - Non-Leaks Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chris Highwind, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Pengi


    Maybe it'll be something like Chaotix, which had a day/night cycle. Enemy and item placement also changed.

    Green Hill Zone at sunset (ala Advance 3) and Mirage Saloon Zone at night? Metallic Madness Zone in the Past and Good Future? Metal Knuckles in Stardust Speedway Zone? Badniks in Zones they're not usually found in?

    A little disappointing that there won't be any new levels, but hopefully that just means they're saving them for a sequel.
  2. MontiP


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    They said on the stream that Mania Adventures takes place after Forces.
  3. Laughingcow


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    I hope mighty and ray aren't just re-skins. Also, poor Amy. Guess Iizuka said no to her and broke her heart.
  4. Sir_mihael


    The SegaSonic band is back together again. I'm buying a Trackball controller for PS4 as we speak!
  5. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Well probably a 90% chance Mighty will have his Chaotix wall jump. Ray though? No idea. I'm also guessing Mighty and Ray will be like Sonic & Tails, where Ray will follow Mighty around if you want.

    I wonder what other new stuff will be added beyond encore mode and 4 player (no online mode still? My only disappointment). Super Mighty and Ray? Hyper Sonic in encore mode? Finished transitions (Mighty and Ray will need new ones anyway, actually curious how they'll work with Mirage Saloon Act 1)? The hype train starts again!
  6. Harmony Friends

    Harmony Friends

    it's the whole gang Oldbie
    this was confirmed in the panel! all digital versions are getting the DLC, actually.
  7. Xilla


    More Bonus Stages in Encore Mode would be great, hell just give us the ones from S3&K if it means the end of accidentally-entering-Blue-Spheres-and-purposely-hitting-the-first-red-sphere-you-see :P

    Curious to see if the team'll implement new unique routes for Ray and Mighty and how they'll go about it.
  8. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Hold up


    (They cut Sonic's sign out of the presented graphic, so the two present are duplicates)

    Left over in the game were duplicate sign posts for Sonic with the initials M and A. Could that A be an R though? It's very poorly written. Maybe they planned this from the start and they weren't able to due to budgets/time constraints.

    Also I hope they restore Tails' cut chemical plant act 1 animation. His final was so dull compared to Sonic's and Knuckles'. Although now with the added bonus of time and money I don't see why they wouldn't.
  9. IndyCotton


    Ran instantly here after seeing Mighty and Ray announced out of the blue. Gosh, I can't stop flailing my arms! So hype!!!
  10. Laughingcow


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    For all intents and purposes this should be treated as a content update. So I am gonna set my expectations to the same level as Xenoblade 2 (awesome game, must buy for the switch).

    Mighty and Ray need to be unique.
    Added missing level transitions.
    New cutscenes (technically already done with the Sonic Mania adventures) with an event viewer so I don't need to YouTube.
    Usual bugfixes
    More content (may already be satisfied with encore mode).
    And a new ending to tie everything together.
  11. Meh, not really excited in any way about Mighty or Ray as those two characters never did anything for me, nor do I see them featuring any interesting gameplay additions, since Mighty in Chaotix was nothing more than a clone of Sonic with wall jump.:. Hardly the stuff that give me the incentive to do a full play with an extra character, and don't see Ray being any different, on top of him being yet another flight character.

    Would had preferred much more to see Amy, as there is the Advance gameplay that avoids the old "Sonic + two abilities" mold that I find to be lazy and so limiting, and which I would not mind to see updated a bit in a way like E-122 Psi did with his hacks, such as featuring both the dash as well as her stride jump, among other tweaks.
  12. Dissent


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    Amy would require reworks of stages and all kinds of things. She doesn't even curl. She'd have to be on the docket from the start and the characters they're implementing are safe budget inclusions.
  13. Beltway


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    A physical release of Mania is the only real remaining sore spot I've had about the game, so I'm purely estatic with this news on that principle alone (as well as what it could mean on vanilla Mania's sales performance, even though we weren't given any hard numbers). The artbook / reverse cover that comes with it and the $30 price is just pure gravy to the pile. Will definitely be picking it up; and I hope many, many people who have and haven't bought Mania already do so as well.

    Ambivalent on Mania Plus / DLC. I've said it before, but I think new content would be better suited towards a sequel; but I'm not inherently opposed to it. Will be interesting to see how Encore Mode turns out. Also can't lie, as a fan of multiplayer games, the idea of a 4P Classic Sonic game sounds really neat. Also hope Plus rounds out the remaining edges to the vanilla/core game, such as adding more/missing level transitions and bugfixes. May be more on the unlikely side, but QoL changes such as Sonic's insta-shield/Super Peel-Out to be playable in save modes and increasing the time limit (or allowing you to live after the 10 minute time limit) would be great as well.

    Mixed on Mighty and Ray (or at least Ray, I have a more of a soft spot for Mighty thanks to Chaotix). Cool to see obscure classic characters getting limelight, but so far I've only really known them as clones of Sonic; and it IMO is a bit odd seeing them get in over Amy. I'm with those on giving their inclusion the benefit of the doubt that the Mania team can do something fresh with them; as well as seeing if this means anything for the future of other classic characters.

    Overall though, this news combined with the Mania Adventures miniseries really makes me happy that Mania and the classic direction isn't going to be a one-and-done deal after all.
  14. ICEknight


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    Any specific examples? Keep in mind the levels that she was able to clear Sonic Advance.
  15. Laughingcow


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    The addition of floating platforms at slopes due to her lacking a proper spindash is the obvious bit.
  16. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    Wasn't she given a sort of spindash in Advance 2 to help with that? It's not exactly like they can't tweak her a bit while keeping her moves unique.
    If you're gonna go this far with the fan service, drawing a line in the sand with Amy is just weird.
  17. Flygon


    Blaze the Cat can't spindash. That stuff never stopped her from doing ball things. :v:
  18. Since when is curling into a ball to build speed has been an absolute necessity in the Genesis games when the same (if not better) effect can be achieved by performing well-timed jumps on slopes and curved surfaces? Every character can do this, but how many have three different jumps (normal, stride and the higher hammer jump) like Amy to play around it's different effects with the Genesis-style physics and be exploited by players that understand these game mechanics?
  19. Xeric


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    As the biggest Mighty and Ray fan in the universe, you've no idea how happy i am about this.
  20. Shiny Gems

    Shiny Gems

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    I am going to get this game, for Mighty and Ray alone.

    Say guys, just wondering: What if they added in an unlockable feature that lets you use the combo ring from Knuckles' Chaotix between two characters? Just a thought since Mighty is going to be playable, and he IS in Knuckles Chaotix.