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Sonic Mania (and Plus) bugs, oddities and other stuff

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by ICEknight, Aug 6, 2018.

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    There was a GHZ Act 2 bug where if you defeated the boss whilst a downwards slope was on the right hand side of the screen, and stood there after breaking the capsule, the character would be unable to run back up it during the cutscene forcing you to reset.

    Was that fixed for Plus?
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    Gonna quote myself from earlier since I noticed it's still unfixed in Plus:

    There's also a bug I spotted in Encore Mode, breaking a swap monitor when frozen doesn't change your current character's sprites until you break free.

    And also, what's the deal with the tree models in the Special Stage, anyway? The PC version (bottom) had what seemed to be an older, less-detailed version of the model used in the console ports (top), but it seems the Plus version actually downgraded the console versions to match the PC's. Was this intentional, or an oversight?
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    Something that I think has been there since the remakes:

    -After you start rolling in the opposite direction that you're facing, you should be able to face the correct way whenever you press forward, but instead you're forced to keep moonrolling.
  5. - In Competition Mode, every player has to select a different character from the other players. This was not the case before the update (both players could be Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles if they wanted to be).

    - The white stripe on Mighty's shoe moves forward when he ducks. Sonic - who has the same ducking animation - does not have this white stripe movement.

    - In Mighty and Ray's Mirage Saloon Act 1 (in Mania Mode), Knuckles is riding with our heroes before Heavy Magician knocks him off. Mighty/Ray's Mania Mode ending only has Sonic, Mighty, and Ray in it, implying that Knuckles was not part of their adventure. Ergo, Knuckles shouldn't have been riding with them.

    - In Mighty and Ray's Mania Mode ending, we hear Tails’ tail propellers spinning before our heroes land on the ground. Since Tails is not in Mighty/Ray's Mania Mode ending, we should have heard Ray's glide woosh sound instead.
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    Almost forgot, Ray's missing his flaps in certain sprites:
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    This, please. The different characters aren't evenly matched, which can take the fun out of the races.

    It would also be neat if they could add the following:
    -Play all stages (e.g. Mirage Saloon 1 - Maybe the game could force both the players as Knuckles when this stage is selected)
    -Split screen co-op
    -Super characters in 2P mode (The original Sonic 2 allowed for this via cheat and it gave a fresh new take on the game, especially as you could use the teleport to steal the super powers from each other, which was immensely fun)

    I'm guess time and budget constraints would make these suggestions impossible, but perhaps they could allow these options via a cheat code (That way, it doesn't matter if it creates new bugs, as it was a cheat).
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    After entering (and exiting) the special stage multiple times, the music cuts out about 5 seconds in. Then the same happens with the zone after exiting and re-entering. Completely exiting the game solves it, but my guess is that it would reoccur after a certain number of times.
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    Y'know I'm pretty sure the devs have a solid enough grasp on the remaining issues with the game but at this point it's pretty obvious you're just going to keep making threads like this no matter what we say, so whatever.
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    I have a strange issue on the PS4 version with time trials that I haven't seen mentioned: In summary, the 'Top 3' times list on individual levels doesn't work/save times at all. If I get a time, it always declares it as a 'New Record', as the comparison time is -'--''--. However, it does record against the Leaderboard, and if I save a replay, I can still prove the time is legitimate, and challenge it. It's not a total lost cause, but it is frustrating having to use Replays instead of a list of times for comparison.

    Knuckles can still get stuck in certain walls in Titanic Monarch by gliding and hitting the wall/ceiling at a certain point/angle. This means that Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2's Leaderboard is still a mess, even for Encore Mode, as you just need to get stuck in the wall, and then jump your way up to the Finish Post.

    Score is no longer saved on save files at all. I quite liked that it was saved beforehand, and you could carry on accumulating it, but I guess it was removed to prevent overflow? Just a guess.

    You can still skip the initial smoke switch in Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, by standing in the right place at the end of Oil Ocean Zone Act 1. This has the adverse affect of smoke filling the screen over time, but not subtracting your rings. This effect stays until either a switch is pulled, or you reach the boss.

    I still detest Hydrocity Zone Act 1's linearity in level design. This isn't really a glitch so much as a pet peave (the pattern of hit a switch, ride a bubble past 2 enemies, dodge some spikes, land on safe platform, for example). What's worse is that you can't skip these sections with any sort of skill (like a well timed jump) due to invisible underwater currents (or fans) all over the place; you have to complete them the 'intended' way and they take so long. It feels like it goes against the ideology of Sonic level design and I hate it. There is an actual issue with the last one of these sections though in Hydrocity Zone Act 1: There's a platform you should be able to jump up to, but the ceiling fans push you down slightly and just enough so you can't make it, and have to ride a bubble (why? It's so frustrating). Then, just before you see Eggman swimming underwater, there's a Blastoid on a small platform. However, jumping up to that platform is hindered by more ceiling fans that make your jump feel weighted, and then you land right in front of the Blastoid... and you can bet he'll be firing. So, you have to jump up again and use your invincibility frames to take him out. I really hate this particular part.

    That's all I can think of for now, but there's definitely some others that I've missed.
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    ...wut. There are so many issues from launch they still haven't fixed. How on earth could they have a 'solid' grasp on them?

    EDIT: Oh, and while I'm here, I'm pretty sure the insta-shield is still broken. In S3K it extended your hitbox, but in Mania it's either smaller, or it doesn't extend at all. Right now, all it's good for is momentary invincibility, which is awkward because I always used it as an offensive move, not defensive.
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    I think this is a new bug but there's a palette glitch with the Death Egg Robot in the GHZ Act 2 cut scene. One of the bottom black colors shows as orange in both Encore mode and Mania mode. Also I know it's a palette thing and not a glitch, but isn't there some way to make the HB Gunner in Studiopolis Act 1 Encore blue again? His palette must match the floor which was changed from blue to purple resulting in the heavy becoming purple as well.

    One glitch which was actually pointed out on the Mania Plus live stream the Sonic account did prior to release involves Ray in the CPZ Act 1 cutscene. If Ray is your partner his tail will move rapidly once your main character completes his intro animation.

    And not a glitch but just something that I think would be nice, since the game now shows you game completion stats upon clearing a save file, some kind of full game leaderboard would be a nice added bonus.

    I can't help but think of this when I notice all these minor things btw
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    This has been there since the remakes, but I think it doesn't really matter in Mania because changing your roll direction in this way doesn't affect your speed at all, and you can change direction after rolling and jumping, which keeps from starting Ray and Knuckles' double jump moves in an undesired direction.

    There actually is a route in the level you can take that avoids all of these sections. There's one aspect of it that's not exactly intuitive (you have to drop off of the first boat section) but it is otherwise mostly just taking the highest paths IIRC.

    It definitely does increase your hitbox; I did a test time attack with the "Max Control" cheat enabled (had to have the dev menu on to do this, but I made sure the time was garbage, no worries :v: :) ), and at a point when I used the Insta-Shield to defeat an enemy, the replay desynced a little. (The way replays handle desyncs is...interesting btw, if you have the PC version you can easily see how by doing a Peel-Out in a Time Attack and then watching the replay. (But also it shouldn't ever desync under normal circumstances anyway, haha)) The hitbox is definitely smaller, but it does work.

    I think so far, the only glaringly game-breaking thing I've noticed is the Mighty Hammer Drop crash at the end of Titanic Monarch 1, but I'm sure that's something they've noticed already. Aside from that I've been having a pretty stable experience with the PC version, aside from the game not remembering when I set fullscreen when playing on a different monitor. (I have "exclusiveFS=y" and "windowed=n" set in the Settings.ini file too, so????? idk)
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    Well, it does matter because it's an oversight that can be fixed. :colbert:
  15. I will never understand the backwards ownership complex that many people have with this game.
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    I don't understand why the staff has constantly resisted this type of thread, so thanks for keeping this one open, FINALLY. The first YouTube channel I ever subscribed to was ORKAL's channel with the Sonic 3 glitches & oversights. Most of us don't care if the devs see it or not, I haven't seen anyone specifically claim this is for them. It's for us end-users as much as anyone else, the bugs are fun to learn about and I like seeing them get documented in one place. (Actually, I think a video series would be cool too.)

    Thanks for starting the thread, @ICEknight.

    I've got one that I don't see listed here:
    - In Lava Reef 2, I took the lower route in Encore Mode to fight the Knuckles boss. But I had Tails, so I decided to fly up in Hidden Palace to that area that has 5 monitors in S&K. There were no monitors up there, but I flew higher to look on the other side and then suddenly the camera flipped out and the heavy rider boss started. I was warped to that area (unless I flew high enough to land there for real?) and had to fight that boss, except the tracks the boss rides on in the background had collision. This messed up the animation after beating the boss and the characters got stuck trying to run to the right, so cutscene skip was the only way to proceed.
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    LOL they are not going to fix any of this...They all probably moved on and Sega is currently working on a sequel to Sonic the fans more of what they TRUELY want.
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    Count me in the team that think that having a bug listing topic is a good idea; I really don't understand why some people wouldn't want it.

    Anyway, I don't think this bug has been reported here (apologies if it was): When breaking open a capsule with Mighty, he never stays on top: instead, he seems to hop down to a predetermined spot on the ground, while playing his victory animation.
    (sorry if the description kinda suck, I don't have a way to record the game right now.)
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    I'm sure I've got him to stay on the capsule at least once - the error seems to happen if his movement during the animation takes him over the edge of the button, at which point he'll drift diagonally down to the far left or right side of the screen depending on which way he's facing. I'm sure I remember it happening to me with at least one other character since the update - probably Sonic or Knuckles, as their victory animations also involve horizontal movement. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some sort of error handler to make sure characters aren't left floating in mid-air during their animation, and it's simply being applied a little overzealously in Mighty's case.
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    Who better to find these obscure bugs than the extremists here? Some of these may not be known by the team. You may never know who could be reading these threads.