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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

  1. steveswede


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    I'm really interested what this new gameplay style is going to be. I hope it means that the roller coaster Sonic is gone for good.
  2. Xeric


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    Good lord, Sonic Team. Stop making new friends for Sonic. Use the ones he has already!
  3. TimmiT


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    To be fair, the story is written by the same writers that did Sonic Colours and Generations. I doubt that these new characters will be worse than Shadow or Cream.
  4. Conando


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    The "new friends" could be the Guardians mentioned in that supposed leak. In other words, they're kind of like a one shot story element like the Wisps. It's not like they're making an Original the Character.
  5. Blivsey


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    You know, seeing as Sonic is traveling to a new planet, it should've been obvious we'd be seeing new characters, come to think.

    I don't really mind, though, as long as they handle them right.
  6. Mecha Sally

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    Thirded. I have a 3DS but I'm hoping the version of the game on there isn't some kind of bullshit inferior version. I don't think this game would be enough to make me buy a Wii U, though.
  7. Shadow Hog

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    Getting back into the control argument: I think Sonic controlled wonderfully in Generations when you were boosting.

    When you were not boosting, however, something felt kinda off. I'm not sure if it was him feeling too sluggish or overresponsive, but the end result just didn't click with me, and I found myself overrelying on the stomp mechanic to do any fine platforming, because I didn't trust that I'd be able to make jumps without the momentum-cancel the stomp provided. And Colors, while a fun game, I recall Sonic feeling very sluggish in the 2D segments.

    I'm hoping that gets addressed in Lost World... what we've got is good, but it could be better.
  8. DustArma


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    I think Generations Modern Sonic controlled just fine on both high speed and low speed, low speed controls were reliable to the point of being able to clear most HA chains with only regular jump chains.
  9. Extended Play

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    I have to agree, some of the control awkwardness when not boosting made doing speedruns unfairly hard and kinda clumsy. For all the steps forward Sega made since 2008, that was the only step backward. I think Sonic Adventure 2 probably had the tightest 3D control. The only thing I don't like about some of the 2D platforming segments is that Sonic is atrociously slow without his boost, and his jump is too weak. I think in future releases, Sega could stand to kick modern Sonic's non-boosting top speed up a notch and raise his jump height by 25%.

    As far as what I want to say about Lost World specifically, I wonder how good the writing for the cutscenes will be. The dialogue in Generations was a letdown considering how funny Sonic Colors was. It wasn't the kind of humor that made you fall out of your seat, but it's impossible not to smile in a Sonic colors playthrough (mistranslation jokes are hilarious). I really hope Sega makes Lost World about as hard as Sonic Colors (A LOT HARDER THAN GENERATIONS) to give the game plenty of replay value. Sonic Colors had some levels that were ridiculously tough to finish let alone S-rank which meant a lot more hours of gameplay. Not to sound like "I'm so 1337," but a Sonic game with some hardcore challenges would be exciting.

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  10. Nado The Rabbit

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    Crap, if I even get a Wii U, it'll probably be right before the next Nintendo console comes out. Bought three systems last year. ._.

    Guess I'll be stuck with the 3DS version for now, which dear God, please be something new. The 3DS is capable of handling some pretty impressive stuff.
  11. Spitfire


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    "The Lost World. Are they friends or foes? Find out on May 29th."

    Just posted to SEGA's twitter/facebook
  12. I was about to post that.

    I'm...really unsure what to make of this.

    They kinda look like really generic aliens to me.
  13. Shadow Hog

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    Those are some very un-Sonic-like character designs, just going from the silhouettes.

    Also given all the pointy spikes and horns and toes and such, probably foe - initially, if not the whole game through.
  14. Secret Bonus

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    I dunno, they kinda remind of the ghosts/Bullghost from Night of The Werehog.
  15. Andrew75


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    Mario bros looking badguys!
    Im not sure how to feel about the new characters yet...
  16. Shadow Hog

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    For what it's worth, I, for one, support Grimace's promotion to Sonic villain.
  17. The KKM

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    I like them. Cartoony proportions reminiscent of the work done with the Wisps and Unleashed. Only thing making me a bit queasy is percieved notions of Bowser-ness... front guy reminds me of that pink pig guy from the third Mario and Luigi.
  18. Retro_Stew


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    I really don't understand that fucking need to create new characters each time they make a new 3D game...
  19. ashthedragon


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    they remind me if this:

  20. Shadow Hog

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    Actually, I don't understand why the series is suddenly forbidden from everyone from ever having new characters ever again. I don't think any other series gets the same amount of flak for it.

    Provided they're not playable, because that frequently doesn't work out well in this series, I'm okay with new characters showing up.