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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

  1. GeneHF


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    ...It's a pun, guys. A really easy one. No need to read into it more than that.
  2. I didn't catch that pun.

    It's not a very good one. The only time desert and dessert rhyme is in the sense of desertion, which is clearly not the intended theme.

    And is it just me or Sonic sporting some shorter quills in the 3DS version?
  3. Retroman


    Sonic Lost Worlds looks trippy! If you were high, you'd be like 'WOOOOW WHAT IS HAPPENING'.

    Those levels are too empty. The desert level makes me feel both agoraphobic and clastrophobic in both Wii U and 3ds versions.

    Also, because of one pun, I bet the cutscenes would be pun-errific! If you thought Sonic Colors was puny-enough, wait until you see Lost Worlds!

    I think it will use puns, and the cartoon video will be disney-monsters inc style. Seems like Sega has been listening to me, and liked my idea. Of-course, other people had it too.
  4. Glaber


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    It's suppose to be a pun? looks more like someone who can't spell dessert when one version of the game actually goes with a Desert theme instead of a Dessert theme
  5. Blue Blood

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    I think the homing attack looks really good in this game. From what I can tell, it's got a shorter range than recent games, and is semi-automatic. Holding the button instead of tapping it will make Sonic quickly hop from one target to the next which is far less tedious than in previous games. And it's not all that effective on some enemies. Aaron pointed out that you need to kick the Snail Blaster, and if you look at the candy-level footage it doesn't destroy the Antons either; it just pisses them off.
  6. I'm not saying I like the homing attack, I think it's stupid in the 2D Sonic games. But here it looks like it makes it as fast and efficient as possible, allowing you to get back to the platforming and speed pronto.
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    Yeah...I'm kind of feeling like this is a horrible spelling mistake that nobody cared enough to notice.
  8. Guess Who

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    ... you guys noticed how neither of the Desert Ruins acts resembled the other, right?

    Spoiler: one of the other acts actually is in a desert-themed stage. See the 3DS footage. It's not a typo.
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    My thoughts? Windy Hill gameplay is awesome. Desert Ruins ( act 2...or 1? the candy one) is Super Mario Bros 3 clone. I don't want that near my Sanik, please. Sonic is supposed to be an organic, full of slopes and loops platformer, not a linear and blocky one like Mario is.
  10. Aesculapius Piranha

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    I'm sorry, desert and dessert are two different words. This pun is not funny nor ironic. It's misspelled. Wind Hill is ok because it is a play on a windmill and green hill. THAT is how you do a pun.
  12. Dark Sonic

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    ... This is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen argued about. I mean hell Desert Ruins act 2 is a fucking honeycomb/tree thing, clearly the name doesn't hold too much weight as far as themes go save for Windy Hill.
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  14. Black Squirrel

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    It's like they've ruined that desert or something

    also I hear if you stand in the Sahara for long periods of time in the blistering sun, you start to see giant donuts and muffins
  15. qwertysonic


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    Maybe they're going for a "Dust Hill" type joke.
    No, I'm sorry, this is a dumb thing to discuss/argue about. No one *should* care that much.
  16. Maybe it's all a mirage. Perhaps Sonic finds some kind of ancient magical artifact in the ruins that transports him to a land of desserts, or casts some kind of illusion spell that makes it all look that way. Or perhaps the ancient civilization just really loved extremely non-perishable candy architecture deep within their structures.
  17. MykonosFan


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    I'm getting some serious flashbacks to "Sky Sanctuary is yellow!!" discussion...
  18. Harmony Friends

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    Okay since there's lots of misinformation being thrown around allow me to clear things up about the Desert Ruins stages.

    The 3DS level we saw was Desert Ruins Zone 2 (actual desert ruins). The two Wii U levels we saw were another Desert Ruins Zone 2 (beehive tree) and Desert Ruins Zone 3 (candy dessert).

    Clearly, each level in an area is going to be entirely different. While the inclusion of a candy-themed level is almost certainly a pun on desert/dessert - yes, this is a pun, and it's an incredibly common one - that doesn't mean that there was some sort of typo. Do you really think that a mere typo could cause Sega and Dimps - who are working mostly with the same assets, and Dimps is working under Sega's direction - to make entirely different levels? That's pure nonsense. While Desert Ruins Zone 2 on the Wii U version is the honeycomb level thing, the music in the 3DS footage almost entirely confirms that the Wii U version will also have a traditional desert level somewhere.

    Also, in all the videos you can clearly see that the name of the level is "Windy Hill", not "Wind Hill". Blame IGN on that one.
  19. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Color me excited. I dunno if anyone else noticed, but at 3:25 in the 3DS Desert Ruins video, Sonic's got his old fashioned bouncing physics. The player bounces back up to the height of their jump after hitting the top enemy, and I'm guessing they quit holding the jump button after that. Doesn't appear to be like this in the Wii U version though, as I think Ruby would've shown that off during his truffle bouncing frenzy (but maybe it is, you never know). Also, I'm really digging how the Homing Attack seems to work more like it did in Sonic Adventure as opposed to every game after 2005, and how you can lock onto several enemies at once for a bit of an Ancient Light throwback. This is all looking pretty wonderful so far, I'm really on the edge of my seat for more of this game.
  20. Extended Play

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    I love what I see out of this trailer because it gets the imagination running. We've seen some pretty creative levels, but I can't help but think about what other styles of level we are looking at.

    What will the water levels be like? Aquarium Park was the best water level in any video game, maybe topped by only 2 or 3 water levels like the Water Temple from Ocarina.

    What kind of factory/base level will we get? This game is a little offbeat compared to other Sonic games, and I mean that in a good way. Given this game just says "fuck it" to the laws of physics with the weird gravity, we might not have seen the last of gravity control switches in Crazy Gadget.

    Winter levels? Haunted levels?

    Maybe even a bacon-themed level where you can grind on the side of bacon strips and homing attack chain across bacon bits to reach strips of floppy raw bacon that you swing across to land safely on bacon cheeseburger platforms that dump onto a bacon grease waterslide that lands on a block of solidified lard with a capsule filled exclusively with pig animals presumed to be used for slaughter rather than roboticization. Inventive? Yes. Kosher? No.

    Hard to say what they'll do next, but that sure as hell won't stop this guy from daydreaming.