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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

  1. TimmiT


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    It's a quantum leap behind when it comes to WOAH LOOK AT THIS AWESOME SETPIECE MOMENT IN WHICH SONIC GRINDS DOWN A GIANT CLOCKTOWER, yes. But when it comes to actually being able to control Sonic it sounds like they're making some pretty big improvements. It's less of a rollercoaster ride and more like an actual platformer. It's different, but that doesn't mean it sucks.

    Because every act in a zone looks different from eachother. Have you watched the latter half of the video? When they said all new enemies they were reffering to the main villains of the game, the Deadly Six. (though Eggman is still there as well). There are new badniks in the third act they show though.

    EDIT: I just noticed:

    Multiple zones per world.
  2. LockOnRommy11


    Are you sure they don't just mean "Act"? Sonic CD referred to "Acts" as "Zones", so I wouldn't be surprised I it was also an oversight. That or they really don't care as long as it's one of the two.
  3. TimmiT


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    Well, each "Zone" is supposed to be pretty different. Just look at Desert Hill Zones 2 and 3.
  4. steveswede


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    Act 1 is still Green Hill Zone with a windmill. Regardless of what Arron says, I'll be the judge of what's different and fresh for act 2. I did watch the end and I was impressed so far (apart from act 2 with it's automated momentum).

    Also did anyone notice that they confused desert with dessert? Sandy candy doesn't sound very nice to eat.

    So new bosses instead of new enemies. To me original bosses should be a requirement for each game, not a game feature. I can't help but feel disappointed.


    Sonic Lost Worlds prototype footage XD
  5. Skyler


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    I'm liking what I see. I was especially surprised at the 3DS version, considering I thought it was the Wii U version at first.

    >Sonic Advance 3

  6. LockOnRommy11


    Why the wow? Sonic Advance 3 is a great game! My point is that Sonic has been lacking and great titles have been too few and far between in recent years. Consider that since Sonic Advance 3 was released in '04 there's Been Shadow, Rush, '06, Rush Adventure, Secret Rings, Unleashed and Black Knight, it's good to see SEGA are back to consistently making decent/good/great games again (here's hoping with this one), seeing as before Advance 3 came Advance 2 and 1, Heroes, and both the Adventure titles, all of which I deem to be much more consistent art/music/graphic/direction/whatever wise as well as in playability.

    It's taken a lot of errors for them to finally realise they don't need pure speed/On-rails stuff to make a Sonic game, and they don't need things like Werehogs either.

    Not only that, but by changing the way the camera works and how you affect Sonic's speed, they've finally retained what made the Sonic stages in Adventure so compelling and similar to the originals whilst making them less of a chore to play.
  7. Dark Sonic

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    Well that globe did have an actual desert on it. I'm wagering each area has 6 zones and the assets used in them can be vastly different. Desert Ruins Act 2 is similar to the honey comb levels from Mario Galaxy, while Desert Ruins Act 3 is filled with candy. I'm guessing the names of the levels apply very loosely to the levels themselves (Besides Windy Hill, that'll be GHZ all about at different times of day)
  8. RedMetallix


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    What? Don't be silly.
    What was that Purple UFO looking Wisp that Sonic used in the 3DS Windy Hill?

    Also I think I might have seen a Hover Wisp in the wall-running segment of Wii U Windy Hill, but it could've been some other Light Green object too.

    Either way, I'm pretty fucking hyped now. This looks really fun and changes gameplay up enough to where its different but not too different, and really that's all that it needed.
  9. steveswede


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    I know what you saying because the 3DS version goes for the whole Egyptian theme so it could lead into that.
  10. Azookara


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    Second impression from later in the day: I'd say the game still looks like a load of fun, but its oddly not anything like how I envision Sonic to play in 3D at all; the sweet smell of parkour and Spindashing be diddley-danged. The lack of acceleration, and limiting speed to three constant tiers just seems more different than any design philosophy the series ever had, regardless of how much good it does for platforming and exploration. Plus, the lack of slopes that aren't either automation fodder or made irrelevant by the space-physics makes this really feel like that "Mushroom Kingdom Fusion" fan-game where you play as Sonic in a Mario game.

    Still very interested in what the game gives us, though. Never been more on-the-fence / intrigued about a Sonic game in a long while; since the past couple of titles have been safe bets in how they're handled. At least something unique is interesting enough to see what they do, but different enough to make me not care as much about hyping the game until release date..?? I guess its too soon for me to say that, but I can say I'm not as hyped as I was before the gameplay reveal.
  11. RGX


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    Man I just can't seem to love or hate this game. I've never been so neutral on a new sonic game before. However I'm more leaning towards on disliking it then liking it. The multiple routes thing doesn't really mean much to me if the game isn't challenging... Everything looks so bland, simple and not very difficult. Even in top speed, this game also seems kinda slow.. and the levels seem kinda short. I already mentioned my dislike for the graphical style of the game..but the game-play I'm trying to stay optimistic for.

    Also, Shameless promotion but after seeing this section of the game-play video....

    This is all that popped into my mind:
  12. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I'm probably going to get both versions. This just looks like too much fun.
  13. Wow, people are really divided on their opinions of this game today, aren't they?

    The only real gripe I have so far is the 3DS version's camera. I'd like them to make it follow Sonic just a little bit more loosely than it is, because I can tell that this camera combined with the 3D effect will make me throw up.

    Regarding the speed of the game, I think they've found a happy medium. Boosting through levels at mach speed a la Unleashed/Generations IS fun, but I think it's a little hard to do any real platforming at that speed, and all the items and hidden routes whiz by far too fast to see them in time to make use of them. This one feels fast enough to be a Sonic game but slow enough to allow for me to take advantage of the extra routes and stuff, like the older games.
  14. Vangar


    Sonic seems to be using the sonic 2 sms pipe entering-exiting sound for his jump sound.

    The honeycomb section looks like Knuckles Chaotix special stages, complete with rotating the world as you go around the honeycomb.

    They are really pushing 'alternate paths' but the candy land one looks prettttty linear.
  15. NioZero


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    I watched all the videos...

    the wiiU version looks very fun but a little slow.. I really liked the speed-runs in generations/unleashed

    the graphics are very like galaxy/3D land, but it seems it runs on 60fps so it's fine for me... I think the 3DS version looks graphically similar to generation 3DS.. but the level design is better and the gameplay too... (like Sonic 4 or Colors DS)

    The parkour gameplay is nice... it looks like an excuse for the bottomless pits... I wonder how much sonic can climb walls using that mechanic...

    am I wrong but I think I've listened some sonic-riders sound effects?
  16. Seems to be a slight alteration of Void..
  17. Josh


    Aaaargh, yes, holding down the boost button and watching pretty things happen IS fun, but that's like saying watching Mario jump is fun. The first level teaches you all about that in a relatively safe environment. But maintaining speed through complex routes and taking advantage of item placement and shortcuts quickly isn't a LITTLE hard. It's incredibly challenging.

    What's way, way MORE fun (not to mention rewarding) is mastering the mechanics and the flow and the level design to OVERCOME that challenge, and that's what I worry this game might lack compared to Generations.
  18. TheKazeblade


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    Doesn't the announcer yell "Orbit" when Sonic uses it? It's new, whatever it is.
  19. Tiller


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    I think what it comes down to is actually seeing some hands on impressions and not Ruby playing. I'd like to see a master go at it and spindash the way through the whole level abusing every route and every open nook and cranny that the game offers to go fast and maintain that fast. After demonstrating the spindash Ruby never once used it again despite the pace of the candy level being woefully slow. It's the only thing we didn't get a real gauge on with the gameplay vids. It seems to be nearly nonexistent in the 3DS versions.
  20. Ravenfreak


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    I was blown away while watching the 3DS version, while watching the Windy Hill playthrough I honestly thought it was the Wii U footage. I would love to own both versions, but I'll be extremely satisfied once the game does come out, because I do own a 3DS. I don't see anything wrong with this game, and I eagerly await when it's coming out I'm super stoked! :D