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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

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    This is because they're robots incapable of coming up with original content or ideas. So they are mimicking you because they noticed how positively Sonic fans responded to your music (and not because they recognized your music as good, they have absolutely zero taste, so reactions are all they have to go on).
  2. Shadow Hog

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    Okay, see, I thought the exact opposite. Sonic was turning on a dime, on land or mid-air. "Heavy" is not a word I would use to describe it.
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    If Mario doesn't save the princess, then it's not a Mario game. Somehow as part of a game design element, a Mario game MUST have you save the princess. Mario will forever be sexist for...some reason. Which Iwata Asks interview was that again?
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    13-14 years later, and I still can't fathom peoples hate for Chao, but I'll take a 3DS or IOS game =P

    This game is looking awesome without them don't get me wrong, It would just be a fun extra that would keep me playing, regardless of how it turns out. Like SA2 in retrospect isn't that amazing, but I'll go back for Chao, and maybe play some City escape while I'm there. XD
  5. Well, I guess I will be buying a 3DS after all. Not ONLY for this game, but it's definitely a contributing factor. Looks pretty good so far.

    Also, is it just me, or can Sonic use Chaos Spear now?
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    He generates a slash of concentrated wind by kicking while airborne.

    Sonic is the Avatar.

    Because it's a pointless timesink that brought no redeeming value to either game?
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    I just watched the Wii U footage, and I'm not sure how much I want it. I prefer Sonic to be straightforward platforming, not stopping and walking around to another side of a cylinder to take another path. Also, was it just me, or did Sonic lose a lot of momentum when he jumped? It looks like it'll be relying too much on the double jump. The Mach Speed stages looked like the most fun.
  8. trakker


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    I'll do the mature thing by respecting your opinion but disagreeing with it entirely XD
  9. So... Sonic Wind then? :v:

    And it sure seems like "Desert Ruins" Zone has absolutely nothing to do with what its name suggests (in the Wii U version at least).
  10. KgZ


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    Jun is going to copy our music, and sonic fans who haven't heard of BTS/ATS are going to say, "omg this part sounds just like that level from Sonic: Lost Worlds!"
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    Maybe for you, but for me being 9 or 10 at the time, and my younger brother (you know, Sonic's primary demographic age group) it kept us playing long after the story. It's the tamagochi/pokemon phenomenon. The public at large loved chao.

    Do they add anything? Not necessarily, but saying flat out no, they're bad, they don't belong is an over-reaction. Though having a stand-alone for it is a good idea.

    Subject at hand, the more I watch the 3DS footage, the more I love it. LOOK AT SONIC's SPINE LENGTH. IT'S PERFECT.
  12. synchronizer


    This reminds me of how Sonic's jump works in Colors: badly.
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    Implying it was ever wrong before or after '06. ô.ò

    The game looks alright, but (unpopular opinion incoming) I'm really getting sick of having Sonic be the only playable character in the main games.
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    This just in: All videogames are pointless timesinks.

    Also, From the gameplay videos, lost worlds look so bland. It doesn't look that much fun to play and the levels look really boring. Desert Ruins 1 looks empty and like it could be beaten in a minute by anyone who is semi-good at sonic games. Desert Ruins 2 Mach Speed is just the same quickstep over and over again. Those parts weren't even fun in unleashed or generations. Windy Hill looks the most fun and it's just a generic sonic level. The 3DS version looks better than the Wii U version. Also, I assume there will be rankings in the final build as there are in the 3DS version. Like most sonic games, it's a lot more fun awaiting the new sonic game than actually playing it.
  15. If you enjoy something, it's not pointless.

    Though one subscribing to a more nihilistic outlook could argue that everything is pointless.
  16. Arique


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    I know we're all going nuts over the footage of Lost World for 3DS, but we only saw one of the levels shown off. The other level? Well, it takes a turn towards Sonic 4/Sonic Rush-esque gameplay. The same gameplay that we all hate love to death.

    But yeah, I'm definitely going to buy it day one for 3DS, (Hopefully for Wii U too if I can dig up $350 for a console.) as this game looks like it's going to be really damn good, despite the little bits of Sonic 4-esque gameplay scattered about.
  17. We saw that level, it was on the IGN page along with Windy Hill.

    Which brings me back to its theme. Why is the Wii version not-at-all desert-like? The 3DS version seems to be handling that just fine.
  18. TimmiT


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    Not sure how it's Sonic Rush-esque when it has so much platforming instead of being "boost to win". It doesn't really look like either Sonic 4 or Rush, much more based on solving puzzles.
  19. Arique


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    So in a way, it plays more like Sonic 4, but better.
  20. Retro_Stew


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    Yeah, but the level design really looks repetitive, boring and empty.