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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

  1. LockOnRommy11


    Bugger :( I read it as "Thursday", but clearly it says "Tuesday". It even said 11th too, how did I miss that?

    I'm such a dick.

    Edit: That's why you shouldn't glance and should read properly, folks.
  2. Tiller


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    IIRC its for Tuesday. Nintendo's direct is the 11th, E3 Proper with Microsoft and Sony is the 10th. We're still getting the Pre E3 IGN footage tomorrow though. So there's that.

    EDIT: Welp that's what you get waiting a few minutes to post. Stupid ninjas.
  3. Retroman


    I'm going to get this game and Wii U! Looks awesome
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Okay so that isn't happening until Tuesday but there is more SLW news coming today on IGN, as TimmiT posted on the previous page:
  5. There were 3 or 4 Mario vs Donkey Kong games, the last one not too long ago. Not sure if you'd count those, since they were on the portable consoles, and even though they're platformer style, I guess they'd be considered side games. And Sonic and Mario have been in Super Smash and the Olympics games together, so it's remotely possible even if not likely.

    But I do agree that Nintendo probably wouldn't want a big Mario/Sonic game like for now.

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    Damn job is gonna make me miss this :(. hopefully I'll see the footage ripped in HQ when I get back.
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    According to IGN, Dimps is developing the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World.

    I'm going to be blunt about this: Whining about Dimps developing the 3DS version will get you nowhere, and your posts will be trashed and account possibly suspended. Don't be a dick.
  8. Spanner


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    Just been posted, a few gameplay videos from both platforms including stuff from Iizuka.
  9. NoNameAtAll


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    And don't think this is an idle threat. I'll be watching, as will others on staff.
  10. Shadow Hog

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    For a second, I thought that was a warning against continuing to notice similarities between the game and X-Treme, unintentional or otherwise. :P

    I don't think Dimps has done a 3D Sonic game yet... this will be interesting to see.

    Also Oil Ocean balloooooooooons
  11. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    3DS version looks perfectly fine anyway.

    As for the Wii U that's a Sonic game. I'm not too fond of the Super Mario Galaxy vibes, but I see why they did it and I can't argue.
  12. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    I watched the first video of it...


    Sonic's noticeably not got any weight to him. He seems to change directions on a dime, even in mid-air, Sonic 2K6-style. Look at 0:17, where the player has trouble landing on that large platform.

    The Wii U version looks similarly loose-controlling, but not quite as bad.
  13. BigTheCat


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    This makes me so happy. It looks gorgeous and incredibly fun to play.

    And I'm so happy to see the spindash back in full effect. I think I'm in love <3
  14. Captain L

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    Why is the speed shoes music "Sonic Heroes"? I guess Crush 40 is in there. I was right.

    I suppose it looks fine, but that's the worst jump sound effect in the series.
  15. TimmiT


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    I am not sure how to feel about the camera in the 3D levels moving so far when Sonic moves around the world.
  16. Candescence


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    Okay, my reaction is slightly mixed, but I feel somewhat much more positive for this game. It's a massive step up from the last three games due to the 3D gameplay being completely overhauled (using the triggers for run/parkour and spindash was a great idea), but I also feel like there's some missing potential due to the inclusion of the same blocky-ass 2D gameplay from Sonic Colours. Oh, and the lack of momentum mechanics is rather disappointing, I'd say.

    Basically, 3D gameplay looks great (just get rid of the more automated crap and add in more momentum stuff and it'll be fantastic), 2.5D looks utterly meh and I'd rather they got rid of it entirely.
  17. Dario FF

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    Yeah I got a bit nauseous while watching the first level. :v: The other levels seem much better on that regard.

    Ever since Generations Sega seems happy to use the target offset speed for the cameras, which is a parameter that offsets the camera depending on Sonic's speed. Unleashed didn't use them so the camera was more focused on Sonic the entire time. I don't think using those offsets is a good idea in this game. They're probably still tweaking that stuff anyway, seems the controls are a bit too loose, as evidence by Ruby just slipping off constantly from stuff.

    The later levels gave me a better impression than Windy Hill though, graphically wise.
  18. Tiller


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    Welp. Videos sold me on it so far.

    There is so much shit referenced or pulled from legacy titles I can't even list it all.

    Sonic 3's buttons you step on
    Oil Ocean Launchers
    Pretty much every one of the badnicks. I saw many of CD's all over, Launch Base birds, etc.
    Sonic Heroes Main theme for the speedup music
    Flicky barriers
    Spindash in all of its glory is totally back.
    Sky diving from Unleashed style is back
    Old style springs are back

    The Parkour moves let Sonic run up trees and flip off them. It looks like the double jump is back too. The flying kick is a new move too. They seem to have split the homing attacking into either a rapid bounce or a powerful punt depending on what you press when homing in. New saturn wisp. And those level tropes are basically bonus stages but turned up to 11. That sweets level is basically Sonic running on crazy licorice was all 2D. Also there are 1231231 multipaths thanks to the planetoid level design. Although I can't entirely tell, the game looks to be running 60 frames to boot. The preview on youtube had a silk smooth framerate, but then again, youtube. Just feels like it does.

    Some concerns though. Sonic seems a bit slow and the levels might be too crazy. In the second level they demoed he wasn't really chugging along there at "running speed." The person playing didn't seem to go full speed mode though, so I'll wait and see. Level design looks good, but there doesn't seem to be much going on momentum wise or using slopes. I saw some stuff, but not much to go on. Still, blockly style is infinitely better with the parkour.

    Also automation on collapsing paths is sort of cheapens things. None of those dashpads needed to be there at all.
  19. synchronizer


    It looks fun

    In case people are afraid of spoilers:

    —mach speed zones return...


    the music sounds a bit cheesy, and the homing attack seems to be less useful.
    I'm not so sure about how I feel about this game.

    EDIT: In before people compare the honey tunnel to the Red Sands tunnel.
  20. Dark Sonic

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    Interesting that the 3DS version uses elemental shields, speed shoes, and invincibility boxes.

    This game looks interesting. Not a huge fan of it so far (I still think I prefer the Generations gameplay), but it's interesting. It either seems all over the place (Windy Hill Act 1) or too straight forward (Desert Ruin levels), also how the hell does Desert Ruin Act 3 fit with the theme at all? I'm also getting hugeeeeee Mario Galaxy vibes from this, not just with the environments but with the music as well. Why is it that this game just seems Mario all over the place. I'm also interested in how this plays.

    But the retro touches and throw backs are nice. Just kinda curious why the speed shoes and invincibility use the Sonic Heroes theme. That's like, the least fitting theme they could have used for either of those and yet here we are (I mean, Sonic Colors theme, the Adventure themes they used for those items, classic invincibility song, anything, ANYTHING would have been better than Sonic Heroes). On another note for the 3DS version, interesting new Wisp. All in all the 3DS version isn't look all that bad, might be kind of fun actually, but those loading transitions just look terrible (When Sonic hits a spring and the camera turns right towards him and he falls in a new spot, it's just so obvious and ugly looking).