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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

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    Eh I'm not liking the spindash ball taking place over his homing attack. I preferred that dynamic spin from him when jumping. Now he has a generic ball in the air. I hope that gets changed. Its pretty boring to look at. And its not one of those things you can ignore since you are always jumping. The level art direction is a neat way to go. Hopefully not all the level take this Galaxy type of design and we get some normal Colors/Unleashed type of levels where gravity isn't an issue. I can't stand a empty level with no backdrops and just having to rely on a skybox. I like for there to be things there. But this is a nice change. I just hope I don't have to see the spindash ball to much. Happy that he doesn't go into it when he hits a dash pad either.

    They are mixing up the modern and classic designs up nicely. Especially if you look at the dashpad its a combination of modern and classic thrown together.

    Edit: Oh yeah can't really stand though the lack of shadows and global illumination. Hopefully this is a early early build.
  2. Paraxade


    Having an unlockable Classic Sonic skin would be a really cool compromise/way to work him in this late into development imo.
  3. hey now this isn't Sonic Adventure 3, I been had!

    But really, this looks pretty good, I'm looking forward to putting my Wii U to use.
  4. Zephyr


    I'm reminded a lot of those cylindrical drums from Final Chase, and a lot of Crazy Gadget.

    Also, the floating tubes don't bother me in the least. Assuming you gravitate to them no matter what part of them you're on, that could mean no more bottomless pit bullshit plaguing every fucking level.
  5. Mike Arcade

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    Simply put, THIS GAME LOOKS FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!

    I'm loving the style of this game, it just looks awesome, though it has roots from Super Mario Galaxy (which I think is actually a pretty fitting and smart move), it's got things that look similar to Sonic Xtreme, I gotta wonder if that was intentional or not, the other though I have is I wonder what Chris Senn is gonna think about this. But I do feel that Sonic Xtreme in small ways influenced several titles in the Sonic Series after it's cancellation, in this game it's just more noticeable, kinda like in Colors. I have no problem with the Deadly Six, they kinda remind me of Bomberman Villains, from the quick look we got of them right now my favorites are the Red and Pink one (Pink looks like a psycho). Personally I don't think Sonic looks too detailed, I mean he has some new details but not enough to distract from the feel of the game, it's only if you look at him side by side by the Animals (that still have their original style from the Genesis days) that he looks detailed, it's only because the Animals don't have much detail to them, which I think fits in with the game but strangely make Sonic look a little out of place (at least in the cutscene that is), weird I know. I do think it would be cool to have a Classic Skin, after all the game looks Classic enough, it would be a good nod to the fans.

    While I have never played Unleashed yet the trailers of that game left me a good impression, Colors got me Hype for Sonic Games again, and Generations left me with a good feeling for future games. I'm hyped for Lost World now, I can't wait to play it, could it be that Sonic is keeping strong and making a comeback, I'd be jumping the gun by saying yes so maybe so, maybe so.
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    My initial reaction was "Green Hill again? Really?" but after re-watching the trailer a lot today I'm starting to like more and more what I saw. The lack of a boost makes me so happy, I'd started to grow tired of the boosting style of gameplay, and am very glad it's been nixed in favour of natural speed. The design for the new enemies are great, I love how they look nothing like Sonic characters on any level, and to a certain degree, separate from each other. The inclusion of the Super 8 Peel Out and new wall jumping/running mechanics has greatly increased my interest in the gameplay.

    The only thing that didn't raise my hopes (re-use of Green Hill aside) was how the graphics don't look as good as I was expecting. I know they still have 5/6 months of work left and it'll more than likely improve, but it didn't even look on par with Unleashed/Generations HD. That's only in graphics though, I love the new super stylized design choices they've made for the level design.

    Here's hoping we get more information soon!
  7. It looks like Sonic X-Treme did the fusion dance with Super Mario Galaxy.*

    *was my first impression on seeing the trailer. Glad to see pretty much most people see the same.
  8. Blue Emerald

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    Ohhhh, I get it. Wind Hill. 'Cause that thing looks like a windmill. It's a pun. :v:

    Anyway, am I the only one who saw the Deadly Six and was reminded of the Monstars from Space Jam? =P
  9. Pigeon


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    Really? I'm just impressed that there's an actual 3D 3DS GAME. Seriously, there are so many 2D games that just don't take advantage of the console's power (and I'm not just talking about stereoscopic 3D).
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    I agree with the "Classic Sonic would look nicer" sentiment, but I'm quite happy with this for now. I'm looking forward to E3 impressions.
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    I'm not really bothered if it's not Classic Sonic, it's still Sonic, and Modern Sonic has never looked better, played better, or sounded better since Colours came out.

    Looking at the screenshots there seems to be some real variation in graphical difference. The above screenshot with the huge windmill looks incredible, but other screenshots leave a lot to be desired. I'm assuming the graphics haven/'t been fully touched up yet, but from the screenshot above, I'd say they're looking pretty sweet.

    And I see multiple paths too, and not ones you can just run along easily- they seem to be made for some real Sonic 1-style platforming.
  12. Candescence


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    I can fully support the move away from Unleashed-style gameplay and more towards more a far more flexible gameplay style. Count me cautiously optimistic, even if the six antagonists make me cringe.
  13. dsrb


    Called it

    Seems inevitable given the title and the fact that Ninty are involved.

    The trailer gives some very promising indications: classic elements, increased emphasis on momentum, no dubstep. :v: Between this and Rayman Legends, I might have to get a Wii U after all.
  14. Rosie


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    You bastard, you absolute bastard!

    I'd prefer shields over Wisps, but other than that everything is shaping up to be pretty good, and it's getting positive vibes from everywhere. I was planning on getting a Wuu eventually, but I may make that sooner rather than later when gameplay footage comes around.
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    The screenshots looks fine... I'm indiferent if it isn't 1080p.. but I hope it runs on 60fps

    I wonder how the gamepad screen will be used...


    reminds me of...
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    Really? It reminds me of the light dash in the Dreamcast Era, or the top speed in the Sonic Advance games.
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    The video quality of the trailer is better on IGN's own player, they must have really compressed it for the Youtube video for some reason:
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    Argh now anything they do will be crap. Thanks.

    I love the classic references though, so damn good, finally.
  19. Blue Blood

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    The only Sonic game to run at 1080p is Generations on PC, so a native 720p for Lost World is pretty darn good. 60fps might be possible though. It looks like they've made an effort to simply the graphics in this game without drawing away from their visual appeal. We already had Unleashed running at an unsteady 60fps on PS3, so maybe we'll get steady 60fps this time? I hope so.

    The GamePad is used for the Wisps according to the IGN preview.
  20. LockOnRommy11


    I may have missed this but have they given an inkling as to a release date (estimate or actual)?