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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

  1. Blue Emerald

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    Good point; somehow the scripted stuff in Generations slipped my mind. And Unleashed was honestly terrible with how it littered the game with QTEs that it really didn't need. I do see where you're coming from, and now I agree; they need to nail an open Sonic world before they can comfortably experiment with other characters, because those characters will benefit from a successful open environment that would allow their different traits to mean something to the player.
    Those screens don't remind you of Generations 3DS?
    Agreed. I think the new controls will be worth a try. I have high hopes for that. :)
  2. TimmiT


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    Well, yeah, but that's because both games have Green Hill Zone and both look incredibly jaggy cause they're 3DS screenshots and all 3DS screenshots look incredibly jaggy. :v:
  3. Jason


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    I'm still not sold on the art style. They're taking a lot more cues from Mario outings than I would have liked with simplified textures and models. Regardless of the purported dumbing-down for smoother gameplay, I liked the fact that Unleashed/Colors/Generations went closer to cartoony, but still kept an edge in its design. None of the badniks look very threatening in Lost World, and paired with more flattened geometric textures, makes Modern Sonic feel even more out of place. This would have been a neat way to have Classic Sonic brought into his own subset of games exclusively for Nintendo systems, but it seems Sega wouldn't let that happen.
  4. Paraxade


    I'm simultaneously excited for this and a little confused as to how it'll ultimately play. Glad to see the Wisps back, and I'm curious to see what kind of speedrunning potential the game has. I'm picturing completely screwing with the gravity mechanics. :P

    Also, the IGN article seems to imply that each level is going to be designed completely differently, gameplay-wise. That'd be really interesting to see imo - we could have the first level being more linear, like this big tube in the sky, and then maybe the other levels are structured completely different... it'd be similar to Mario Galaxy, since people are already making that comparison. Could work well if that is actually the route they're taking.

    Also, come on. "Wind Hill"? Don't even pretend that isn't Green Hill Zone.

    Anyhow, hopefully we get some good uninterrupted ingame footage soon, like how that Green Hill playthrough surfaced pretty soon after the Generations announcement.
  5. [​IMG]

    I must agree about this more simple aesthetic being superior. It should be less distracting than the previous modern 2D iterations. I hope we get to see more classic style elements implemented similarly. Like the way the classics would have geometric objects and machinery in the background. Also, I think the 6 villains has more potential than I had thought at first. Sorta reminds me of Paper Mario villains, which can only be a good thing IMO.

    I'm not sure why people keep referring to Xtreme though, I only see Galaxy. But I'm ok with that for now...
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    Because it has loop tunnels and small planet-gravity, which is also like Galaxy.
  7. GeneHF


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    Seems fun, but that's about all I got. This isn't a negative post so much as it's a. "Waiting to see more" post.

    As for people worried about story, characterization, or whatever other issue with the gravity, well...

  8. TimmiT


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    E3 is in two weeks, there will probably be a playable demo there so we can expect full level playthroughs from that.

    Speaking of which, Nintendo said it'd have some of the E3 demos playable at Best Buys in the US and Canada, hopefully Sonic Lost Word is one of them. (Also hopefully they'll be available on the eShop as well)
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    Why are there only six bad guys? We are not playing Sonic 1; the magic Sonic number is seven. How do we get the chaos emeralds without seven bad guys? And like I said before Wisps are bad and not fun. When we knew nothing we complained about it, when we know just a little more we praise it as amazing. Let's wait a little longer and find out that like every sonic game, it will be bad in it's own way.

    ^This. Roger is the least wrong when it comes to sonic fans.
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    Fixed. =P

    Okay, Classic Sonic blending better in cartoony environments aside, doesn't Modern look way too small? He's roughly the size of a background square!
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    I'm pretty excited for this. Count me in with the "art style is better than Generations" crowd too. I mean, look at those mountains in the background of pretty much any screenshot. I was actually going "oh my god".
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    I agree. He feels completely out of proportion, as he did in Generations. They jumbo-sized badniks and platforms to make up for Modern's less-precise jumping. They did that to Classic Sonic as well to an extent, probably because they keep the camera so dang zoomed out.
  13. [​IMG]

    Wouldn't this be more fitting for all the talk we've had in this thread? :P

    And honestly, I really like the style they're going here, and I feel like this trailer might be using beta footage anyways, so it might get quite abit of polish before the game is released. This is seriously tempting me to get a wii U though, I love these colourful graphics and everything. The further we get away from whatever happened during SA2-Sonic 06 the better, the story of those games really just bogged down the game heavily for me.

    Plus, while we did hear familiar sound effects, how do we know that the people who made the trailer didn't just grab any old sound effects and put them over it? Remember how in one of the old Sonic Generations trailers, Classic Sonic spoke one of Modern Sonic's lines? Could be the same deal here.
  14. [​IMG]

    Big Big World
  15. P3DR0


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    I just think that some extra details would make the style way better, specially in the VFX, those explosions, after image and all stuff like that looks kinda of bad, imo. Not saying that I wish it was realistic, god no, but, I dunno, just think it could pop-out more, make it more exciting. Specially the after image wich is something I never really liked.

    Also, the Piranhas look like an drawing that you'd make in a Illustrator/Corel basic art class.

    Not that any of those are any bad, it is just due the fact that Modern Sonic is very detailed so it looks way out-of-place.
  16. Paraxade


    I don't really like the after image thing, and the part in the trailer where Sonic was bouncing off Motobugs looked really weird, both because he didn't seem to be animating all that well and because the stomp sound effect seemed really out of place. But we can't really comment on the sound effects until we get some proper gameplay footage... anyone remember the Unleashed trailers where every time Sonic picked up a ring the "ring loss" sound effect played?
  17. Tiller


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    Yeah that was silly. I'm thinking its the camera angles though. It looks like Sonic kicks the motobug away at the second tier speed rather than spinning at them with the third tier.
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    So you say at third and second gear he has different attacks altogether... That'd actually be pretty cool!

    Honestly the more I hear about this game's mechanics the less I care about the art style's inconsistency and the more I just want to play it; it sounds fun as hell and I hope the 3DS version is just a downport of the official version. If this image TimmiT showed us is anything to go by, that might be the case:


    ... Yes. In fact, I think the Sonic Xtreme model fits REALLY well here, moreso than "Classic" and "Modern" Sonic do right now. Makes me wish they used a model like that instead... of course, SEGA won't dare make Sonic look different, not now of all times. Even if they make everything else look different, because logic.
  19. My husband (who is not as into Sonic as me) watched the trailer and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Why don't they use the old Sonic, that would fit much better" without knowing anything else about the game.

    I can live with Sonic in big world, if the proportionality makes the game better or more playable. For example, maybe if they increase the size of Sonic then he is too large on screen and there isnt enough time to react to obstacles when moving fast. But, I have to agree with him, the older model fits much better.

    Honestly, I think Sega should do a hybrid. A little of old, a little of new, something borrowed, and of course something blue! :v:

    We've had "Modern" Sonic longer than "Classic" by now, haven't we?
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    Now after the hype has died, I feel really iffy on the Galaxy-esque level design, and the really simplistic style. Not a fan of either of those.

    But the parkour game mechanics and the overall classic influence. YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES, GOOD.