Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

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    That was like that in the Wii U version. To be fair though, how is that any different from how item monitors functioned in the classic Sonic games? Item monitors have never really been consistent though.

    Alright enough of this today. Got all the red rings in the first 4 worlds. Tomorrow the rest.
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    Okay so shock and awe - this runs at 60fps on my now quite ancient laptop. AMD A6-4400M processor and Radeon HD 7520G for reference. I surpass the minimum requirements by a mile so it's understandable but I don't get how this runs at a locked and solid frame rate whilst I couldn't really enjoy Sonic Generations on here because of the unbearable frame rate stutter that became particularly severe around Chemical Plant Zone. Is this game less graphically demanding than Generations? I read somewhere that you can actually tweak Sonic Generations to remove the frame rame stutter on older hardware but when I looked in to it the process seemed so complicated. Any truth to that?

    Anyway I'm happy. A new Sonic game I can enjoy on my computer! Never played Lost World before as I don't have a Wii U so I'm going to play the hell out of this now.
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    As much as I want to love this game (and I really do want to, because the parkour feels like it has so much potential), it's a complete chore to play. I've got a lot of issues with the game so far, ranging from nitpicks to major gripes.

    • I always feel like I'm being slowed down or stopped by something, and never get into a good sense of flow.
    • When the game IS fast, Sonic is so automated that he'll completely ignore my inputs as I desperately try to steer him away from that next booster or spring to check out a different path or collectible.
    • The multi-lock-on feels inconsistent and annoying. As amusing as some of the automated homing attack chains are, I don't feel as in control of it as I'd like to be.
    • Why do we have autorun levels laid out like quickstep sections in a game without quickstep? Slowly strafing my way through that first mach speed course felt even more awkward than I thought it would.
    • Same thing goes for the grinding levels. Manually jumping between rails felt odd, especially with how much leeway Sonic has in "snapping" to a rail.
    • Another thing that's really gotten on my nerves is how bad the game is at communicating through its visuals how you're supposed to deal with any given enemy or obstacle.
      • I can never tell what enemies I should kick instead of homing attack just by looking at them.
      • Why is Sonic taking damage from a giant, round, not-at-all-painful-looking apple or watermelon?
      • Wait, but a pineapple, which actually LOOKS like it would hurt to touch, has to be PUSHED? What the hell?
      • Why can I hit THOSE flying enemies in ball form but THESE bigger ones that don't look any more hazardous hurt ME instead?
      • Why did you make that cart full of rings gold and shiny if I'm not supposed to touch it? You made it look like a collectible but I'm apparently expected to jump into or homing attack it and knock the rings out?

    I'm not really sure what to think. I want the game to succeed as a port, because I want to see more Sonic games make their way to PC, but I don't want to see the gameplay of Lost World continued without some MAJOR work done (or just taking its better ideas and mixing them with the boost formula they were doing so well with).
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    Looks like its doing well on Steam so far, which is good. I really feel like this game is underappreciated.
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    Bought the port, it's alright. I think Valkyria's port quality spoiled me, I was really hoping that would be the standard moving forward, especially for Sonic. Control is the same. Definitely "feels" better playing it on a regular controller but there's no change. Didn't get to a pinball table to speak either way about what Dark Sonic posted. Because when I hit Tropical Coast Act 1...

    ...I finally started suffering from this. :( Initially I had to lower my resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 1366 x 768, which was giving me a smooth 60, but the water in Tropical Coast tanked me. I'd like SEGA to fix this, but after they didn't touch the issue with Generations I'm not hopeful. Fingers crossed...?
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    Big the Cat in Sonic Generations, High-Res HUD for Sonic Lost World, Metal Sonic Lost World (Version 1.0,) Sonic Generations: Episode Metal (Version 3.0.)
    So... I managed to get all of the Red Star Rings a few minutes ago...
    Super Sonic STILL has that double mouth problem he had in the Wii U version. His quills also still get "messed up" during any animations he shares with regular Sonic.
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    Not a shock. This reeks of a quick and dirty port. I didn't see them fixing any of the problems the crack modding team did on Wii U.
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    Speaking of the Optimus thing, I'm not quite sure it's an issue on my computer or somehow the integrated intel card isn't a total piece of shit. I have 10, which doesn't recognize the discreet GPU as a separate display anymore, so that trick doesn't work with it. Still, the game seems to run at 60 in 1080p with the meager graphics options all set to in (well, I went all the way into Frozen Factory and it was cool).

    Edit: Just checked the Generations config and it now views the Nvidia card as the default (it doesn't recognize the Intel one even) so maybe the actual control panel settings apply to the damn games in Windows 10.
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    Compare Lost World's visuals to those of Generations'. There's a lot less going on in Lost World, both when it comes to geometry and effects. They intentionally made it a lot less demanding game probably to both use less resources and to make sure it could run at 60fps/720p on consoles. Unlike Generations where they went for ~30fps and a lower resolution.

    It makes sense that it'd be a lot less demanding game on PC as well.
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    Had a quick go at it. As fun as I remember it being, for better and for worse. Also as intuitive as I remember it being, for better and for worse :v:

    I'll be patiently waiting for the "no time limit" and "Classic Sonic" mods, then.
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    Eh, that's excactly what I have with Sonic Generations. And here goes my Sonic Lost World, what an unpleasent surprise :/ Now I'm wondering if it's even worth to try (at this moment, with full price of game), this issue made playing in Generations (on my laptop) partially unplayable. Well,In fact completely, because when you're surprised with sudden slow-downs, losing framerate etc, it's making game totally unpredictable and unplayable.

    CaptainL, could you give me (here or on PM) some more details about this method? I was trying to find solution on various forums (well, don't ask why I didn't asked here, I'm wondering myself), but never managed to make S:G working properly on my laptop (despite having Nvidia dedicated graphic card it still used Intel Integrated GPU, no matter what I've done).
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    Now we play the waiting game for the mods.
  14. I (admittedly based on the fanservice aspect) enjoy the Wii U-exclusive levels. This port has extra glitches and is missing features. It doesn't even have the perks that PC gaming usually provides with no way to play the game in proper 1080p resolution until someone comes up with a fix for that problem.

    I'll just stick with this on the console it was intended for.
  15. Blue Blood

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    SEGA did the exact same thing concerning the resolution of S4E2; it was always running at a set native resolution and adjusting it would only up/downscale resolution, so things would always looks blurry or pixelated. Ken Balough tried to claim that this was because actually changing the resolution would make the textures look worse or some other equally bull nonsense, and then SEGA went and patched it anyway. lol
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    I think that was only because someone was able to do it for them, and then they said they couldn't put them in the credits because it was a prerecorded video. Whoops :specialed:
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    I think this stems from the idea that it would be awkward to have a borderless window not fill up the entire screen. It doesn't excuse the lack of filtering though, that's for sure. They probably should have opted to default to the screen's native resolution as well, but why do that when it's so easy to default to 720p? :v:

    Solid 60FPS on a single AMD R7 265 here. No lag in that stage.

    Maybe I missed a post, but it most certainly works perfectly fine at 1080p.
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    This actually really hurts to hear. I never got a chance to really play the game, as I don't own a Wii U, and now I'll be locked out of the Japanese audio. The reason this upsets me is because this was one of the last times Chikao Ohtsuka voiced Eggman before his untimely death earlier this year and I absolutely wanted to play it to hear his performance. Not having that ability really puts a damper on this. I have absolutely no disrespect of any of the English cast in this game (with the exception of Amy Rose's voice actor, who I feel was either a miscast or someone didn't give her proper direction) and I also think Mike Pollock does a fantastic job as Eggman to this day. It's just really wanted to get to experience the Japanese cast together one more time.

    As terrible as a game that Sonic Boom was, would've also had liked for that game to be dual audio, as well, for the same reasons above.

    Any ways, I'll probably get the game once I get my PC situation sorted out, as I can't play the game in it's current condition. Still really disappointed about the above. Hopefully someone can provide a mod or something.
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    It doesn't have exclusive fullscreen as an option and it upscales 720p regardless of what you put your resolution as?

    That is all kinda of lame, I guess I'll wait for patches/sale.
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    Is it me or this game has no flow to the gameplay whatsoever and controls are the most gimmicky unintuitive mess any platformer ever had? Or I just have to be DarkSpinesSonic to enjoy playing it?

    I feel like there's absolutely no reliable and intelligible way to kill enemies in this game.