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    Technically, a PS Vita is a really underpowered device compared to many of our smartphones in our pockets, it is basically a 2011/2012 mid-high end smartphone spec-ed handheld, you should take a look at the PS2 ports and the Borderlands 2 port... heck, even the All-star Transformed (even though the mobile port is really bad)
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    It's not that it isn't doable though. Everything that's on a console up to the PS2/GC/Xbox generations, and also the Wii games, could probably be ported to Vita. Even Lost World might be doable by downgrading the graphics, though it might have to be 30fps instead of 60fps.

    For examples: see the MGS2 and 3 ports, PlayStation Battle Royale, or all of the Sly Cooper games.

    The problem is more that it probably isn't worth doing for SEGA, so you shouldn't expect them to port games to the system. Especially not at this point.
  3. So I've made english captions for russian SLW review, (I've started about a year ago then dropped it until recently) SRT file contains 422 lines of text. I would be glad if some native speaker would fix my mistakes which I believe I've made plenty of. :rolleyes: After that I think I'll offer those subs to reviewer, yes.
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    I've got nothing going on today so I took a crack at the first 150 lines. I switched some stuff around, tried to localize references and figures of speech, and what not. I'd be happy to continue if this is what you're looking for.
    00:00:00,155 --> 00:00:09,100
    Filinov Live
    translation: crystallize
    grammar & syntax: (insert here)

    00:00:11,006 --> 00:00:15,499
    Hello, this is Filinov live, and today our guest is the famous Sonic The Hedgehog.

    00:00:15,553 --> 00:00:16,714
    Hello, Mr. Sonic.

    00:00:17,076 --> 00:00:22,172
    You know, I'm very glad that you've agreed to appear on my show, as you've been an idol to millions of gamers for over 20 years.

    00:00:23,088 --> 00:00:26,090
    The amount of games released under your name is already difficult to count.

    00:00:27,012 --> 00:00:30,050
    Cartoons, comic books, various toys/games, etc. have been released.

    00:00:30,072 --> 00:00:33,136
    Sales of these products still make fabulous profits today.

    00:00:34,036 --> 00:00:35,904
    I've got a question for you in regards to that.

    00:00:37,005 --> 00:00:37,073
    Aren't you ashamed?

    00:00:39,086 --> 00:00:42,138
    I'm saying this with the quality of later games in mind that, to put it simply, leaves much to be desired.

    00:00:43,062 --> 00:00:45,062
    And there are people who understand this perfectly.

    00:00:46,006 --> 00:00:51,050
    Hey, you can casually ask any gamer over 20, and they won't even remember when a standard game about you, sir, was released.

    00:00:51,007 --> 00:00:56,021
    If they aren't surprised that Sonic The Hedgehog series games are still being released, of course.

    00:00:58,086 --> 00:01:00,138
    No answer, huh? Well, that's not all.

    00:01:01,056 --> 00:01:06,061
    What's most concerning is the fact that, recently, SEGA made a contract with Nintendo, its worst enemy back in the day.

    00:01:07,044 --> 00:01:13,116
    It's no wonder, undoubtedly, why SEGA was kicked out of the console market long ago, but they still must have some pride, shouldn't they?

    00:01:14,038 --> 00:01:18,052
    Are you aware of the fact that you were sold by your own parents?

    00:01:18,064 --> 00:01:22,064
    What does the penis of an Italian plumber taste like? Does it taste a bit like meatballs?

    00:01:23,066 --> 00:01:25,066
    Ladies and gentlemen, you all have seen this clearly.

    00:01:25,066 --> 00:01:28,130
    A gaming mascot, extraordinary some time ago, has become Nintendo's soulless understudy.

    00:01:29,005 --> 00:01:32,039
    And it's not far off until a time when Japanese men will order their robots to attack a...

    00:01:32,094 --> 00:01:32,172
    Are we ready to start?...

    00:01:33,072 --> 00:01:34,134
    Turn off the camera!

    00:01:38,074 --> 00:01:40,160
    It's finished updating, finally...

    00:01:43,024 --> 00:01:49,030
    Ok... No... No... How did this get in here... No...

    00:01:54,072 --> 00:01:56,075
    Maybe it won't fail me...

    00:02:13,002 --> 00:02:19,050
    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but if I'm buying a game that appears to be a new entry in a famous franchise, then I wish to...

    00:02:20,036 --> 00:02:23,037
    ... to play a new entry in a famous franchise! That's exactly right!

    00:02:23,094 --> 00:02:29,168
    I want to see the characters I liked, the familiar settings, and long time gameplay elements, for which I enjoyed this very franchise.

    00:02:31,024 --> 00:02:35,038
    By the way, it makes sense to note that this rule doesn't apply to reboots of any kind.

    00:02:35,098 --> 00:02:42,106
    If developers tell you straight to your face that their game is a reboot, then I'll enjoy assessing all the changes they make.

    00:02:43,048 --> 00:02:49,051
    Because a reboot is a reimagining. And nobody's been punished for reimagining yet. I think.

    00:02:50,026 --> 00:02:57,088
    But this very game doesn't appear to be a reboot. No, it's no more than a continuation of the considerably drawn out Japanese mockery of the mass of helpless players.

    00:02:58,056 --> 00:03:06,060
    There's only two reasons why I don't like Mario. Firstly, the very idea of playing as a fat, hairy plumber doesn't appeal to me.

    00:03:06,009 --> 00:03:11,091
    It's just that I don't have a desire to associate myself with character like this, or even helping him in achieving some kind of goal.

    00:03:13,002 --> 00:03:20,064
    The only goal I would help him achieve would consist of fixing a clogged toilet, and not in any way rescuing a sexually attractive blonde.

    00:03:20,086 --> 00:03:27,104
    Furthermore, I'm insanely put off by Nintendo's attempts at making Mario and Luigi KAWAII - this is just too strange to ignore.

    00:03:28,002 --> 00:03:35,006
    It's much more pleasing for me to play a game starring a cartoon animal, such as Ratchet and Clank, Klonoa, Crash, or, well, the previously mentioned Sonic.

    00:03:35,004 --> 00:03:41,009
    And secondly, I never had an NES. I never played Mario games during my childhood, neither at home nor as a guest in someone else's home.

    00:03:42,004 --> 00:03:48,080
    And, while that's important to my reasoning, I've never had a desire to play it even at a conscious age where I own Nintendo consoles.

    00:03:49,032 --> 00:03:52,060
    I once tried to play Mario Galaxy, but somehow it... didn't get along nicely with me.

    00:03:52,082 --> 00:03:59,176
    And this is exactly why I don't want to see Mario games' gameplay elements in Sonic. I don't! Because when I play Sonic, I want... Well, you understand.

    00:04:01,002 --> 00:04:06,056
    I... I don't want to play Mario! You... here, do you see the word "Mario" anywhere in here?! At least somewhere?!

    00:04:08,016 --> 00:04:12,062
    And since I haven't ripped one of my nipples off with my own teeth already, let's begin.

    00:04:12,654 --> 00:04:14,654
    And with that said, we'll start with the plot.

    00:04:14,094 --> 00:04:19,116
    Sonic Lost World continues the cartoony vibe started in Sonic Colours, which successfully carried over into Sonic Generations.

    00:04:20,052 --> 00:04:26,144
    By the way, I'll be comparing the plot, and the game itself, with Sonic Colours, because, well, it's Nintendo, you know, and their essence is pretty similar.

    00:04:27,074 --> 00:04:36,086
    During another scuffle with Eggman, Black & Blue Drunk and Yellow Jaundice stumble upon a certain "Lost Hex", which is either a planet or the product of a crazed machine lover's perverted imagination.

    00:04:37,006 --> 00:04:41,040
    And Eggman has become nostalgic for some reason, deciding to steal small animals, like in the good old days.

    00:04:41,006 --> 00:04:47,104
    Among other things he has constructed a device that sucks the Earth of its energy, portrayed as green jelly-like substance.

    00:04:48,088 --> 00:04:54,156
    In this he's helped by six new dirtbags, inspired by a screenwriter's most common ideas about defects to society.

    00:04:55,078 --> 00:05:00,092
    ...that the hedgehog will meet... well, right at the moment he lands on a strange planet.

    00:05:01,005 --> 00:05:08,103
    Who are they anyway? Well, judging by thecover, they are the Dangerous... sorry, Deadly Six, whose respective race is called the Zeti.

    00:05:09,007 --> 00:05:12,039
    Honestly, I never tried to remember their names, and that's not because I'm too lazy to do so...

    00:05:13,032 --> 00:05:15,038
    It would be a highly lauded effort of great magnitude.

    00:05:16,002 --> 00:05:22,006
    ...but because NOBODY - neither Eggman nor the Deadly Six members themselves - calls each other by their names.

    00:05:22,046 --> 00:05:27,104
    In return, I'll limit myself to typical descriptions of their not-so-deep personalities. The writers wanted to achieve that, and they did.

    00:05:28,042 --> 00:05:35,046
    So, we've got a psychopath, a stupid vagina, an emo kid, a fat one, obviously because being overweight is frigging funny...

    00:05:36,002 --> 00:05:39,008
    If we add the sound of a truck backing up anyway...

    00:05:39,068 --> 00:05:45,162
    ...kung fu granddad who's lost his Quentin Tarantino cred, and the most competent, and therefore most dangerous, asshole in charge of the gang.

    00:05:46,009 --> 00:05:51,063
    And if you give a damn about all this garbage, then you appear to be either the writer of this game or his psychoanalyst.

    00:05:52,007 --> 00:05:59,049
    And where did Eggman dig up this circus? I have no idea, but what's important is that he had the means to control them with his mystical "Cacophonic Conch."

    00:06:00,048 --> 00:06:02,116
    Right up until a meddlesome hedgy intervened.

    00:06:03,435 --> 00:06:05,435
    What's the reason for me to still like this series, again?

    00:06:05,009 --> 00:06:11,035
    Yes, this is where the initial intertwining of the game takes place. The Six conquer Eggman's base, which forces him to temporarily unite with his mortal enemies.

    00:06:12,006 --> 00:06:17,010
    Sonic and Tails agree through their teeth to help him, because those dirtbags have decided to pump literally all the energy out of the Earth.

    00:06:18,054 --> 00:06:20,096
    For they themselves to become stronger, naturally.

    00:06:21,008 --> 00:06:23,050
    The plot description could be considered finished after that.

    00:06:23,076 --> 00:06:29,098
    I want to say that the story is bad, not because it's targeting the kids of Sonic Team members and the ones who sympathize with them,

    00:06:30,036 --> 00:06:35,037
    ...but because the main characters of the game are even more pungently irritating than all of the newly introduced Deadly Six put together.

    00:06:35,086 --> 00:06:41,168
    EVERY one of Sonic's lines is literally ripped out of "Sonic Sez". You know, those segments that aired after every episode of Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog?

    00:06:42,096 --> 00:06:48,097
    This way, Sonic can pose as an icon of morality here as well, and uphold his duty to set an example for the player.

    00:07:29,068 --> 00:07:36,162
    I can literally see Nintendo people tweaking the story so it will convey basic morality to the player: "Kids, don't follow the example of all these vile creatures".

    00:07:37,008 --> 00:07:39,030
    Redheads especially, nobody likes gingers.

    00:07:40,044 --> 00:07:50,052
    But it's actually funny how all these "unwritten truths" come out of the mouth of a limitlessly STUPID character who not only insults everybody on a regular basis, but has the tendency to act before considering the consequences.

    00:07:50,088 --> 00:07:56,102
    The voice of reason, usually coming out of Tails' mouth, tries to squeeze through kilotons of the little fox's hysterics.

    00:07:57,044 --> 00:08:00,098
    "You don't trust me, you're working with Eggman, blah-blah-blah."

    00:08:06,088 --> 00:08:12,097
    Needless to say such hysterics are meaningless, but you see, it just takes one glance at all their joint adventures to understand one simple truth:

    00:08:14,012 --> 00:08:16,104
    Tails is almost always right and Eggman can't be trusted.

    00:08:17,056 --> 00:08:19,122
    But it appears we've already discussed the hedgehog's mental sluggishness.

    00:08:20,064 --> 00:08:27,073
    They did some strange shit to Eggman, actually. Rather than an evil scientist, he has become... an evil scientist possessing colorful insight on humanism.

    00:08:28,094 --> 00:08:32,126
    He wants to suck energy from the Earth, but not to a point where it will perish, so there would still be something to conquer.

    00:08:34,012 --> 00:08:37,020
    That's logical... but in turn doesn't appear to be a typical phenomenon.

    00:08:38,052 --> 00:08:44,058
    He'll stoop to saving Sonic and Tails from danger in addition to that... just to betray them later and try to kill them at the end of the game.

    00:08:45,004 --> 00:08:53,036
    And while I'm able to see the necessity in saving Sonic's life - because someone has to defeat the Zeti - his saving Tails still irks me somehow.

    00:08:53,096 --> 00:09:02,162
    To protect the only guy who's understanding of the fact that Eggman is a freaking pitch-black condom, a guy who can interfere with his plans at any moment... Well, somehow this actually hurts my brain.

    00:09:05,058 --> 00:09:12,142
    There are also Orbot and Cubot, but these guys have no purpose except hanging in the background and irritating players with lame jokes.

    00:09:13,008 --> 00:09:17,013
    Speaking of jokes, they aren't all as bad in Sonic Lost World as they were in Colours.

    00:09:18,054 --> 00:09:23,152
    The humor level has raised by 1.5 points in my view - this is exactly how many funny jokes Sonic Lost World has over Sonic Colours.

    00:09:37,005 --> 00:09:42,079
    The game hasn't limited itself with the cast of characters I've mentioned, by the way, so yes, Amy and Knuckles fans can rest well.

    00:09:43,052 --> 00:09:48,054
    Actually they can't, because their favorites have suddenly repurposed themselves into babysitters for all the little critters.

    00:09:48,084 --> 00:09:55,122
    I mean they appear only in cutscenes, in which they call Sonic via Skype to continually report on how things are pretty freaking bad on Earth.

    00:09:56,056 --> 00:09:59,150
    This information won't be able to surpass even the worst hemorrhoid ointment in terms of usefulness... (see pirated russian SADX translation)

    00:10:01,034 --> 00:10:06,052
    ...which will be insanely neccesary for me after voicing the last problem I have with this story.

    00:10:06,086 --> 00:10:08,184
    In a plot twist, the Zeti mistakenly kidnap Tails instead of Sonic.

    00:10:10,001 --> 00:10:14,095
    They threaten to have him roboticized, and after that comes the only good cutscene, with Tails cosplaying as Burt Reynolds...

    00:10:22,574 --> 00:10:24,574
    ...the little fox turns into...

    00:10:38,009 --> 00:10:40,035
    Okay, fine, just let this one be.

    00:10:41,026 --> 00:10:46,092
    Does this mean that the writers will try to compensate for a possibility missed in Sonic Colors and try to set Tails as a boss?

    00:10:47,048 --> 00:10:50,124
    Because he's probably the only character in the series that I wouldn't just take a shit on, really.

    00:10:51,513 --> 00:10:53,513
    Will they dare to tickle my fancy?

    00:11:18,007 --> 00:11:20,009
    Dirty, lying bastards...

    00:11:21,002 --> 00:11:24,007
    But that's not all. Do you know HOW Tails managed to avoid his roboticizing?

    00:11:25,056 --> 00:11:27,059
    He has reprogrammed a computer WITH A TOOTHPICK.

    00:11:30,014 --> 00:11:36,112
    It's like if Aladdin had freed himself from the shackles keeping him imprisoned with the help of his own penis that magically reacts to his whistle.

    00:11:37,268 --> 00:11:39,268
    Well, you know, like a snake-charmer.

    00:11:39,056 --> 00:11:42,128
    Recapping: the story is kiddy, all the characters are idiots, robo-Tails was a missed opportunity.

    00:11:43,045 --> 00:11:45,045
    And we will never refer to it again.

    00:11:45,008 --> 00:11:49,064
    When you're thrown into a game, the first thing that stands out will be level design, for sure.

    00:11:50,074 --> 00:11:56,092
    Now, it's not a road, straight and narrow like a redneck's mind, but a long strand of shit allowing you to circle around its axis.

    00:11:57,003 --> 00:12:00,017
    So what does it give to the player aside from a chronic migraine and an empty stomach?

    00:12:01,008 --> 00:12:04,072
    Well, one can say that it adds some non-linearity to level progress...

    00:12:05,001 --> 00:12:11,017
    ...and also hardens the search of animal containers and red star rings, which are necessary for continuing through the game. But more about those later.

    00:12:11,056 --> 00:12:15,063
    And I would call it a good idea, if it wouldn't fall to pieces at every turn.

    00:12:16,814 --> 00:12:18,814
    This is not comfortable in any freaking way, and it's irritating.

    00:12:19,016 --> 00:12:21,016
    There's a "but" or two to this, however.

    00:12:21,008 --> 00:12:24,080
    I'm sure that every one of you understands the true essence of Sonic games.

    00:12:25,052 --> 00:12:26,360

    00:12:27,000 --> 00:12:31,022
    We've become accustomed to rush through a level at a neckbreaking pace, utterly destroying everything in our way, aren't we?

    00:12:31,084 --> 00:12:36,162
    So, now imagine the very same situation, but Sonic will deviate, say, 60 degrees from time to time.

    00:12:37,088 --> 00:12:39,088
    Make it stop, I'm going to hurl.

    00:12:40,046 --> 00:12:46,094
    Speaking of my personal experiences with playing such missions, I very rarely took the opportunity to travel on lower points in the levels.

    00:12:47,052 --> 00:12:50,060
    I seriously can't find the point in this, because of one simple reason:

    00:12:50,094 --> 00:12:53,138
    The insistent search of containers bears absolutely no necessity.

    00:12:54,076 --> 00:12:56,102
    Why the hell are they needed at all here?

    00:12:57,004 --> 00:13:02,082
    As soon as you get to the map screen, resembling a strange board game without any rules and restrictions...

    00:13:02,082 --> 00:13:03,139

    00:13:04,032 --> 00:13:06,046'll notice that the final act of the zone is closed.

    00:13:06,094 --> 00:13:09,120
    It's necessary to save a certain number of animals to open it.

    00:13:10,004 --> 00:13:14,004
    So, to put it bluntly, you're buying from the game a possibility to finish a zone.

    00:13:14,082 --> 00:13:16,178
    So what kind of world is this where animals have become currency?

    00:13:22,004 --> 00:13:22,013
    Need beer, now.

    00:13:23,003 --> 00:13:24,537
    I'm out of money.

    00:13:37,004 --> 00:13:42,008
    Here, take this cat, you can exchange it for a case or about as much probably.

    00:13:49,195 --> 00:13:51,195
    Oh, and buy some cigarettes.

    00:13:51,195 --> 00:13:52,392
    This won't be enough!

    00:13:52,009 --> 00:13:55,035
    God, catch any rat on a porch then, just like I taught you.

    00:14:06,036 --> 00:14:08,045
    Hey... a ten...

    00:14:11,028 --> 00:14:17,054
    The joke is that not only can you collect animals in levels, where they are hidden in these very containers and the badniks you kill;

    00:14:17,008 --> 00:14:21,009
    There are also tents scattered on the Wheel of Fortune-esque field that lead to mini-games about animal "abuse".

    00:14:22,014 --> 00:14:27,014
    Utilizing the Wii U's brute of a controller, one has to pop the balloons in which these very animals are contained.

    00:14:27,052 --> 00:14:29,090
    This turns out to be absolutely inhumane AND COOL.

    00:14:30,022 --> 00:14:34,084
    The problem is that tents need to be unlocked too, and that's what the red star rings are collected for.

    00:14:35,028 --> 00:14:38,036
    So, here's my advice to you: there's no point to even care about it.

    00:14:38,046 --> 00:14:44,050
    It's always better to have stars of course, but I assure you, in the end of the game 5 unlocked tents on the entire map will be way more than enough for you.

    00:14:44,088 --> 00:14:49,174
    That's because with each return to the map after a level, tents end up in their designated spots, always ready to give you as much fauna as possible.

    00:14:50,078 --> 00:14:53,110
    Borderline-cheating for currency literally kills its very neccessity.

    00:14:54,024 --> 00:15:00,092
    It's like if you were to run out of money to buy a something to eat, so instead of getting a job you go outside and start frisking passers-by.

    00:15:01,036 --> 00:15:01,112
    Oh wait...

    00:15:02,012 --> 00:15:03,607
    But I digress.
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    So, question I don't think anyone's asked yet: how will the dual-screen animal-grinding minigame carnival stages work on the PC version? Do they just scroll now? ...or did they do the more fun thing of just excising the animal-grinding requirements for new stages entirely?
  6. GeneHF


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    Probably the way they appear on the TV: zoomed out and you have to keep track of the whole map and the characters.

    But if animal gates are a concern, we can most likely generate a script to give players... what, 8000 animals right off the bat? That should open every gate.
  7. TimmiT


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    It wouldn't surprise me if it'd be possible to remove those gates entirely by modding the game.
  8. Atendega


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    I never had an issue with the animal gates, and I rarely played the minigames. If you just do a decent amount of exploration in the levels and pop open a bunch of capsules, you should be fine. I never understood why people complained about that.
  9. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    It's just annoying. Like if the animals unlocked some fun extras that'd be something, but they're just used to keep you from progressing further until you get a certain number of them. They should be treated more like Red Rings or the Chaos Emeralds, not like the Sun and Moon medals from Unleashed.
  10. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I think I only got caught by the animal gates once, maybe twice. Same with the medals in Unleashed; I was only caught out at Jungle Joyride Daytime and before that I didn't even realise there was a system in place at all. But that's besides the point. If the focus of the game isn't to collect the animals in some sort of goal system (think the Power Stars in SM64), then it should be for extras and extras alone. In Lost World, the animals do unlock extra vehicles for the crappy co-op mode, but I'm going to guess 99% of people here are like me and have never had the chance (or desire) to use it. Forcing players to retread levels levels they've already beaten without any real purpose is pretty bad.

    Colours and Gens gave players a reason to retread levels- they had different layouts and some gimmicky challenges, but even that was rather unfun and felt like padding. The only time a game should force you to go back to previous stages is to do things you couldn't do before that are now going to be part of a significantly different experience. Too many Sonic games have been padded in this way.
  11. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Come to think of it, now that the co-op mode of the game has been put into question, what will be the fate of those RC things? Maybe they'll work more like they did in the 3DS version?
  12. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Well they didn't require the gamepad or anything. They could function exactly the same as before, but would simply get even less usage from the players. I am curious about the Rhythm Wisp though, as that was the only part of Lost World that was totally reliant on the Game Pad even after the patch.
  13. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Oh no I get that but maybe they'd be cpu controlled instead.
  14. Lozicle


    If modding becomes a very serious "thing" for Lost World, and that modding grows into adding levels into the game, I hope people make levels based on the different gameplay styles outside of the main run-jump-parkour stuff. There was talk of new auto-running zones or grinding zones, but I had something else in mind.

    Adding a bit of conveyance to the already existing levels would help as well. For example, in Frozen Factory Zone 2, place a trail of rings in front of the first little yeti monster. That would lead the player to realize that the yetis make the stage much easier. And in Lava Mountain Zone 2, maybe have a Clucker-cart grab some rings and die to a bomb cart to show that bomb carts are insta-kills. Though I suppose the people playing this game already know how everything works, so...

    Also adding small stuff (making it so bosses talk BEFORE checkpoints instead of after; placing more animals in the capsules to make the gates less of an issue; giving Omochao's missions a purpose) would be appreciated.
  15. Azookara


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    Honestly if someone could just mod the game to not have dash-pads in front of every slope you run into, that'd already improve the game by a mile.

    Granted I think they did that because Sonic isn't affected by them in any way and they made them scripted to hide how pointless they are to the gameplay, but at least giving you the ability to control your movement going down them would be some sort of improvement over having none at all and watching the game play itself for you.

    If only there was a way to get Sonic to react to slopes the same way he does on rails.. I'm sure that's all hard coded though.
  16. Lozicle


    On a related note, someone please mod out those hidden yellow springs in the levels. They're mostly wherever you would be expected to parkour up a wall, as if they don't have faith in the player making it on his/her own.

    That or they don't have faith in the parkour mechanic itself.
  17. Azookara


    take it from me, little buddy Member
    Meowth's party
    Didn't honestly have much of a problem with the hidden spring thing. Maybe if they were a bit less frequent, sure, but I thought they were neat.
  18. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Whenever I go through WH1, I make a concerted effort to avoid the dash panels and hidden springs - the level is much more for it. All you have to do is slightly weave around the dash pads and jump where you would as though the springs weren't there. They're definitely a hindrance to the game because of how overused they are. There's simply no real reason to hold the player's hand that much. Not everything needs to be a bloody set piece.
  19. Twilightzoney


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    I like how they made you realize that you could jump off walls when running up them in 2d. Then in later levels you would have to do that. So it had some kinda learning I knew there were a few times they used it in later levels with the hidden springs. But the LUA stuff suggests the level order we see in the game wasn't what it was originally meant to be.
  20. Azookara


    take it from me, little buddy Member
    Meowth's party
    Yeah, I thought the hidden springs in Act 1 weren't too bad because they were teaching you a new mechanic. It was only grating when the dash pads and giant springs and cannons and what else turned one second of scripted movement into like, twenty or more.

    And really? I'd imagine some of the stages in Sky Road were probably not meant to be Sky Road stages, since.. yeah you know.