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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

  1. Jay T.

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    I kind of enjoyed the Werehog concept. It has its flaws, and can get a bit repetitive, but overall, I liked it. Could've been a lot better, but hey. I never did have too much interest in the Wii version. I mean, it had some okay things, but some of those extremely short extra acts are not my cup of tea. Didn't the Werehog have like, around 5 Acts in Eggmanland? I never got around to finishing that game. The whole thing felt, well, watered down. I did play that version first, by the way.

    Lost World is okay. As some said, best to wait till a price drop.

    On a slightly different subject, any guesses on which Zelda world the next DLC is gonna be based off of? And do you think SEGA should continue making Nintendo themed DLCs like that? I can see Skyward Sword, but I know very little of the game itself, so I can't be specific on levels.
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    Welcome to Internet discussions 101. :specialed:/>

    -Worst boss fights in the series, easily. None of them felt like actual bosses... or even certifiable threats.

    -Music isn't a surprise. Same thing happened when Senoue was the only guy making music. 90% of the soundtrack here was Tomoya Ohtani, which is a step down from earlier games which had several more composers: Nanba, Tokoi, Fumatani, Kobayashi, Minobe, Hataya.

    -Less Mario ripoffs, more sticking to basic platforming tropes. There IS a stronger Nintendo influence than usual, remember.

    -Automation has been a problem with the series since Sonic Adventure. It's one of those things they really need to work on minimizing all around.

    -Yes. Cloud bouncing kills the pace of the game. This could have been handled much better.

    -Yes. Sinister Six were not helped by how bland they all were. This was worsened by having garbage boss battles. They were glorified midbosses, if even that.

    -Snowball, stealth section, pinball... the game reeked of one-off experimental levels where you can tell they were just doing things for the sake of doing them and forcing gimmick variety. In reality, those two could have been removed for better showcases of the Parkour system (which itself also needs work.) I actually did enjoy the one-hit kill minecarts. I can see where people would be frustrated with it, and with the sudden introduction (and one-level use of it), it really would have been better off as a Hard Mode mission.

    As garbage as Unleashed was at times, and even with its strange duality, it still had something of an identity to it. It tried to marry Sonic Rush gameplay in 3D with a weird brawler gimmick and also integrate some aspect from the Adventure series (serious fact: it began development under the name Sonic Adventure 3.) Lost World tries a new approach, but the fact it doesn't seem to do anything particularly noteworthy, even when trying to show off the Parkour system, makes it feel like it has no identity or vision. It just kind of is.
  3. guess who marry me you have the most correct opinions
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    People seem to love claiming that the levels in Unleashed are 50% good and 50% shit split between Day and Night, but honestly the later Daytime Stages and missions in Unleashed get so brutal and filled with trial-and-error that I find relief in the Nighttime levels (which I maintain aren't too bad aside from the inherent silliness of werewolf Sonic as a concept and that music. Do a variable mix for each setting if you need battle music to creep in 10+ times per level, not one blaring jazz song for all of them).

    That said, I haven't played Lost World beyond the demo level and won't buy it unless I see it marked down further than I have...because from the demo alone I can't say I enjoyed it. Apotos Daytime and Green Hill (Act 1, not 2) weren't necessarily indicative of the rest of their games but were fun enough to pique my interest...I can't say I felt the same about Tropical Coast which honestly left me feeling...I want to say confused?
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    Unleashed was decent. The Werehog as a character was dumb as all hell but the stages were usually fun. The Day stages had the best Sonic gameplay in 3D up to that point, and they laid the foundation for Colors and Generations. I loved the Hub Worlds, too. The little stories you'd see unfold with the NPCs were really reminiscent of SA1.

    Also we really need this to be a permanent fixture. [​IMG]
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    I'll give the 360 Werehog (with its longer levels and greater focus on combat over the Wii version) this much -- as filler content in post-SA1 games go, it's the only one that didn't have me constantly enraged (fucking hell, SA2, how did you manage to screw up the emerald hunting so thoroughly?)

    EDIT: And, frankly, one of the nice things about God of War clones in general is that they are not burdened by the even shittier story that that GoW games have.
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    This is now the "Unleashed wasn't all that bad but really it was maybe" thread. Anyway, while we're off-topic like that:

    I'm in the camp that thought it was a pretty decent game. One thing I particularly disagree with is how bad the hub worlds are. I actually really liked the hub worlds and thought they brought an atmosphere and personality none of the other Sonic games had. Each and every single NPC you encountered was different and a lot of them actually had personalities and things going on. It also felt like Sonic actually fit in this world, with the humans being stylized instead of sorta realistic looking humans in previous games:

    Unleashed is the only Sonic game that pays attention to the world Sonic runs around while also trying to make the world something interesting, and I think it deserves more credit for that than it gets.
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    Unleashed HD was just a plain bad game. Not Sonic 06 awful, but half of it was just as needlessly frustrating. Unleashed Wii, despite being 'empty' by comparison, was a better overall game by virtue of not having shitty level design, more focus on the drift rather than the quickstep, Werehog stages that were short and reasonably challenging (Werehog HD was mostly just boring, easy and dragged on for at least twenty minutes) and a final boss that was actually decent (pretty much every part of the Dark Gaia fight was done better than the HD version). Even Colours and Generations weren't enough to entirely remove the bad taste Unleashed left in my mouth, so to speak, and the boost gameplay shall not be missed.
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    I was going to write up a response to this but this line of thought is so far removed from everything I thought was real that my brain can't
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    Random tidbit about Unleashed HD : when attempting the hot dog stand missions for Adabat, I realized the night stage is shorter than the daytime one, provided you don't aim for the S-Rank by killing everything. I completed Adabat Night Act 1 in about three minutes, while Day took at least six. It made me chuckle.
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    meh, I liked both versions of unleashed just fine. but really, what does Unleashed have to do with Lost world, Jurassic Hedgehog?
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
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    AND WITH THAT, I bring this train back on the rails. Less Unleashed, more Lost World.
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    How 'bout that Lost World, huh?
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    I think I can safely say Sonic Lost World is the most middle-of-the-road 3D game I've played. Some of them, I love for whatever reasons. Adventure 1, Unleashed, Colors, Generations. Others, I avoid playing for whatever reasons Adventure 2 (mech/emeralds), Heroes, Shadow and 06. But Lost World is its own kind of Sonic game to me, absolutely neutral. Some parts of the game I greatly enjoy, and others I'd just rather not deal with. Visually I find the game can range from great (Windy Hill / Tropical Coast / Silent Forest Act 1) to drab (Silent Forest Act 4 / Lava Mountain ((Zavok's Castle)) / Desert Ruins ((Act 1 + 4)). Musically the game, can again, range from great to drab, though as a whole I'm still quite fond of the score. The game's great concepts and poor execution just leave me feeling very indifferent.

    I was beyond excited for this, more than I was for Colors and more than I was for Generations. To me those 2 games are the pinnacle of console Sonic games in the last 10 years, and it seemed like Sonic Team was comfortable enough to go "Okay, let's try something new, apply what we've learned and see what we can do next." To me, Parkour is a natural evolution of what Sonic could, and frankly should be doing. But half-heartedly is not the way to go. So many times the game either lets you bypass the parkour (Lava Mountain Act 3) or places hidden springs to jolt you past wall jumping sections. It feels timid about its system. Which is okay because it doesn't always work that great. Join that with a plot progression marred by platforming game structure, bland 2D level design (it feels like a Kirby game to me. I love Kirby, but that works for Kirby), and mechanics like snowballs that aren't built up to, and just...guh.

    I hope in a sequel Sonic Team builds on this the way Colors built on Unleashed. I think Lost World 2 / Sonic Whatever can do some good with these introduced gameplay mechanics. But this game really isn't what I hoped it would be, at all. Not BAD, but not as great as I had it built up in my hype pre-release. I've pretty much just regurgitated what everyone has said, but what else can you really say about Lost World. I'm admittedly a little anxious about whatever is coming our way, which I hoped I wouldn't have to feel after the Unleashed trilogy. speaking of HD > SD
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    All I could really hope for is Sega to make the next game like UnleashedHD, but with no medal filler or alternate style game play, just a refinement of what SLW gave. Big environments with charming hubworlds, more of that actual Sonic feel again, plus the spin dash and parkour stuff from this new style. SUHD's atmosphere is astounding and is something I want more out of the series than anything else, even if I don't exactly want only real world locations.

    But on the topic of the game itself, it'd just work, know what I mean? They just gotta drop the need to make everything resemble a non-speed-based platformer and remember how the speed/platforming mixture worked to begin with, and by that I especially mean for them to remember (non-scripted) loops and hills and slopes next time. That's the big kicker to me that really made this game not feel that "Sonic" at all; without the slopes and loops, you're missing over half the point behind why Sonic is so interesting to play. Without that focus, the game is just clunky, flat and awkward.. not that those level design philosophies alone would fix all of this new style's problems, but it'd fix a lot of them.

    That's one part of why it feels so "un-Sonic" but I guess the other is the run button, obviously. Sonic doesn't need that. You never really did for precision movement, even, since the classics and SA games felt fine to me. Why not make the "run button" thing become more of a "parkour button" that makes you vault ledges and wall run around when held? That'd be nice.

    I guess another thing that they should probably do next game is focus more on player physics. They probably took the piss and just dodged that bullet with this game since they were making a space-game ala Galaxy so whatever, but it still feels a bit uncomfortable that Sonic is so easy to lose speed with; it's almost like Sonic 4 levels of jolty movement. They should definitely cut down Sonic's air drag as well as make him accelerate/decelerate a bit more gradually on-ground, would've made for much more satisfying controls. And they should def-o-nite-ly add some weight to being in "ball mode" but being on Retro I almost left that unsaid because of it being an obvious given

    All else I can really say they need to work on is ability redundancy. Sonic can crouch and somersault, but can also Spin Dash and roll on a different button..? Might as well just put crouch on the trigger, the Spin Dash hotbutton on the face button area (good ol' Sanc Adventure), and then make the somersault a roll from a dead stop. It'd save a lot of trouble in over-complexifying things. Also, stuff like the kick attack and the multiple-homing-attack have got to go. They seemed to be good ideas at the time, but they just didn't fare well enough. Sonic would work best with the simplicity of "dash, jump, spin" instead of so many weird side things all over the place.

    But yeah, Sonic + Spin Dashing + parkour = match made in heaven, just hoping that they go and refine it in a way that is more like a traditional Sonic than whatever Lost World was. It was an okay game, but it was a bit on the weird side, and not really in the good way.
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    Lots of discussion in this thread was about Sonic Unleashed recently.
    When it was launched I restrained from buying it as it was called 'shit' by many, but now I turned to the dark side and will give it a go on the Wii.
    I could still get it brand new too and in factory plastic

    As for back on topic, I had the chance to buy a Wii U today so I could play Lost World but since it is not a system seller as many informed me here, I will still hold off that boat.
    Maybe a PS4 after all...
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    Don't. If you do, get a complete save file and just play Cool Edge and Dragon Road on the Wii version. :v:

    I'm starting to believe most recent Sonic games should probably be played with complete save files from the start instead given Sega's insistence on padding/filler without trusting the main content itself to be replayable enough.
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    I'm actually finding the game to be pretty good, maybe those of us who are complaining, are just out of practice with playing new games that challenge us like the old days.

    though the wisps are hit and miss some times.