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Sonic Lost World (Wii U, 3DS, PC) Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 17, 2013.

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    See, there's a trick to that. Treat the centre of the circle pad as if it was the circle you're running on. You have to rock the pad in a circular motion for Sonic to run around it completely. It's hard to explain but easy to do once you grasp the concept. I agree though, it's not exactly intuitive or explained well. :v:
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    From what I can tell, one of Lost World's problems is that it suffers from what seems to be Sonic Team's irrational paranoia that a single 'core gameplay' will cause players to get bored partway through the game, regardless of how varied you make level design and enemies. It's been happening since the original Sonic Adventure in some shape or form, with the exception of, surprisingly, the Storybook titles, which were were actually consistent with their core gameplay. After 06, when Iizuka started his idiotic 'Sonic only' thing from misinterpreting the fans who wanted an end to this bullshit, we got the Werehog in Unleashed, the Wisps in Colours (though at least they were integrated into the core gameplay as 'powerups') and Classic Sonic in Generations (who was tolerable by virtue of being way more fun than Modern Sonic), continuing their obsession with gameplay roulette via Sonic himself rather than other characters.

    In this case, it comes in the form of overly gimmicky levels that override the core gameplay in favor of something 'different'. Sonic Team really need to get their heads out of their asses and focus on making the parkour gameplay work with momentum-based mechanics. They had the right idea with the speed tiers and the parkour, but they completely missed a fantastic opportunity.
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    This man could hardly be more right. I don't mind one or two acts that spice things up, a little change from the norm. You know, fun things like Sand Hill or Sky Chase in SA1. So long as they're infrequent though. SLW U is made up mostly of these gimmick acts, while the core gameplay is completely lost save for a few levels. If more of the game was like DR1, I'd like it a hell of a lot more. That stage is ridiculously fun, in both the 2D and 3D areas.
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    Yup, that about sums my main problem with the game. Though it also feels like they are scared of the game not being long enough, so they include levels that re-use assets from previous levels and aren't really fun. Sky Road in particular is a big offender of this.
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    >still no Wii U copy in the mail

    y u do this, UPS. I planned to wipe the game out in one go yesterday, but nooo, I had to go be social instead.

    No regrets.
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    My copy's in West Virginia right now, which is a few states over. I'm guessing it'll arrive Saturday, but no idea for sure.

    Finally, I can bask in the mediocrity others have been basking in for a good half month already.
  8. Gonna get the Wii U version today~
  9. The type of RC vehicles that appear after you die multiple times appear to be random: on that part, I've had a stealth jet and a UFO too. Funnily enough, I found that level easy as hell. It's just a pity the 3DS version cuts out some of the badniks like the Chopper.
  10. So I got the 3DS version today

    these special stages are the worst what the heck. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but geez do I hate gyro controls.
  11. Blue Blood

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    They're completely 1:1. Hold the 3DS directly in front of you, and don't tilt/turn it. Turn your entire body otherwise you'll mess up. Best way to play is either standing up or in a swivel chair.

    but yeah they're bad wtf dimps
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    Guess they blew their load on the Colors DS Special Stages. :specialed:/>
  13. It's the gyro controls that make the Special Stages bad. If they'd had normal controls they'd have been better, I'm sure.
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    I loved the Special stages! If you stand up you can control it pretty easily!

    The RC vehicles seem to be coded on a checkpoint-dependant basis. The stealth jet simply breaks the game as it can go through scenery; you can skip LOOONG sections and even get yourself in limbo with it.
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    Not sure if it's been pointed out yet but there's a hard mode available per world once you meet certain conditions on the 3DS levels. Scenery is recolored (mostly) while there's some object placement changes and the levels are almost bone dry for rings. Dying in these levels respawns you with one ring as a result of the scarcity.

    Some pro-tips for playing the 3DS Version:

    1) Use a chair that you spin around in for the Special Stages so you don't risk falling over from dizziness. There's a restart option for the special stages that can be abused if you screw up on the start screen.

    2) Starved for lives? Silent Forest Act 2 hands them out to you like candy so often I swear it's almost "Casino Street Act 2" bad.

    3) Super Sonic can be useful for Red Ring hunting due to his increased jump height and speed and is unable to drown (a la Sonic 4). He's also able to be used during Boss Fights (including the final boss) unlike Colors. Using a wisp power will make you power drown (there's no other way to do so without losing all your rings). Be warned that the giant sandworm in Desert Ruins can still eat you alive and kill you as a result.

    4) You can run on the surface of the water of Tropical Coast Act 3 (which is a 3D level) if you can get yourself up there through Parkhour abuse (easier with Super Sonic). The whirlpools don't render above the surface and may catch you off guard since you can't see them. This water running is only useable for a few seconds before you sink and jumping will end the experience even faster.

    5) The Jaws badnik is nearly impossible to kill without damaging yourself since hitting it from any side has produced the same result of me losing all my rings regardless of if my attack was a jump, homing attack, spindash, or even during Drill Mode. I recommend just avoiding contact with it entirely.

    6) Stealth Bot will make you be able to go through enemies and hazards without fear of being damaged, the enemies won't even notice you. Electro Spinners' electric barriers are also unable to harm you.

    There were others I want to establish on here, but I didn't write them down before making this post. :v:
  16. I'm wondering if anyone could explain to me on what you do with those sand worms you can kill. I try homing attacking but that gets me hit, I try airkicking then homing attacking but I almost timed out doing that, so I want to know is there a quicker way to do this?
  17. Just played the Wii U version.

    I love it.
  18. TimmiT


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    It will be fun to watch you come back and say you hate it once you get to the second half of the game.
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    I'm pretty confident satan would want to shake the hand of the guy who designed those 3ds special stages.
  20. How would he shake his hand? I'm sure the guys wrists are completely twisted all over the place.