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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JcFerggy, Apr 21, 2011.

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    I don't believe anyone brought up this poll from a year ago, but it was favorite levels themes. After reading, my friend and I got talking about what level would fit each the best, as if we were deciding levels for Sonic Generations. Mind you, we included Sonic 3D Blast in the list of Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3, Knuckles, Adventure, and Adventure 2.

    Air/Flight - Flying Battery/Sky Deck
    Casino - Carnival Night/Spring Yard
    City - City Escape/Speed Highway
    Water - Hydrocity/Tidal Tempest
    Beach - Emerald Coast/Angel Island?
    Outer Space - Death Egg(Sonic 3)/Final Rush
    Snow/Ice - Ice Cap/Diamond Dust
    Fire/Lava - Lava Reef/Volcanic Valley
    Rock/Mountains - Red Moutain/Sky Rail
    Greens/Forest/Jungle - Mushroom Hill/Green Forest/White Jungle
    Factory/Industrial - Chemical Plant/Metal Harbor
    Temple/Ruins - Aqua Ruins/Lost World
    Haunted - Mystic Caves/Pumpkin Hill
    Desert/Sand - Sand Ocean/Sandopolis

    Others that we liked but didn't really fit were Stardust Speedway(Metal Sonic, Iconic), Oil Ocean(Oil was a cool hazard, unique) , and Quarts Quadrant(Nice looking, mine track rails would be of use).

    I guess to continue this, we can argue this list, and talk about other iconic levels. Make a track list of levels that would be in YOUR version of Sonic Generations.
  2. ancara


    If my maths are correct, I can give a decent guess on how many zones will appear:

    I assume they can fit at least Colo(u)rs' amount of acts/zones/whatever into here, hopefully each one being full enough to be a full zone. That means 6 * 6 (amount of acts per area normally in the game) = 36, + 2 (Terminal Velocity) = 38 acts(bosses excluded). I assume that each zone is one thing, split into 2 versions (one for C. Sonic, the other for M. Sonic), so that would mean 38/2, which = 19. 19 Zones......maybe. If they can't do that many, I assume that it'll be smaller. Basically, that would mean taking the short acts (I count acts 3 and 6 as short acts) and condensing them to a bigger thing for a zone, that'd mean 2 * 6 = 12. 38-12 = 26. Thus, if done like so, you'd likely have a more likely number of 13 zones total, maybe 12 if it's a little smaller yet more condensed.

    So yeah, I'm thinking we'll likely see about 12-19 zones. That'd be more than enough to cover a good amount of zones for the game. But what would be the most likely choices?

    If things go as they likely will, there will be at least one zone per game from sonic's history. Those games I assume will be these games:

    Sonic 1
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    Sonic and Knuckles
    Sonic CD
    Sonic 3D Blast (iffy on this one)
    Sonic Adventure
    Sonic Adventure 2

    (anything past this is uncertain until shown otherwise from gameplay vidjas.)

    7-8 games for zones to appear in (I dunno if it'll go past that point, but if it does, hey, neat. :v: ), plenty of zones to choose from. possibly enough room for 2 zones per game, which I'm ok with.

    But if 2 zones are chosen per game, which would work? Here's what I assume will show up:

    Sonic 1:

    Green Hill Zone (confirmed, of course) : This one is in, and the reason is obvious: It's the first zone ever from the series. so of course they'd add it. It's also a good rep for the tropical/grassland trope used in several games from the series. So yeah, obvious entry is obvious).

    Marble Zone(iffy on this) : Would be a good rep for the ruins trope (although I'd say Aquatic Ruins Zone could fit better). I'd say Scrap Brain Zone, but remember, we don't want people rage-quitting on the second zone( :v: ). Maybe it's also because it holds a special place in my heart......but that's just me. :v:

    Sonic 2:

    Chemical Plant Zone: I see this as an excellent rep for the industrial trope, and would give some nice, high-speed racing for us to enjoy. Plus, this would be a good chance to see if such a high-speed zone would work decently for M. Sonic (5 rings says yes).

    Casino Night Zone: This is, without a doubt, the definitive casino trope zone. bumpers, slots, dem physics, and other interesting items. I can see some interesting pinball table-related gameplay for M. Sonic (like the stages from Sonic Heroes, only bigger and better :v: ).

    Sonic 3:

    Hydrocity Zone: Water trope zone ahoy! Now this is a great zone that'd fit perfectly for the game. The glorious HD details and architectures done for C. Sonic's version (and seeing water running again), plus going through this as M. Sonic and racing across water, slides going errywhere, and god knows what else. I'd love to see this one show up.

    Ice Cap Zone: This one's a given. It's a great choice to cover the Ice zone trope, and it's one of the most popular zones as well. I wouldn't mind playing through this as M. Sonic, going through something similar to Holaska's zone (minus lol-sum bobsleds), with a snowboarding section similar to Sonic Adventure's snowboarding section. It'd be an ice thing to see (see what I did thar? :v: ).

    Sonic and Knuckles:

    Sky Battery Zone: A good choice for an airship theme, and would possibly bring out some sick level design for M. Sonic. maybe something similar to Sky Deck, only tweaked a bit?

    Sandopolis Zone: Let's face it, they're going to choose a Sand trope zone, and as such, and this will likely be chosen. But I'm ok with this. I dunno what to expect if/when they choose this, but I wouldn't mind seeing what they could do with it.

    Sonic CD:

    Stardust Speedway: I think this is obvious for one reason: Sonic vs. Metal Sonic race, both classic and modern. Seems like a perfect way to see how a race-type zone works for M. Sonic, and would possibly make Metal Sonic a possible boss to fight at the end......maybe.

    ......and I draw a blank on what else would fit here.

    Sonic 3D Blast:

    Volcanic Valley Zone: Of all the zones from this game to choose from, this would be a perfect choice. A nice rep for the Volcanic/Lava zone trope, good music to remix, interesting ways to possibly apply 2D/3D level design, ect., ect. But that's just me. :v:

    .......again, drawing a blank here (but that's probably me being a derp here. :v: )

    Sonic Adventure:

    Emerald Coast: This is the first zone M. Sonic ever entered, so I am pretty sure we'll likely see it. The whale chase is iconic to the game and is one of the things people remember when SA is mentioned. I say this is likely in for certain.

    Red Mountain: A good choice for the Mountains zone trope, some good terrain to use as level design, two areas in which to go through (mountains, then lava-filled insides) and a nice track to remix. I assume something else like Sky Deck will be in instead, but I always have hopes for zones like this to be in instead.

    Sonic Adventure 2:

    City Escape: track remixing says hai. :v: Also, this is a great zone to choose to cover the City zone trope. I dunno what they'll do for C. Sonic's level design, but I hope it's good.

    Final Rush: I could see this as both a great semi-final to go trhough before the big "lolfinalboss" area, as well as a great choice for the Space zone trope. I can see this as the perfect zone to be the most difficult, with a little editing. Plenty of tough-as-hell areas to go through, enemies that you have to be ready for (or else you get lolhit), death below, challenging platforming, the lot. Plus, I would finally get another chance to yell at my screen "Hedgehogs. IN. SPAAAAAAAACE!!!" :v:

    So yeah, just my guesses. I'm pretty sure I didn't get it right 100%, but I gave it a shot. Hopefully I'm right.

    .......Oh, and if I actually am 100% right, somebody has to draw Tweaker in a tutu. :v:
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    Well it's been confirmed they'll be three "defining eras" which are likely to be:
    - Classic
    - Dreamcast
    - Modern

    So they'll be some levels in each of those categories past Sonic Adventure 2 also which opens up even more options and maybe even more zones. It depends how many levels they'll take from each game or what games they'll even include.

    Sonic 1 is already confirmed. No doubt Sonic 2, 3 and Knuckles will be used. Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 will be used since they're the only ones who fit in the "Dreamcast" era. Then there's the possibility of Heroes, 3D Blast, Rush, Unleashed etc.
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    I think they will define them by console generations or milestones in Sonic's history.

    Genesis/MD: All the Classics.

    6th Gen: SA1, SA2 and Heroes, SA1 is also their first real 3D game, counting as a milestone.

    7th Gen: '06, Unleashed and Colors, '06, like it or not, was their first 7th gen game and the franchise's 15th anniversary, the milestone could also be Unleashed if they decide to skip over '06.
  5. JcFerggy


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    I'm just doubting that Labyrinth, Casino Night, and Metropolis won't make it due to Sonic 4.
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  7. Nora Kisaragi

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    They won't add Emerald Coast. They won't. It won't happen, at all.

    The 'chase scene' is already done in the Green Hill segment, they wouldn't redo the same level gimmick twice (...what am I saying? It's SEGA.)

    But Emerald Coast is sort of the 'green hill' of Sonic Adventure, that trope is already filled in. I think we'll more than likely see SA's Speed Highway as it's MORE than compatible with Modern Sonic's hold boost to win, though they could do Windy Valley, or one of the Eggman levels.

    Personally, what I'd love to see is for them to make a level out of SADX's final boss area, where you run on water and across debris? That would be an amazing level, but I doubt it will happen.
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    I think that Emerald Coast has a pretty good chance of getting in. It's aesthetically different enough from Green Hill to warrant its entry, and considering the Orca chase is one of the most memorable Sonic moments ever, I don't doubt for a second its inclusion.
  9. Nora Kisaragi

    Nora Kisaragi

    The thing is though, we already have a next-generation 3D reimagining of Emerald Coast. Yes, that game. Green Hill made sense since we haven't seen it in next-generation graphics yes, but personally, I'd rather not see a Sonic Unleashed version of Emerald Coast, the Sonic 06 "version" was bad enough. I don't want to see rails and grindfests all over a level like that. But that's just my opinion.

    if I had to list all the levels in SADX that were compatible with a 3D Platformer, I would list all of Sonic's stages. If I had to list all the levels in SADX that were compatible with Sonic Unleashed-esque gameplay, only Speed Highway and Windy Valley seem to fit that bill. All the others had gimmicks and platforming that just wouldn't fit without heavily damaging the source material.
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    Well my intension was not to make a simple topic where people just shout out there best and worst, but talk about what levels would be the best candidates for Generations without making pointless speculation in the thread.

    I guess this thread should be locked then?
  11. Felik


    I don't think it's one of the Best/Worst topic. It's a topic about what levels are likely or unlikely to appear in Generations

    I think that Emerald coast is not appearing because we have already a "chase" section in GHZ. Also it's safe to say that emerald hill is not appearing also due to similarity to GHZ and corcscrews in GHZ.
    I think that most feasible zones of Sonic 2 are CP, CN, OO and Metropolis. Especially Metropolis since they just need to edit Eggmanland and vuala you have Metropolis.
    Jungle Joyride can be converted to Angel Island pretty easily too but I doupt it will appear in this game. We already have a "green" zone.
    I'd really want to see re-imagined Marble Garden in Generations because it's my favorite level of all time :3
  12. Vrantheo


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    06 really did have impressive level designs. And they are pretty "classic" in a way. There were almost all premise themes applied, and the stages are not very linear most of the time (well, 06 was MEANT to be SA3 after all), and using HD graphics for the first time also adds the flavour. One of my favs is the waterfalls in Kingdom Valley's mach section, which once made me think it was because of SEGA's paying "a bit too much attention" to the environments that the other aspects of the game lacked development and became messed up a whole lot in the end.
  13. Angel Island, Death Egg, Ice Cap, Central/Capital City, and the ARK.

    All of these appear in at least two seperate games, and sometimes two of completely different eras (Ice Cap for example, in both Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure), so to me they're some of the best potential stages for inclusion. Green Hill Zone isn't just Green Hill Zone, it's a manifestation of all the very different Green Hill Zones over the years (from Sonic 1 to All-Stars), complete with Emerald Hill and Emerald Coast elements thrown in for good measure. The same could be done for the above stages - Angel Island has such a reoccurring presence in the series as a location, not to mention a dedicated stage to it in both Sonic 3 and Sonic Advance, so if they remake it they're not just remaking one stage, they're taking the best from them all.

    That said I'd still like some one-offs; we may never see potential for stages like Spring Yard to be remade ever again so a few 'iconic' places can be spared in the interest of a fair chance for every stage.
  14. Jebusman


    I doubt Metropolis will be in it, S4 already covered it. Sure it wasn't "actually" Metropolis, but seeing as how it was just about 95% of it, it would be kind of lazy to just take it again. Same with Casino Night.

    Then again, it is Sega.

    I'm wondering how many if any stages will be taken from CD, because Wacky Workbench would be amazingly trollish.
  15. Felik


    Yeah and Green Hill totally wasn't in Sonic 4.
  16. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Green Hill Zone's different. That's like Mario's version of the Mushroom kingdom or World 1-1. It's iconic, so of course it'll show up in Sonic Generations and Sonic 4.
  17. snow toilet

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    Sonic Grand Prix??
    Launch Base is one I would like to see in a 3D perspective.
    I never understood what the "pyramid" things were in the background of act 2.
  18. Xilla


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    Casino Night has gotta be in, maybe include The Barrel for comedy purposes. Although in saying that, Carnival Night is a very different zone and could also be a valid addition.

    I'd love to see Wacky Workbench in this, and if they don't include Ice Cap, they're crazy. Because of the timey-wimey aspect, the zones don't really have to be in the right order, so you could still open with GHZ and have Scrap Brain near the end.
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    In the interview, Iizuka talked, and from what I could understand, the homenages will not be limited to the Genesis titlle. So that included the obscure 8-bit tittles as well.

    What I'm going to say now is not a "what level I think will be in the game." Rather, they are a "what levels I wish will be in the game."

    Since I find the whole prospect of stringing levels from different Sonic games together pretentious, because of the fact that each Sonic game happens in a different place, I'll make a coehent list of levels based not in the game title's themselves (Sonic1, 2, 3, Knuckles, etc). Instead, will separate them by location.

    South Island:
    • Green Hill Zone - confirmed (duh)
    • Aqua Lake Zone (obscure 8-bit level, but very iconic to me

    Westside Island:
    • Chemical Plant Zone
    • (Westside Island's) Hidden Palace Zone

    Little Planet:
    • Wacky Workbench Zone (god, how I would like to listen to a high quality version of the it's past music)
    • Stardust Speedway Zone

    Floating Island:
    • Carnival Night Zone
    • Sandopolis Zone

    Flickies' Island
    • Diamond Dust Zone
    • Volcano Valley Zone

    Carnival Island:
    • Speed Slider Zone
    • Amazing Arena Zone

    • Sky Deck
    • Lost World

    14 levels. I think it is a little bit too much; I don't think SEGA will put so many levels like this. Bsed on Unleashed and Colors, I can only hope for as much as 8 different levels.

    If you people were to separate levels/eras by location, how would you do it? I'm quite interested in hearing your opinions.
  20. Azu


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    We don't know what will appear, we can on speculate. With that said.

    These are what I would like to see

    Sonic 1-3k
    Launch Base
    Ice Cap
    Mushroom Hill
    Sky San
    Death Egg

    Never cared for Sonic CD, but

    Sonic CD
    Palmtree Panic
    Chaos Collision

    Sonic Modern Era
    Speed Highway
    Sky Deck
    Pyramid Cave
    Final Rush/Chase
    Cosmic Fall (love this stage's music)

    I think level DLCs would be possible.