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Sonic - Into The Void

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Blueblur93, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. winterhell


    So, the front page of the official site of a romhack boasts about a leak? This takes things to a whole new level.

  2. I've done a minor change to the site now :P
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    Sonic 2 beta 3 hoax
    You can not be serious right now. First you make a wiki page to this pile of garbage, and now you make a god damned website? What would tickle your ego more, a damn shrine and a trophy in its honor?

    I've been keeping quiet about this hack for some time now, well since the last time I came in here and made a post defending Clownacy.

    As far as this hack is concerned, it's ok. Like, it isn't a total piece of shit. But at the same token, there are many issues with this hack. The layouts are still anger enducing and some of the art is still not easy on the eyes. I can't count how many times I got mad in GHz2 just because of that idiotic layout in the beginning.

    With that said, this hack is far from perfect, hell it is a bit far com being good. It is ok, sure, but there is a reason I didn't give this hack anything during the SHC, nor do I praise it now.

    The need for a wiki page is just ridiculous enough, as this hack is still in need of lots of polishing, but it's own website? Come now, this is just silly.
  4. Super Egg, try the demo I've added in this forum, If you haven't done so already, because I've completely refined GHz (Azure Hills Zone), mainly act 2 which annoyed everyone (so now it's level layout looks almost completely different, act 3 has also been extended to a full act. So yeah check it out if you haven't already done so. I am also refining the palettes with some help and the level layouts. So hopefully in the future it might please you. :)

    Also coming away from this topic, is anyone else experiencing the Sonic '06 loading screen when loading any and every page related to the Sonic Retro forums? Because it's happening to me and it's, well... starting to get quite annoying. :S
  5. AkumaYin


    You typed "ITSNOUSE" in the search bar, didn't you?

    Also palettes:

    ACT 1

    ACT 2

    ACT 3

    Pay no mind to the artwork, that's just stuff that hasn't been ported over.
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    Since I was rather bored, and I happen to enjoy reviewing hacks, I decided to give yours a spin. I down loaded the latest release from your website (V.4.1, I believe), and started playing the first level. And immediately noticed some things, both good and bad:

    Azure Hills:


    The artwork is a creative spin off of GHZs art

    The first part of act 1 has a wonderful challenge where you can earn a hard to reach monitor

    I like the choice of palettes and music for act 3. Endless mine surprisingly fits the dusk theme rather well, and its a great track in general.


    The GHZ walls don't have nearly as much shading as they should. An object exists which can fix this.

    I got stuck when I jumped into the side of an S-tunnel. Ideally, areas around the S-loops should be blocked off. This is actually a very serious issue in act 1, I couldn't get past it because springs pushed me up into these dreaded areas.

    There are some chunks that oddly float in midair, with no art to suggest that the chunk actually is supposed to end there. I personally fixed this by adding the unused GHZ artwork, but I'm sure you can find another solution.

    While your custom shield art is great, it's way to small. It's hard to tell what they're holding. this wouldn't be to much of an issue if the robotnik monitors weren't there, but they are, so make the art a bit clearer.

    I cannot excuse this awful, awful chunk layout (from act 2):


    for the love of god, remove that eyesore you've placed on top of the loop. It only serves to ruin the experience.

    Sonics' signpost pic looks terrible.

    The boss takes way too many hits, and I some how died while the boss was exploding. The boss should be incapable of injuring you once those explosions start going.

    Ember Mines:

    Do not use the marble garden zone theme for marble zone! It's cliche, obnoxious, and just doesn't quite fit in my opinion. Be more creative!

    While the layout of breakable blocks right at the start of act 1 is a good idea in theory, it looks awful. You can make fancy patterns out of them without making the blocks overlap.

    The custom block art looks nice, but that grass looks eye burningly terrible. I hope you plan to remove the grass art...

    Some chunks are solid, but some aren't. This would be acceptable if they looked different or existed solely to hide secret passages, but they don't do either of these.

    The pillars in act 2 are way too dark. they loom out of place, and make the rest of the palettes feel odd, even though they'd be fine if the pillars just fit in. Also, the grass still looks like bird shit.

    You placed fireballs, but not lava tags. You'd think those actions would go hand in hand...

    Parts of the lava flows have random black palettes mixed in, making them look really bad.

    These particular blocks are set to top solid, not all solid, allowing me to akwardly walk through them:


    The speed portion in act 2 where spring bounces you below falling block objects is great!

    There's an area in act 2 where a swinging platform, a batbot, and two caterkillers are all clumped together on screen. Not only is the large amount of enemies somewhat dickish, but it causes the swing object to not quite load properly (some of its chain links are missing)

    Another case of improper chunk collision settings:


    You might want to change the mappings for the larger moving platforms. This is an issue with many hacks, but it's particularly noticible in yours.

    When moving platform objects that sonic can stand on go into walls, keep in mind that you have to place those invisible solid objects to prevent sonic from getting dragged right into the level.

    This level uses objects very creatively.I like that.

    As much as I love launch base zone and its music, it just doesn't fit this zones act 3. Might I suggest Lava reef zone act 1?

    This boss is too easy and too dickish. An odd combo, to be honest. Robotnik doesn't hit the platforms dead center, so you don't have to try to avoid his fireballs. And the wall of fire seperating the platforms needs to have half of its fire balls removed. there's no fun in getting through that.

    Pinball Pike:

    The BG palettes look terrible. I'd say more, but it just looks like an edited SYZ, so I'll go onwards:

    Hydro ruins (I think?):

    Ah! My eyes! Cool it on the shifting palettes! The rocks are great, but those pillars are just too much!

    You removed the water surface object. Not only does this make it harder to see the water (as the water palettes look way too similar to the surface palettes), but this has unintended graphical consequences when run on real hardware.

    Act 1 has an area where you can clearly see bubbles randomly placed in the ceiling. They serve no purpose other then to look awful. Remove them.

    I'd suggest Lava reef act 2/hidden palace for the third act. Not only did I suggest Lava reef for Marble zone, but it again, doesn't quite fit.

    Starlight Road:

    This place has flow issues and dick moves right off the bat. don't place orbinauts to close to the speed sections, and make sure monitors and other random objects don't stop you in the middle of awesome speed sequences.

    I reccomend chaging the art for this place. Although FBZ seems to be the best fitting music, it still suggest the feeling that FBZ and WFZ(S2) have, which implies that the level is flying.

    Final Gadget:

    While I encourage speed sections like this, the one right at the start of act 1 is a bit too long.

    Near the beginning of act 1, there's an area with two paths, one that takes you backward through an S-loop, and another through a painful series of crushers and flamwthrowers. Oddly, the harder, and more obvious path just has a dead end; if you don't have another path here, at least put a prize for making it through that dangerous, and otherwise pointless, section.

    Don't place caterkillars in speed sections. It just deosn't work.

    Don't place speed shoes in act 2, its supposed to be slow and painful, the shoe just punish the player; they should feel like a reward.

    There's a carrier tube near the begging of act 2 which has a fast looping shocker placed right next to it, making it impossible to avoid injury.

    There's an object with fucked up mappings somewhere in act 2. It flashes garbage on the screen...

    I reccomend restoring act 4 of SBZ and screwing LZ4, it was stupid to begin with, and looks worse in hacks.

    I like the edits to Final zone. For once, it has a creative twist on the final boss. The sequence before hand where you have to go above screen should be removed, though.

    Well, thats pretty much it. Overall, I'd say this has a lot of potential. Kee p patching things up, and it could be a pretty decent hack!
  7. Oh lol.

    Clownacy: My long lost brother! I thought I'd never find you :)

    Yeah, this hack sucks.
  8. Clownacy


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    Oerg! *reunite in slow motion*

    BTW, those broken objects with butchered mappings in Final Gadget are likely the monitors in SBZ2's walls that were supposed to be invisible wall objects.
  9. Super Egg

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    You two are dicks. I'm trying to tell him that without telling him that, and you two just go and make my post look silly. Fucking dicks.