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    It just keeps bothering me. Ok I can take it that they were playing S&SASR as a coincidence cuz it's a fine generic racing kids game but Sonic 06? Sonic motherfucking 06???
    Of all things that exist on Xbox they pick 06? And it can not be coincidence that 2 games of same franchise could be in the show. Even if show's producer is in relationship with SEGA, WHY SONIC 06??? I thought that Sega wants it to wipe from people's memory? Why such a weird choice??? Why not promote any other Sega game that has multiplayer and is of relevant release date? And even if it's a coincidence why did they pick such and old game with such abyssal metascore?
    It just doesn't get out of my head.

    If you are not familiar with the subject then here are the videos:

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    You have to give them some credit: it takes some serious acting skills to act like you're enjoying Sonic 2006.
  3. Tanks


    Jessie's hit rock bottom, not physically, but morally. As a result this game makes him feel as if somewhere, out there, on that big 'ol planet we call Earth, there's a group of people who share the same job as he does: ruining people's lives.

    Its some deep shit. Also SASASR is in there because he needs a friend. Anyway, this isn't huge deal... Other games have been featured. Forget the name of the shooter, but again, it plays a role in the show.
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    Oh yeah, he played id's RAGE with a lightgun at the start of an episode, which helped him with shooting someone later in that same episode.

    Btw, I might make it sound like Breaking Bad is a bad show, but it isn't. It's a great show that I can highly recommend. It's just that the appearances of Sonic 2006 and RAGE are weird. All-Stars Racing is not as weird seeing how he is playing it with his family.

    Also, SEGA once asked to show a clip of them playing All-Stars Racing as they were interested in seeing it, so it sounds like they didn't ask them to play the games. Maybe some of the people that work on the show just like Sonic.
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    There is another clip somewhere in season 4 where he plays Sega All-Stars racing with some random girl at a party. I think it may be recycled footage.
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    I don't know how old these clips are, but my first guess is they're promoting brand awareness. I think it's wonderful that in not one, but two clips from the show they have Sonic. It doesn't matter which ones they have on there. The fact that Sonic gets screen time is terrific. Sonic needs some heavy brand awareness. Have you seen the sales numbers compared to Mario games? While Sonic games don't do bad at all, Mario wipes the floor with all the Sonic games combined! And Mario is only on two systems, whereas Sonic is available on all of them. I'd like Sonic to be more competitive against Mario again. This is one way to help Sega get there. Again, Sonic 06 doesn't matter. They're showing Sonic. That's all that's really going to sink in to anyone watching.
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    I remember seeing these and freaking out haha, as I'm both a huge Sonic fan and Breaking Bad fan. I'm glad Jesse seems to agree that Sonic 06 isn't THAT bad.
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    Sonic games have lower sales because they mostly suck. Even the better games these days are short, good not great linear endorphin pumps, good for speedrunning but not much else. Next to the greatest platforming game of all time there's really no comparison.
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    I wonder how that "greatest platforming game of all time" got such high scores, I got completely bored of it by the 3rd world, haven't played it since.
    Well, I'm not much of a Mario fun though, the only Mario games I tried were Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  10. Breaking Bad is one of few shows out there that actually aim to get ACTUAL video games if a scene requires the character to be using one. As already mentioned, Jesse was seen playing RAGE , but with a few creative liberties taken (they changed it to a Light Gun game to work in the plot point) and then of course there's this moment:

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    Jack shit.
    Mario Galaxy 2 is ass and a soulless sequel. The first Mario Galaxy is by far better.
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    Ass for Mario? I guess you could say that (I'd strongly disagree and say that its still platforming bliss, which is something very hard to find these days), but realize that Mario's lowest point in the last twelve years would be sports titles; Mario Sunshine if you're really stretching to say at least one core title was really awful. For Sonic, it was SEVERAL core games.

    Nintendo earned the right to rest on its laurels. Besides, at least they have multiple franchises (Metroid, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Donkey Kong) they work with on a yearly basis whereas Sega shoves nothing but FUCKING Sonic out of its doors. Anything else doesn't require as much attention because "their brand is awesome, right guys", expecting titles from Platinum Games to succeed without much needed advertising publicity. Anything that's not a Sonic game practically bombs financially. As it stands, Sega's success in the 90s was the strongest streak of luck that company would ever see. As a company, they don't run themselves anywhere near as well as they should and try to build up a legacy.


    It's cool to see a show like this try to be "hip" with the modern gaming audience, I guess.
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    I think the appearance of RAGE was paid advertisement. There are multiple scenes in different episodes where Rage is paused in the background, or the box is just sitting in focus on the shelf. Either that or it's a really dumb way of pointing out Jessie's emotional state.
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    ...This topic is just all over the place.

    It's kind of hard to compare Mario to Sonic, especially in this forum, because, well, we're Sonic fans. Besides that, yes, they're both platformers, and without Mario there would be no Sonic, but each franchise is, well, DIFFERENT. Mario is more laid-back and relaxed; family friendly stuff. While Sonic isn't NOT family friendly, Sonic games have always been more on the "extreme" and cool side, although, we should all know this. If you didn't enjoy Galaxy 2, well, look at where you are; I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you enjoyed Adventure more than Mario 64.

    Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we all have different opinions. Some games, like Sonic 06, ARE irrefutably bad games. Sunshine, on the other hand, isn't a BAD game, nor is either Galaxy, for that matter. It all depends on your opinions. Sonic 3 to Mario World, Adventure 2 to Sunshine, Unleashed to Galaxy; it doesn't matter. Galaxy could be the most polished game ever made, but if you like Unleashed's gameplay styles and music better, that wouldn't matter to you. Obviously, me saying this isn't going to stop everyone, but I just wanted to get my two cents in.
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    I don't know about you guys but I take Sonic Generations any day before SMG2.
  16. Yash


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    It was probably Sonic 06 because they had a deal with Sega to show Jesse playing a Sonic game, and that's the only multiplayer one of the main canon for the 360.
  17. Well, they could have used footage from Colours. Not like it being the right console would have mattered, what with them just jamming randomly at the buttons.
  18. Machenstein


    Eh, I'd liken Unleashed more to Sunshine than Galaxy. Both of them have sections of the game that were so well-received (the Day stages in Unleashed/the bonus levels in Sunshine) that they served as the basis for future games. Plus, they both have that "vacation" theme going for them.

    Anyway, Breaking Bad. It's good to see Sonic get more media exposure, but what the franchise really needs is a smash hit. While the recent string of Sonic games have been good, it's been a very long time since a truly phenomenal one came out. There's a reason why we remember Sonic Twosday and Hedgehog Day, after all.
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    Well let's not take two steps back now. The fact that it's the right console and there's not Pac-Man sound effects coming out of the TV is a solid improvement as far as characters-playing-video-games scenes go in TV shows.

    Not that it's ever like a big deal, but it's always nice seeing someone play Mario 64 on a PS2 with a Atari controller, or an announcer yelling "TOTAL ANNIHILATION" over a clip of Final Fantasy or some shit.
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    Notice how Brock's the one who owns the Sonic games, and he's clearly on the autism spectrum. This isn't product placement, they're just fleshing out the character with remarkable savvy. And that's why Breaking Bad gets the Emmys.