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Sonic Heroes Stage Geometry PC. Now Converting.

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Azu, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Azu


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    Thanks to DCxDemo of Xentax, we can convert Sonic Heroes BSP to OBJ.

    Ripping Level Gemotry From Sonic Heroes PC


    • s01 - Seaside Hill
    • s02 - Ocean Palace
    • s03 - Grand Metropolis
    • s04 - Power Plant
    • stg05 - Casino Park
    • stg06 - Bingo Highway
    • stg07 - Rail Canyon
    • stg08 - Bullet Station
    • stg09 - Frog Jungle
    • stg10 - Lost Forest
    • s11 - Hung Castle
    • s12 - Mystic Mansion
    • s13 - Egg Fleet
    • s14 - Final Fortress
    **The stage file name will be or XX represents the stage number.

    The textures are in the texture folder (duh). The reflect the same name as the stage they're for. ( - s01.txd, s01_indirect.txd)

    1.) First, grab the files your gonna use. I.e, s01.txd (and the other s01 txd files). One you have that, copy them to a folder where you have the ONE Unpacker and PRS Decompressor.

    2.) Drag the ONE file on the ONE unpacker. It should unpack the one files and dump the PRS in the same directory.

    3.) Double click the prsdec auto.exe file. It will automatically decompress the PRS files. Once it's done, you may delete the PRS files. You should be left with .BIN files.

    4.) If you have installed Bulk Utility Rename right click the folder where the BIN files are and hit "Bulk Rename Here". Select the BIN files and change the extension to BSP.

    5.) Open bsp2objv021sonic. Do NOT mess with any of the options. Just select tga as your texture format and browser for the BSP and save it as a OBJ. The BSPs you are looking for is ON and ONS, like "S01_ON_01.bsp and S01_ON_01.bsp". It seems to be two parts of the whole mesh.

    6.) Open VCTXDViewer and find the matching texture file(s). (I.e If you using, you'd use s01.txd and s01_indirect.txd). Go to Eile>Export> Several Images. Export as TGA. Put all the texture files where the BSPs are. Otherwise, Max will ask you where the files are.

    7.) Import your objs as max. First import the ON, then the ONS one. For example, I saved mines as S01_ON_01.obj and S01_ONs_01.obj. I'd import S01_ON_01.obj, then S01_ONS_01.obj. If you did everything right, it should look the image below. Assuming you used Seaside Hill as the test.

    Anyway, that's pretty much it. I may do a video tutorial on this as well as importing the DFF files.
  2. go import this into Sonic Generations *runs*
  3. Azu


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    Yep. I wouldn't mind seeing some stages ported over to generations. Although, you'll have to touch up the textures to make them look nice.
  4. I've come here because some noob said "I'm going to bring SH stages into SG!" and I was like "WTF?! We can't even deal with TXD mipmaps yet!". That's awesome, I've tried to mod heroes since, like, 2008 or 2009.
    What's up with palmtree leaves?
    Is lightmap stored into separate texture? If so, we can probably recalculate it, using radiosity lighting. I've heard 3D max allows that.
    Oh wait, it's not lightmap, just built-in 3D max lighting? Geez...
    So you mean SH level format is not some crazy shit, but a traditional BSP? Like, say, Quake 3 Arena?
  5. darkspines35


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    It's a standard Renderware BSP seeing as how that's the engine they were using at the time to make porting between consoles easier. You can load the PC (and PS2 files IIRC) in the Renderware SDK as well.
  6. Mr Lange

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    I was looking through the GC version's files recently and if I remember right they are all the same file formats. At least the extensions are the same. Could these be used for the GC version as well?
  7. Azu


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    Should be possible, but I haven't tired them.
  8. Faseeh


    This really helped a lot for ripping Frog Forest and Egg Fleet Azu!

    Thanks a ton.

    Would like to ask something though, do you have any idea where the enemy models or skybox models are located? Would be great and helpful if you could tell 'em.
  9. Azu


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    I'd have to re-install my game, but pretty sure it's somewhere in the "dvdroot" folder.
  10. flarn2006


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    I'm at least 99% sure it's not the same format, but those Sonic Heroes BSP files wouldn't be usable in the Source engine (hl2, css, gmod, portal, tf2, etc.), right? I'm only asking because Source map files have a .BSP extension.
  11. Falk


    They come from the same line of tech originating in Carmack's original quake engine but are so far removed that I doubt it'd be possible without some major conversion tools.

    edit: Actually, nevermind that. I'm misremembering.
    Heroes uses Renderware which, while using the same -concept- (binary space partitioning) is otherwise unrelated to id tech.
  12. Strife


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    Since we're on the subject of converting geometry, I figured I might as well post here. I'm interested in extracting Amy's Heroes model since I haven't been able to find it anywhere online. Mr Lange helped me extract something which he thinks are the relevant data files:

    Any idea how to convert these to see if his guess was correct?
  13. Faseeh


    That seems very different from the normal files. From the titles, I can tell two are textures and one is a animation file as far as I know. So it might not be the model.
  14. total



    For the rest, repeat steps one through three (from the first message), then use dff import script (3dsmax) or program called "3d object converter" (pm me if you need it).
    Same goes for Shadow the Hedgehog (you'll need another ".one" unpacker though).