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Sonic Heroes something

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by MainMemory, May 29, 2013.

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    That might be worth looking into one day to quell my OCD about this game. Need to get that shine off of Knuckles shoes so I can give him a super sonic eqsue texture without it making his shoes shiny.
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    Since it's my first post on the forum - hello everybody! :)/>

    I've tried to find some adequate thread (to avoid creating another one) and I see, that in this one was mentioned the thing I'm recently interested:

    (one little thing I need to mention - I haven't decided to try to solve this thing after reading the quoted post, it was just something which was bothering me during playing in Sonic Heroes on PC, especially when I saw ridiculous configuration for second player, it's not that I couldn't play in it, rather some sort of "challenge" I've decided to try).

    I've decided to try to change the control in some other way, since creators of this game don't allow us to make our own mapping of the keys (what is more strange, they allow us to it in case of...mouse).

    Since my knowledge about such things is rather limited, at the beginning I've tried to find some config file to change the control... But unfortunately, I haven't found any (or at least any, which could be modified in quite easy way).

    So I've tried with PPJoy software. I've managed to solve the quite similar problem I had in the past with Mashed (and it was complete success - not only I could have more comfortable control, but also I could play with second player without plugging in any gamepad). But unfortunately, in case of Sonic Heroes it doesn't work. I'm sure that virtual pad is configured correctly (tried it in control panel), but the game is not cooperating with the virtual pad I've created (it is working with every "real" pad I've tried, but unfortunately, not with virtual one).

    When I thought that I'm out of ideas, I've found in the internet an information about programs, which are allowing to change the mapping to the various keys on the keyboard. Since I've read some bad opinions about SharpKeys, I've decided to try with KeyTweak. I've changed the mapping for the keys which were interesting for me, I've restarted the system, logged in* and... Well, that's really strange, because the change of mapping was implemented (I've noticed it during logging into system, I also checked in notepad), but in game... It completely doesn't work. All keys have excactly the same way of working like before my change made with KeyTweak. So even this thing didn't work.

    And here I would like to ask - why the last method didn't work? I thought that in last case there is no possibility, that it won't work, and yet, it didn't changed anything - the game was using excactly the same keys in the same way, as before. I'm starting to think that the game is using not the "functions" of the keyboard (so the things, which were changed in system register after using KeyTweak), but it's connected with concrete keys. Is that a good lead? And if yes, is there any way, I can solve this problem? I had the ambition to make it on my own (and share this knowledge with other forum users), but I'm out of ideas, to be honest :(/>

    *Man, it's really good that there is possibility to turn on virtual keyboard during logging in, because in other case I wouldn't be able to log on my computer - I haven't thought about this little issue before restarting :P
  3. Can you remember this thread from 2010? :p

    You can replace models that don't have bones, but you can't replace ones that do. It will only work if you use tools for GTA San Andreas I think.

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    I'm curious. Would it be possible to create a hack where the levels were modified in such a way that would allow any character to get through the levels solo, permanently deactivating any team switching whatsoever?

    I'm also curious if it would be possible to edit the enemy health bars because this game started the disgusting habit of "Kill X amount of robots to get to the next room lol have fun hitting them forever"
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    I had no idea this was being worked on, back when I got myself a PC copy of this I never imagined it'd amount to much.

    I actually did some "modding" a really long time ago. I looked up a tutorial to get the game running in "1080p" which just stretched everything way out.

    I had some small ideas for things I'd love to see happen.

    I know that we're stuck with the loading screens, CG and menus being 4:3 but why not make the actual game 16:9 and move the HUD around so it all fits?

    Recently people have made a way to get Gamecube controllers going as Direct Input devices ( ). Most people from what I know played this on Gamecube so I imagine that having the button icons and tutorial audio changed to reflect that would be awesome.

    The game runs really well but I can't really force it to run better than what they allow, any tips for better resolutions? Even if they are 4:3.

    Edit 1: I'd also like to add that after testing my Gamecube controllers that it works really well except for the fact that the camera keeps rotating. I'm trying to fix that now.

    Edit 2: Because posts for me are scarce, I did find 2 solutions to my widescreen issue here

    I used a different controller to test so I wouldn't have a seizure.

    Thirteen AG: Works well, very configurable, doesn't stretch anything minor flaw is that things near the edges of the screen sometimes vanish.

    Jackfuste: Basically the same thing CG is stretched out,no small rendering issue, it's all tied to alternate .exes though.

    Edit 3: I've been getting very inconsistent results, The thing with objects being loaded/unloaded before they even leave the sides of the screen gets more noticeable the more I play, both methods produced annoyingly stretched CG out of nowhere, using the tool given with Jackfuste to create alternate exes for resolutions not given causes even the entire game to stretch out.

    Whole thing is pretty wild right now, guess I'll wait for someone else to weigh in.