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Sonic Heroes Remake in UE5 Rumored, So Who Knows If It'll Happen

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Kilo, Mar 25, 2024.

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    Any news on a DMCA from SEGA on it?
  2. Mr. Cornholio

    Mr. Cornholio

    It's weird how internally I went from 'Oh. A Heroes remake?' to 'Oh. A Heroes remake! Yeah! I'd actually like that!' in my head. It's a really fun title I had some fun with as a kid bogged down by some odd choices when compared to it's predecessors.

    This was touched upon in posts before me, but really my biggest criticism with Heroes' gameplay loop is how much more limited the characters feel coming from Adventure 1 and 2. As a kid, it felt weird going from Adventure 1's Tails and then going to Heroes. It felt like there was 'less' I could do with the character. Knuckles was great mindless visual fun the further I leveled him up, but something also felt like it was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

    Now, I absolutely understand why the characters are so limited - Sonic Classic Heroes is a phenomenal hack, but having all the characters and their abilities available at any point trivializes a lot of the level challenge. Combine trying to do something like that with trying to translate that sort of gameplay into a 3D environment. That's no small task! I commend Sega/Sonic Team for trying out a style that worked as something to introduce a new crowd to Sonic's friends while also creating something more unified compared to what the Adventure titles offered.

    That being said, while the 'trio' gameplay concept is neat, the characters kinda end up feeling like glorified 'switches' with how limited the context of their new abilities are. It feels like outside of combat (which the game begins to force on the player more and more as the game continues), you can't really experiment with them in any ways that feel meaningful. Flight characters prior to reaching Level 3 are a fun example. They can't really do a whole lot outside of lowering targets in fight sections, and the control is a bit awkward in some of the game's 'hallways' designated for Speed characters, so the player kinda learns to just only really use them for reaching out to platforms they otherwise couldn't get to, and the platforming stops dead in it's tracks to allow that to happen. There's never a moment where a more skilled player can revisit the level and go 'oh no wait I can do this with a Flight character here and skip this Speed/Power section here' or find an alternative route for noticing a visual cue. I understand not wanting SA1 Tails levels of skipping, but it feels like mastering gameplay never really allows you to do anything 'cool' by changing the way you approach a section, is what I'm trying to say. The closest the game comes to the latter is with the cannon setups.

    To it's credit, the system does encourage careful partner usage so all 3 are maxed out level-wise (which is handy for A-Ranking), but prior to that? You can only really play as the characters 'one way', and it's the way the game kinda shoves in your face with the bright ability type signs (which if memory serves are still present very late into the game on all 4 campaigns). It kinda feels like the game is always hand-holding you into the correct solution in a way as a result rather than letting players just experiment. I think it limits a lot of the fun of being able to control 3 characters at once, even if a new player doesn't immediately realize what the game is doing.

    Combine that with the game forcing you to play 4 nearly identical, fairly long campaigns (well okay 3 Chaotix is pretty different) before you're given a more satisfactory conclusion, and the monotony sets in quick. I think it's always the reason I can never quite bring myself to finish the title properly even though I always find myself initially being really surprised how much nicer it feels to play since I last touched it (and I usually end up beating one of the campaigns). I have never properly unlocked or played the Last Story whereas I did in Adventure 1 and 2. It's great fun initially if the flow does end up clicking, but it's eh if you just want to get to the end or aren't going for all A ranks. It kinda ends up alienating the casual audience that I think it partially tries to cater to as a result (Team Rose being the third option and the tutorial stage being playable with Team Sonic anyways also adds to that confusion - I'm really not sure why it wasn't a prompt that the player could just yes/no out of before properly starting a story).

    My ideal Heroes remake would probably be a bit more of a re-imagining to kinda address the more slippery controls and rebalances the characters to have less context-heavy moves so it feels more like the player has unrestricted freedom when playing as a character. I still think a trick system or the Leveling system can encourage that a player tries to balance using their entire party for a stage, less they be locked out of an A Rank. Change the Last Story requirements so either all 4 Stories or all Emeralds with 1 Story cleared unlocks it. Bam. I think you'd then have a considerably more enjoyable arcade action platformer.

    So uh yeah I actually would be pretty excited for a Heroes remake. It comes very close to surpassing the Adventure titles in terms of being good fun, but a lot of weird little design choices with limited freedom bog the game down a peg for me. Something that addresses that and gets a more general audience familiar with Sonic's friends again would be rad.

    I should also point out the modding scene for the PC release picked up in the last few years and there are some physic adjustment/story pacing mods that do help some of my big issues with it. Assuming a remake/re-imagining never materializes and this is all rubbish, then it's a great way to re-experience the game. The only thing I really miss from the console versions at that point is the cheatsy way to clear the Team boss fights a bit quicker due to very slight physic differences.