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Sonic Hacking Contest 2023

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Spanner, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. Spanner


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    It's that time of the year again...

    After 20 years (and 19 contests) in 2022, the SHC returns once again for 2023. Sorry that it took longer than usual to get things announced.

    Please read this information carefully as there have been a few changes compared to last year.

    As always, if there are any suggestions or enquiries please contact us so we can get back to you.

    Here are the dates to remember for this year:

    CONTEST SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Sunday 17th September

    CONTEST UPDATES DEADLINE: End of Sunday 24th September

    EXPO SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Monday 1st October

    TRAILER SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Monday 1st October

    CONTEST WEEK FROM: Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th October

    If you have any questions regarding this year, you can use this thread, or contact us on the SHC Discord Server.

    If there are any issues, please contact us directly through the SHC email address supplied on the page.

    Please stay tuned to this thread for information on the usual trailer and when the website opens for submissions.

    It will be up when it's up.™

    Ready, Set, Procrastinate!!
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  2. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    The website is now live and taking submissions for this year's contest.

    A reminder that the deadline for contest entries this year is the end of Sunday 3rd September, so if you want to submit this year, you have just over 2 weeks.

    Good luck everyone. Let's see what you've got!
  3. Spanner


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    Please note our new dates for submitting to this year’s Sonic Hacking Contest and Expo.

    CONTEST SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Sunday 17th September

    CONTEST UPDATES DEADLINE: End of Sunday 24th September

    EXPO SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Monday 1st October

    TRAILER SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Monday 1st October

    CONTEST WEEK FROM: Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th October

    The dates have been amended due to Sonic Superstars being released during the previously announced Contest Week (16th to 22nd October).

    We know people will be playing this rather than focusing on SHC (including streamers), therefore we have decided to change the dates accordingly.

    This has previously been done during the release of Sonic Forces.

    Note regarding Sonic Frontiers entries: We are aware that there is a new patch being released on 28th September. This could potentially cause issues with entries. We are willing to accept post update deadline fixes provided that nothing else has been changed other than what is required to make the mod work on the latest version. If this is not possible, entries can be withdrawn and submitted at another time, whether it is next year’s SHC or a specific Frontiers modding event hosted by SHC presented later on. We will provide further updates regarding this as soon as we know what the patch has changed.
  4. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    You may get déjà vu with this one:

    A reminder that the deadline for contest entries this year is in 2 weeks. The deadline for contesy entry updates is in 3 weeks.

    I know that time can disappear very quickly, and the deadline can be here before you know it. If you are thinking of submitting, it's probably best to ensure you have a placeholder entry ready.

    I wish everyone the best of luck! Not long now.
  5. jubbalub


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    We are now only one week away from the Contest submissions deadline. If you haven't already submitted an entry, now's the time!

    In addition, the Contest entry update deadline is in two weeks. If your entry is marked as Incomplete at this point, it will be moved to the Expo. If your entry is still incomplete by the Expo deadline, it will not be showcased.

    Contest Submissions Deadline: September 17th
    Contest Updates Deadline: September 24th
    Expo Submissions & Trailer Clip Submissions Deadline: October 1st

    The finish line draws ever closer. Happy procrastinating :thumbsup:
  6. Spanner


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    A small reminder that you have until the end of today (Sunday) to submit a fully playable build to the Contest, and you have until the end of next Sunday to finish your updates for it.
  7. Spanner


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  8. PsychoSk8r


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    30 Day Project: Revisited.A New Release!
    Took a good look through the list of entries and it’s looking great this year.
    Cherry picked a few and downloaded them, ready to test out.

    This is the first I’ve seen of Megamix Mania which, having been away for a few years, was amazing to see!

    Glad this thing is still going!
  9. Sonic Megamix Mania is really really good. So glad I skipped on buying Superstars and instead purchased Mania Encore and got that mod instead. What a pleasant experience.
  10. Black Squirrel

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    The filters on the "contest" part of the website don't work.

    Well okay they do, but they filter out the wrong things. I was worried for a second that there were barely any Mega Drive hacks - you'd have to call it "Sonic Modding Contest"!

    That Megamix Mania mod is probably the highlight, but it's crazy the project exists. You've got people who clearly know how to draw and make music... but they're tying themselves down to a 2008 ROM hack that was never fully finished. Don't know if that's good or bad - it's just... strange,
  11. BenoitRen


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    For me the highlight of the first stream was Roller the Badnik in Sonic 3 A.I.R. Such a wacky idea, but totally playable!
  12. Only for viewing

    Only for viewing

    aka Superstarxalien Member
    y'all shouldn't sleep on sonic 1 mania. literally sonic 1 in the mania style*. or maybe you should -- it's sonic 1, after all
    * animations not already in mania were not redone
  13. Brainulator


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    May I ask what happened to Sonic Renovation? It was part of the Contest at one point, but now... isn't.
  14. Devon


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    your mom
    y'all let my dumbass shitpost get 2nd place and 8 other trophies lmao
  15. Spanner


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    The winners of this year's Sonic Hacking Contest are now available!

    Your places to find the entries are: (thread from here)
    Or visit the SHC Discord where an announcement channel was made with all the winners posted.
    Unfortunately our free newsletter service was discontinued so please refer to the above options instead.

    An expanded post with special thanks and more information will be posted on Monday, it's 3am here and it's been a busy day so please excuse me on that.

    If you have any thoughts and opinions on the event this year, we would certainly be interested in hearing them from you.

    SHC will return once again in 2024! More information will be published in the future, but if you are interested in submitting to either the Contest or Expo, we advise you to start working on those entries now!

    The entry had to be pulled due to a number of concerns raised regarding potential stolen content and the submitter did not reply to our email to discuss these so as a result the entry was not reinstated.
  16. Hoping the judge evaluations of each hack will be released soon; as a dev on three projects within this year’s SHC, I would like to see what the judges have said about the entries I have done major work on…
  17. Spanner


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    Yes they will appear in the next few days, some have asked for a little extra time to finish them up.
  18. Brainulator


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    I suspected as such. Thanks.
  19. Spanner


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  20. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    I want to make an announcement now that the Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 is over. I have been a Sonic Hacking Contest judge on and off for many years now. Sometimes that would include the moderation of the discord and other associated duties. However, from this point forward, I will be stepping down from both the moderator and judge positions. I will not be returning to either of these roles going forward. I would like to thank everyone at the Sonic Hacking Contest for their warmth, generosity, understanding, assistance, collaboration and commitment to this entire operation. It is not an easy task (no matter what some people might have you believe), but I believe the time has come for me to hang up these roles and focus on other things. It is important to note that I will still be around in a more casual capacity, and I will also be a potential participant in future contests. However, my days as anything more than that have come and gone. I would like to give special thanks to the following people:
    • Spanner - For asking me to come on board as a judge (both times in the past) and trusting me with the roles of both Moderator and Judge
    • Cinossu - For the moderation and maintenance of the website, without which, we would have no Sonic Hacking Contest website. Seriously, the work he puts in cannot be overstated
    • My fellow judges - For all of the help and assistance that they have provided me over the years. Their efforts in judging the entries each and every year along with myself have not gone unnoticed
    • Discord moderators - They give their time and effort to ensure that the discord is run smoothly and efficiently
    Finally, good luck to whoever picks up the role(s) as my successor. I wish you all the best of luck in contributing to this contest in the same way that I have over the years. It's back to ROM hacking for me.