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Sonic Hacking Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Spanner, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. TheInvisibleSun


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    Shouldn't the thread title be changed, since you're no longer accepting entries?
  2. 360


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    Checked out the contest site last night and the entries are really strong this year. Some are fucking fantastic. Really high quality work. I think it's amazing how Stealth is live streaming all week too. That's a massive get given his ascent in to becoming contracted by Sega and being on the Mania team.

    Emerald Coast in SA2 and Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack stood out to me as the most impressive and interesting - but I'm still checking out the rest. Excellent work this year!
  3. Donnie Paradox

    Donnie Paradox

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    Contest Week Day 3 is here, so my stream is about to go live once again! It's time to play some more of the Contest and Expo entries!
  4. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I'm loving Sonic 1 Almost Remastered. It's great playing through Sonic 1 with Mania aesthetics and moves, and it's the closest we're going to get to Sonic 1 PC so I'm all for it. I hope someone does a similar project with Sonic 2 and 3K. The Misfit's Pack is also great.
  5. Good fun this year, been watching the streams.

    Well done to those involved for all the hard work!
  6. Spanner


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    Some updates:
    • Cinossu has now got up a page on the website with links to previous streams as well as prerecorded content from our other Media Panellists. Please note that not everything is up yet, there's still some videos to be added and also some streamers do not yet have some or all uploads of streams available. It is up to them whether they archive their streams or not, however most will be available from that page.
    • FTCR will be streaming this year on Friday and Saturday. The schedule on the website has been updated, as there is an additional stream from VladislavSavvateev and also another stream has changed its start time.
    • Due to time constraints we have decided not to do the Mini Contest during the rest of the Contest Week, as it relied on having things be submitted using the website, which is not in a position to be done this year due to work still required. We had every intention to bring you the Mini Contest and we had things prepared to give to you to take part in it, but we didn't want to fallback on using the archaic email submissions without possible entry pages and we also wanted to give you at least five days to work on the thing, which just is not possible now. We're hoping to bring you this Mini Contest later next year, possibly during SAGE 2019.
  7. Donnie Paradox

    Donnie Paradox

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    It is time for me to stream for Day 4 of Contest Week! Check it out here!
  8. LordOfSquad


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    Misfits Pack is blessed, can't wait to play more of it. Kudos to them for doing Wacky Workbench justice. :')
  9. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    Sorry for the delay, kinda forgot to do this, had to redo the image a few times to get the fixed times on it.


    We are on the last few days so if anyone hasn't covered your entry, it should happen around now. The Media Panel have tried their very best to cover as much as possible although there are a few entries that have been a little problematic at times to set up so apologies if this has occurred to anyone who has an entry in.

    The vast majority of entries have been covered, stream coverage does depends on the amount of streams and amount of entries, fair coverage for 2D and 3D, Contest and Expo has been requested but it is up to the streamer what they show in the end.

    Don't forget to check out the Streams and Videos page linked previously as it is generally updated daily.
  10. Spanner


    The Tool Member

    Today is the LAST day of Community Trophy voting! Please make sure you make your picks before it's too late!

    If you've not got an account, have played the entries and want to vote, sign up now at and pick the winners!

    The results of these and the Judged Trophies will be on Sunday at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST on MegaGWolf's channel!
  11. Donnie Paradox

    Donnie Paradox

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    Day 6 is a go, and so is my stream! You can watch it here.
  12. Super Egg

    Super Egg

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    Sonic 2 beta 3 hoax

    There are only a few hours left until the Community Voting ends! Please hurry and make your votes final, your votes count!
  13. Spanner


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    Our final streams of the week. Please note that the Results Show may run longer than expected so the final stream may start later than stated.


    As like previous years, the Results Show is when you'll first hear about the winners of this year's Contest. After the show is over, a new thread will be posted on here.
  14. Donnie Paradox

    Donnie Paradox

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    Hard to believe, but my SHC 2018 finale stream is getting underway. Time to end my streaming coverage in style. Join me here!
  15. Spanner


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