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Sonic Generations Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Aquaslash


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    Do it anyway, just to have a tale to tell.
  2. Azu


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    Technically, that HAVE to sell it to you right? I mean, if it's there on the shelf, just sitting out in the open.
  3. Indigo Rush

    Indigo Rush


    Okay, Omochao, now you're being completely useless.
  4. Josh


    Just got back from the Best Buy in Johnson City, TN. They didn't have it on the shelf, so I found the youngest, most gullible-looking dude there to see if they had it in the back. And he promptly sent me over to a guy who's a huge Sonic fan. -_-; Ah, well. We talked for a while about Sonic, but needless to say, I didn't pick it up.

    SO jealous of those of you who have. Being able to play it over the weekend would be wonderful.
  5. Harmony Friends

    Harmony Friends

    it's the whole gang Oldbie
    no, they don't have to sell you anything, in fact I'm pretty sure they're fined if they DO sell it

    I'd say go for it if you're close enough. My trip was a complete and utter failure because I had to ride the bus for two hours to get there and two hours to get back. but if it's not a long drive there's really no harm.
  6. Tiranno


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    Ouch. Roger makes those scenes have no meaning to me whatsoever, but damn Classic Sonic just makes me smile.
  7. TheKazeblade


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    How Sonic and Tails are reacting by vaguely recognizing things but not completely is a little annoying to me, but not in a bad way. More like a playful facepalm, talk to the screen annoyance. I personally wish that wasn't how it was executed, but so far I love the way that they're dealing with cutscenes.

    Also, I'm surprised they mentioned Secret Rings like that with it not being a game in the core series! Thought that was interesting.
  8. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

    AKA J.Matz Member
    What happened to having CGI cutscenes? Did they just decide the in-game graphics were good enough at this point?

    EDIT: (and for those of you who might argue that it is CGI, look at the trees in the party cutscene, those definitely look like game engine-rendered trees with all the flat planes and stuff. CGI trees would look like real trees)
  9. Polygon Jim

    Polygon Jim

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    All the bitches.

    Did you not notice that %90 of the cutscenes in Unleashed were done ingame? It's nothing new.
  10. Blivsey


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    They aren't? I'm sure there will be CGI in the game, don't worry. But I'm perfectly fine with the in-game graphics.
  11. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

    AKA J.Matz Member
    That makes sense, I'm assuming the intro movie and the final cutscenes would be in CGI then, like Unleashed and Colors.

    (does Generations even have an intro movie?)
  12. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    From the look of it, my first guess is that you start out with gameplay like in Colors, and then transition into the first cutscene (hence why it begins with Classic Sonic running through GHZ).

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. GeneHF


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    Already at final boss.

    That's all I'm going to say. :v:
  14. OSM


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    Doing absolutely nothing
    What the fuck man :(

    Stop teasing us, and why did you lie about Chrome Gadget.
  15. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem

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    Oh you tease~ Can you also say how long it took you to get to that point?
  16. Wow really? You're actually doing this?
  17. I tweeted about it, but there's my story:

    Heard about Best Buy sellin the game early, so I traveled to the two right by my house, both didn't have it on the shelf, so I went home empty handed. Called the store in Secaucus out of pure curiosity and they said "we got it, come on down." So I drive to Secaucus from Hackensack (which is about a half hour trip) and I head to the customer service desk to pick up the copy I asked them to put aside for me and the guy goes "let me go get it for you." He walks away and a half hour later comes back to tell me that they have it but he can't sell it to me due to it not being out, so naturally I through a stink, not because I was being a baby because I couldn't have my toy, but the fact that it was a half hour car ride and then I had to wait another half hour for him to tell me I can't have it. An hour of my time wasted. So I tell him to get a manager, he gets the head of customer service who tells me there's nothing he can do, they legally can't sell me the game. The actual manager of the entire store comes over, here's my story, and tells me "Look, I'm sorry, but we can't do anything about it. If you go to a mom and pop shop, they'll sell you one no problem because if they get sued the publisher wont get any money, but if they sue us they'll get a lot, so try one of them."

    Tomorrow the mom and pop shop by me should have it. Yes.
  18. Andrew75


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    check my thread
  19. muteKi


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    Also, FWIW if anyone does let the soundtrack loose, I'd much rather have it in .aax format or whatever they're using, rather than converted.

    I like the looping.
  20. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    Well that ended up being a waste of gas. :colbert: I have a feeling the woman on the phone didn't even know what a pre-order was.
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