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Sonic Generations Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Jason


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    One thing I noticed with Modern Sonic is that the Boost version of the music, as we've been calling it, is actually not the case. It comes on whenever you go above Sonic's normal top speed, so the scripted loops and the cave section play the sped-up version of the song, without that stupid bass-killing distortion. First thing I wanted changed when someone creates a PC patch/hack, take that shit off. It's annoying.

    Also, I've run into some instances of being locked out of boosting on some of the rails after I get more rings. Must be s'more scripting.

    Other than that, the Modern levels feels a lot like Unleashed. I'm having trouble noticing any differences outside of a few changed controls, new drift animation, and no spin-kick.
  2. Jimmy Hedgehog

    Jimmy Hedgehog

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    One thing I noticed and unsure if it's known, btu with Classic Sonic, if I have any amount of rings over 20, I don't lose all of them, just most of them. Oddly enough when I had 40 it took me down to 2, and other such things.

    EDIT: And just now I tried from 22 and it took me down to 5. Weird stuff. So much for what Omochao says about losing all the rings I have! :v:
  3. corneliab


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    Loving this demo. Classic Sonic handles much better than he did in the first, especially concerning the jump.

    Modern Sonic controls like a dream. Man, this game is going to make the day stages in Unleashed seem unplayable in comparison.
  4. Solid SOAP

    Solid SOAP

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    Really liked what I played, Classic's controls were much improved from the original demo with a lot more control over jumps and movement,and Modern felt like Unleashed with some tweaks. Level design was a little barren, but considering this is GHZ I wasn't expecting much, the multiple paths are really a nice touch though, there were many times where I thought I was dead, only I wound up falling onto a platform below me. Really excited for the full game, after playing the demo I'm not really gonna need any new media, I'm pretty content until the final product.
  5. TimmiT


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    Loved Modern Sonic's act. Controls great and I really like speedrunning it. I still like Classic Sonic's act, and it's great that they improved the controls and whatnot, but I've already played it a lot in the previous demo so I'm kind of bored with it.
  6. Ok, I THINK I might have GOTTEN the PS3 ver, I'm not sure. had to fuck aroud in cause some1 ordered it off WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO FUCKING ORDER MINE. had almostpanic attack cause I thought that I'm fucked now...then I looked and saw there... used google translate to understand what to press and click. Germany one was expensier than UK one (German 98 eur, UK 75 pounds)

    Thank you, your order is processed.
    We have sent you a confirmation by e-mail.
    Order Number:.........
    1 item is shipped to *name* of Amazon EU Sarl Estimated Shipping Date 3 November 2011
    Order to review and edit or

    Does it mean now that I will get my copy or can it still do "Fuck you, you ordered too late so we won't give you the CE* situation too?

    I still order the X360 version from GAME (SE) and I just sell the PS3 or trade with someone.

    And with this clusterfucking, I found out that the DEMO has finished. Hurray!
  7. Link doesn't work.
  8. Jimmy Hedgehog

    Jimmy Hedgehog

    England - Slough
    Getting the motivation to continue old projects
    I really enjoyed this demo too. Classic Sonic did feel a lot better and Modern Sonic was hella fun. Really excited.
  9. Trunks


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    I got to try Sonic Generations on 360 and 3DS at NYCC this weekend.

    City Escape is awesome as Classic Sonic, but Modern Sonic feels so much different from the Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic that it feels way, way off. Oh well, I dig the hell out of it.

    Only got to play a little of it, but I like it. Classic Sonic is super wonky feeling, but the Sega Rep told me that it's not done yet and everything's still subject to change, so I've got hope. Modern Sonic plays just like Sonic Rush, and that's so fine with me. Played with headphones when I fought Big Arm, and jesus that's such a fantastic song.

    And I have only one picture I took that's of any value:

    Just a little more clear than most others. Also note: "Amy's Market". There's also a "Blaze's Coffeeshop".
  10. gold lightning

    gold lightning

    Here, I found a video showing the new demo.

    God damn it omochao.
  11. Tiberious


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    Now that's a nice touch, especially on the Nack one.
  12. Zallirog


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    Omochao, saving hedgehogs everywhere one blantantly obvious tip at a time! In all seriousness however, the demo looks great and I can't wait to play the full release.
  13. Kori-Maru


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    I'm wondering the same thing. I've got my order number, but it didn't show up in my card yet.
  14. Biofrost


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    Env artist on Days Gone for ps4
    Amazon won't charge your card until the game ships, they do this so in case for some reason the price go's down you get the lower price.(example No more heroes ps3 had a price cut right before release)
  15. Chimera


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    I love the demo, and I completely suck as Modern Sonic right now because I've been playing Unleashed the past few weeks. No more though, I'm playing this. :D

    Also, I hope someone find other goods in this demo other than just the Metal Sonic model (which is AWESOME). Maybe a full mission list? :P
  16. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    I thought Omochao was universally rejected by the Sonic fan community.

    I mean at least in Sonic Adventure 2 you could throw him off a cliff.
  17. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    How about some ending medley for you!

    That's some damn fine ending medley. Very nostalgic.
  18. Blivsey


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    He damn well better be a self-parody. Or at least annoying on a whole new level. Yes, I want Omochao to be annoying.
  19. TimmiT


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    Oh Omochao, how I wish I could throw you into bottomless pits in this game.
  20. Kori-Maru


    Curien Mansion
    Project Sega Mugen for M.U.G.E.N
    Thanks and **** balls. Gotta get payed again and buy a new 3DS later.
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