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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    I'm not sure what you are trying to say here.
  2. Lapper


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    So, C Sonic has 2 bosses, and M has about 60? Damn.

    Anyway, awesome nonetheless, especially excited to destroy the Time Eater, if we will be able to, of course.
  3. Felik


    I still don't get why glance in C. Sonic's eyes is right in cutscenes but inverted in stages :v:
  4. Lobotomy


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    Different model, different animation team, you really shouldn't care because it's the most minute possible detail ever, et al.
  5. Icewarrior


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    Haven't watched the last trailer as the game is 3 weeks away now but I am surprised to see the positive reception of Perfect Chaos new look when I was expecting the opposite. Also the overall reception can only lead me to one conclusion: the game should be E-P-I-C .

    3 weeks to go my friends :specialed:
  6. ICEknight


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    Minute detail or not, it would take a whopping 5 seconds to fix.
  7. Guess Who

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    "Fix" implies it's broken, when in reality it doesn't matter at all.
  8. Indigo Rush

    Indigo Rush

    My jaw hit the floor when I saw Perfect Chaos. I did NOT expect him to look like that, and I think that this, along with the Egg Dragoon, might be the boss fight I'm looking forward to the most.

    In the event they use "Perfect Chaos Revival" as the boss theme, I'll have "Open Your Heart" at the ready for alternate soundtrack goodness. Bring on November 1st!
  9. Jaseman


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    As long as these bosses aren't as pathetically quick and easy as Sonic Colors' bosses, this looks amazing. Perfect Chaos wow.
  10. Namo


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    Because, if Classic Robotnik went through the whole fiasco with Time Eater, or was the Time Eater rather, Modern Robotnik would remember it. If the Time Eater killed Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic wouldn't exist.

    Unless something happens after Sonic defeats Time Eater that makes Classic Robotnik forget all about it, of course. Considering The Great Plot Retcon of the year Two-Thousand-and-Six, I wouldn't be surprised if that did happen.

    Or, maybe Classic Robotnik is the time eater, and when the Time Eater does appear in game, maybe Modern Robotnik will say something like "Oh, I remember when I was that thing." EDIT: But then Modern Sonic would have to be familiar with it too. Which can still be possible. We just have to wait.
  11. 0r4ng3


    While I agree that Shadow didn't have any awkward moments in 06 and that his moment with Omega and Rouge was nice, his overall personality was pretty boring. In SA2 and even Heroes, Shadow had more flair. Shadow's own game had some entertainment when he went all psycho on Eggman.

    He says somewhere in the post that it's SOJ's view, not SOA's.

    Why? Silver's future seems to be shitty every now and then (06 but also Rivals 2). This might be yet just another case, thanks to the Time Eater.

    @Egg Dragoon: This was somewhat present in Unleashed, but now I feel that the resemblance to Egg Viper and Egg Wyvern was reinforced.

    @Perfect Chaos: Looks good.

    @Final cutscene: I love how modern Tails is hiding behind Sonic for a moment and how classic Sonic / Tails look so cute. This game promises a good story.
  12. Spanner


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    Egg Dragoon before the events of Sonic Unleashed with a hint of Egg Viper? I guess that solves the need for two Eggman bosses then.
  13. Is the trailer music original, or is it a remix I'm just not recognizing?
  14. Roller


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    The trailer music reminds me of the intro to Sonic Unleashed's Dark Guardian.

    That said, damn, this game is looking mighty fine.
  15. Dusk Golem

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    It looks like Shadow's boss battle stage includes segments from all the late-stage Sonic Adventure 2 stages. We see the run-way from the final boss, but I also spot those platforms at the bottom of Mad Space, rails from Final Rush, one of those giant black towers to climb in Mad Space/Meteor Herd, and there is likely more.

    Besides the fact that the Egg Dragoon combining to make the Egg Wyvern it's upper body section and wings, and to make the Egg Viper it's tail and bottom section, it has three cockpits and it seems Eggman in panic runs between the three sections of the machine for attacks. Also, the final sky dive hit might be a "suicide" move as I noticed below the Egg Dragoon during the segment is a giant purple pit of blurring energy getting closer and closer rapidly, which might be instant death or something else. Also, first part of the Egg Dragoon battle takes place in Eggmanland.

    Time Eater might just be a combination of the final boss monsters from the Sonic series. I am saying this since I'm starting to pick up on segments from lots of the final bosses, like it has Devil Doom's horns and Metal Overlord's back-spike things, and it looks like it might have the life-support things of Biolizard... But it could also be something else as it's all in shadows.
  16. David The Lurker

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    Yes I know this is off topic and I relented from adding more than my single post but...ok, before when you replied, you had said a few things which I agreed with. Mainly the fact that we shouldn't argue over minute details. However, you threw Blaze being there as one of those small details which...well, I think that is a bit bigger than a small detail. But even ignoring that, the reason I have issues with what AAUK said about canon is because it all seems so...arbitrary. Saying Silver and Blaze are a part of the story, but the Rush and Rival games didn't happen, or the fact that the events of the classic games happened "in some form" is just...yeah. That is more than annoying. And further on, he says the Riders games are kinda-canon. Yeah.

    I feel like that list is more a guide Sega of Japan has where they go to anyone who makes a new Sonic game "hey, try not to blatantly contradict these games." Which is fine. But to go "oh man Sonic Advance 2 is not in canon even though it introduces Cream the Rabbit who shows up in Heroes as an established character" just seems silly. But I feel this continued discussion about not just what AAUK said but continuity in general should be in a separate topic after this point...but yeah. LET'S MOVE ON.

    Oh man that Perfect Chaos. He looks a lot better once you see all of him. He is still watery and such and I am so ok with that. Sonic Team has surprised me with that one. And that Egg Dragoon boss is going to be awesome. And the Death Egg is awesome. And...yeah. Sorry, can't get too excited, the game isn't out yet. But oh man this looks so much better than the games we were getting with Sonic ;-; and the classic characters oh man that emotion the people who are making this know exactly what made Classic Sonic so awesome.
  17. P3DR0


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    I gotta ask... The release day is coming, I'm pretty much sure that, this was our last trailer (Or we may have a "Launch Trailer" in the next week) and... There is something bugging me about this game... We will see Dr. Robotnik ("Classic Eggman")? I mean, DeathEgg Robo should be ridded by him... And since this journey has begon, I'd imagined they (Classic and Modern) working together as a team (with classic trolling modern in the end and releasing the Time Eater somehow).


    Has anyone seen these?
    I'm too lazy to go back and lurk on the thread, so I'll just post here, if they were posted already, just... You know... Ignore.
  18. Cyberblade


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    Or maybe, because this is time travel and anything is possible, it's an alternate timelines classic Robotnik. I believe the theory that it's classic Robotnik who managed to get the time stones has been said at least once in this thread. Really given its a time travel plot there's all sorts of possibilities for things to have happened in one timeline and not another to make up for all the craziness and allow Sonic 06 stuff in the game despite the fact that the events of Sonic 06 never actually happened.

    In the end, it's Sonic, I'm not expecting a crazy amount of continuity to its timeline, as long as its abuse leads to a fun game I'm all for it.
  19. Sparks


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    If that's how SEGA originally wanted Perfect Chaos to look, then that would be interesting. Not sure how I feel about it still though, but interesting that he wasn't even intended to be a water monster.
  20. SomeSortOfRobot


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    The Genesis days didn't have very many rival fights outside of robot Sonics.

    Though, they could have done something cool with a rival fight with Knuckles.
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