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Sonic Generations Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Guess Who

    Guess Who

    It's a miracle! Oldbie
    Perhaps if you told us your specs we could tell you how well it meets those requirements!
  2. I want to be able to play AS knuckles and the other extra characters with their abilities and Sonic's gameplay. That's all I want. If they announce that as a feature this game will be perfect.
  3. Amethyst


    All are above or on the requirements, so no worries ;)
  4. Game UK only sell the version with the Pinball mini game as they state in store it's a Game exclusive. They aren't selling the special/collectors edition though but stores were reported to be taking orders incase they do.
  5. Azu


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    It's a good thing I got a nice upgrade. Thanks to Streak for helping me out though.=)

    [​IMG] I should be solid.
  6. Endgame


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    Any ideas as to when the demo will be out for the PC? Or will they even release a demo for the PC [Steam?], considering the timed demo of the consoles (and that you guys were able to hack into it to reveal all its goodness)?
  7. DustArma


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    I doubt they will release a PC demo at this point.
  8. Mr. Mash

    Mr. Mash

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    I hope they paint the ramps like Sonic levels.
    With this and The Simpsons, it looks like they're going for a pretty well defined market. They must consider this game a really big deal since they're doing so much to promote it.
  9. Blivsey


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    Speaking of demos, wasn't there one supposed to be out back on Monday? I remember someone finding something in the demo about it.
  10. yeah this is as big as the MTV party on Alcatraz back in 94 if not bigger due to the legendary skaters participating.

    Also the fact that it's going to be broadcast on tv is somethin to look into, they haven't done somethin this big since the Alcatraz thing
  11. Kogen


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    Yeah, this is as big as that time they went to Alcatraz. Remember that time they went to Alcatraz? That was big, over at Alcatraz. I mean, it was on TV too and had famous MTV scholars presenting the information.
  12. oh shush I'm at work I didn't realize I repeated myself haha
  13. nicko


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    I don't know if it has been mentioned but it seems the shields are activated manually and not automatically like in S3K.
  14. Jason


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    Well, hot damn. There are shields in some manner. Judging on everything we've seen, though, not in any sort of item boxes.
  15. Lapper


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    I hope this isn't true, I hope they are somewhere...
  16. Chimera


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    So, apparently Classic Sonic gets the shields? Is that all he gets? And what's to stop him from spamming Y to get the shield? And what about Modern, other than that "whirlwind" attack and huge boost gauge?

    Nonetheless, what the shit SEGA. If this game bombs (doubt it but still), you're in for the downfall of your lives! I mean, promoting the game in the UK via sponser adverts is one thing, promoting it by showcasing the game at every fucking gaming event across the US and Japan (and UK?) is a whole other matter... but, holding a skating event with some of the most famous skaters to date? Who are IIRC expensive to have show up let alone preform/compete? Damn. Where'd you get the money, SEGA? Or are you planning for Generations to be so big that you'll get money rolling in from it? If the latter I think you fucked yourselves by announcing the PC version, especailly at its low price!

    Then again, kids these days get anything they want Why do you allow this, parents of 2011?), and every kid and their brother loves Mario and Sonic, so this game is probably going to sell really well, even if it ends up becoming Unleashed and Sonic 4. Unlikely given how everyone who played the most reacent build is praising it, but still, shit. You guys must have a pretty penny in your pockets!

    Unlikely. What I wanna know (regarding the shields) is, what the heck is the standard shield doing in Generations if they have the superior S3&K shields?!

    EDIT2: Double Unlikely fixed :specialed: Also before anyone says anything, yes I know SEGA makes other games than just Sonic, but do they really have money from all their other games like Monkey Ball, Rise of Nightmares, and etc to support these many events? If it was just this event I could understand, but come on, they're basically shoving this game down our throats. It looks like a fantastic game yes, but it's still being shoved down our throats. Hopefully it really IS fantastic, even though I know many of you will disagree (while many more may agree) :P
  17. Probably the same purpose it serves in Sonic Megamix: to keep you protected until you get a better one.
  18. MegaDash


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    Wait what? Skaters? Alcatraz? What?

    I know what the Alcatraz event is—I have the video—but what's this about a skating event? And how can that possibly compare to being flown out to a TV-and-Genesis-equipped cell in Alcatraz to train for a speedrun competition?
  19. Conando


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    It's hard to believe that this game is a little less than 3 weeks away now. Where the hell does the time go? Anyway, I have high hopes and I'm getting it day 1. PS3 version because I read it was improved since the June 23rd demo. Maybe I'll get the PC version later down the line when there's a Steam sale.
  20. SEGA's holding a huge skateboard competition called Sonic Generations of Skate that'll be broadcast on Fox Sports Net and features some of the biggest skaters of all time like Andy MacDonald and Tony Hawk. Reasons why it's monumental: 1.) SEGA honestly believes Sonic Generations is good enough to revamp interest in Sonic and repair his rep so they're pouring all their cash into it's promotion, 2.) It's something Sonic related that's being broadcast on a major network, not just a commercial, not just an episode of a cartoon, but an actual event focused on Sonic.

    For Colors the best they did was the ice skating in NYC event with a concert from Cash Cash, which isn't entirely impressive as it's easy to get a permit for a public facility and get a no-name band to play at it. It's just impressive to see the massive step up they've taken.
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